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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Fetches a copy of the latest state of a W3C test repository and commits.
If this script is given the argument --auto-update, it will also:
1. Upload a CL.
2. Trigger try jobs and wait for them to complete.
3. Make any changes that are required for new failing tests.
4. Commit the CL.
If this script is given the argument --auto-update, it will also attempt to
upload a CL, trigger try jobs, and make any changes that are required for
new failing tests before committing.
import argparse
import logging
from import GitCL
from webkitpy.common.webkit_finder import WebKitFinder
from import current_build_link
from webkitpy.layout_tests.models.test_expectations import TestExpectations, TestExpectationParser
from webkitpy.layout_tests.port.base import Port
from webkitpy.w3c.common import WPT_REPO_URL, CSS_REPO_URL, WPT_DEST_NAME, CSS_DEST_NAME, exportable_commits_since
from webkitpy.w3c.directory_owners_extractor import DirectoryOwnersExtractor
from webkitpy.w3c.local_wpt import LocalWPT
from webkitpy.w3c.test_copier import TestCopier
from webkitpy.w3c.wpt_expectations_updater import WPTExpectationsUpdater
from webkitpy.w3c.wpt_manifest import WPTManifest
# Settings for how often to check try job results and how long to wait.
_log = logging.getLogger(__file__)
class TestImporter(object):
def __init__(self, host): = host
self.executive = host.executive
self.fs = host.filesystem
self.finder = WebKitFinder(self.fs)
self.verbose = False
self.git_cl = None
def main(self, argv=None):
options = self.parse_args(argv)
self.verbose = options.verbose
log_level = logging.DEBUG if self.verbose else logging.INFO
logging.basicConfig(level=log_level, format='%(message)s')
if not self.checkout_is_okay(options.allow_local_commits):
return 1
self.git_cl = GitCL(, auth_refresh_token_json=options.auth_refresh_token_json)
_log.debug('Noting the current Chromium commit.')
_, show_ref_output =['git', 'show-ref', 'HEAD'])
chromium_commit = show_ref_output.split()[0]
assert in ('wpt', 'css')
dest_dir_name = WPT_DEST_NAME
repo_url = WPT_REPO_URL
if != 'wpt':
dest_dir_name = CSS_DEST_NAME
repo_url = CSS_REPO_URL
# TODO(qyearsley): Simplify this to use LocalWPT.fetch when csswg-test
# is merged into web-platform-tests.
temp_repo_path = self.path_from_webkit_base(dest_dir_name)'Cloning repo: %s', repo_url)'Local path: %s', temp_repo_path)['git', 'clone', repo_url, temp_repo_path])
if == 'wpt' and not options.ignore_exportable_commits:
commits = self.exportable_but_not_exported_commits(temp_repo_path)
if commits:
# If there are exportable commits, then there's no more work
# to do for now. This isn't really an error case; we expect
# to hit this case some of the time.'There were exportable but not-yet-exported commits:')
for commit in commits:'', commit.sha)'Aborting import to prevent clobbering these commits.')
return 0
import_commit = self.update(dest_dir_name, temp_repo_path, options.revision)
if == 'wpt':
has_changes = self._has_changes()
if not has_changes:'Done: no changes to import.')
return 0
commit_message = self._commit_message(chromium_commit, import_commit)
self._commit_changes(commit_message)'Done: changes imported and committed.')
if options.auto_update:
commit_successful = self.do_auto_update()
if not commit_successful:
return 1
return 0
def parse_args(self, argv):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.description = __doc__
parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true',
help='log what we are doing')
parser.add_argument('--allow-local-commits', action='store_true',
help='allow script to run even if we have local commits')
parser.add_argument('-r', dest='revision', action='store',
help='Target revision.')
parser.add_argument('target', choices=['css', 'wpt'],
help='Target repository. "css" for csswg-test, "wpt" for web-platform-tests.')
parser.add_argument('--auto-update', action='store_true',
help='uploads CL and initiates commit queue.')
help='authentication refresh token JSON file, '
'used for authentication for try jobs, '
'generally not necessary on developer machines')
parser.add_argument('--ignore-exportable-commits', action='store_true',
help='Continue even if there are exportable commits that may be overwritten.')
return parser.parse_args(argv)
def checkout_is_okay(self, allow_local_commits):
git_diff_retcode, _ =['git', 'diff', '--quiet', 'HEAD'], exit_on_failure=False)
if git_diff_retcode:
_log.warning('Checkout is dirty; aborting.')
return False
local_commits =['git', 'log', '--oneline', 'origin/master..HEAD'])[1]
if local_commits and not allow_local_commits:
_log.warning('Checkout has local commits; aborting. Use --allow-local-commits to allow this.')
return False
if self.fs.exists(self.path_from_webkit_base(WPT_DEST_NAME)):
_log.warning('WebKit/%s exists; aborting.', WPT_DEST_NAME)
return False
if self.fs.exists(self.path_from_webkit_base(CSS_DEST_NAME)):
_log.warning('WebKit/%s repo exists; aborting.', CSS_DEST_NAME)
return False
return True
def exportable_but_not_exported_commits(self, wpt_path):
"""Checks for commits that might be overwritten by importing.
wpt_path: The path to a local checkout of web-platform-tests.
A list of commits in the Chromium repo that are exportable
but not yet exported to the web-platform-tests repo.
local_wpt = LocalWPT(, path=wpt_path)
_, chromium_commit = local_wpt.most_recent_chromium_commit()
return exportable_commits_since(chromium_commit.sha,, local_wpt)
def clean_up_temp_repo(self, temp_repo_path):'Deleting temp repo directory %s.', temp_repo_path)
def _copy_resources(self):
"""Copies resources from wpt to LayoutTests/resources.
We copy idlharness.js and testharness.js in wpt to LayoutTests/resources
in order to use them in non-imported tests.
If this method is changed, the lists of files expected to be identical
in LayoutTests/ should also be changed.
resources_to_copy_from_wpt = [
('idlharness.js', 'resources'),
('testharness.js', 'resources'),
for filename, wpt_subdir in resources_to_copy_from_wpt:
source = self.path_from_webkit_base('LayoutTests', 'external', WPT_DEST_NAME, wpt_subdir, filename)
destination = self.path_from_webkit_base('LayoutTests', 'resources', filename)
self.copyfile(source, destination)['git', 'add', destination])
def _generate_manifest(self, dest_path):
"""Generates MANIFEST.json for imported tests.
dest_path: Path to the destination WPT directory.
Runs the (newly-updated) manifest command if it's found, and then
stages the generated MANIFEST.json in the git index, ready to commit.
if 'css' in dest_path:
# Do nothing for csswg-test.
return'Generating MANIFEST.json')
WPTManifest.generate_manifest(, dest_path)
manifest_path = self.fs.join(dest_path, 'MANIFEST.json')
assert self.fs.exists(manifest_path)
manifest_base_path = self.fs.normpath(
self.fs.join(dest_path, '..', 'WPT_BASE_MANIFEST.json'))
self.copyfile(manifest_path, manifest_base_path)['git', 'add', manifest_base_path])
def update(self, dest_dir_name, temp_repo_path, revision):
"""Updates an imported repository.
dest_dir_name: The destination directory name.
temp_repo_path: Path to local checkout of W3C test repo.
revision: A W3C test repo commit hash, or None.
A string for the commit description "<destination>@<commitish>".
if revision is not None:'Checking out %s', revision)['git', 'checkout', revision], cwd=temp_repo_path)['git', 'submodule', 'update', '--init', '--recursive'], cwd=temp_repo_path)'Noting the revision we are importing.')
_, show_ref_output =['git', 'show-ref', 'origin/master'], cwd=temp_repo_path)
master_commitish = show_ref_output.split()[0]'Cleaning out tests from LayoutTests/external/%s.', dest_dir_name)
dest_path = self.path_from_webkit_base('LayoutTests', 'external', dest_dir_name)
is_not_baseline_filter = lambda fs, dirname, basename: not self.is_baseline(basename)
files_to_delete = self.fs.files_under(dest_path, file_filter=is_not_baseline_filter)
for subpath in files_to_delete:
self.remove('LayoutTests', 'external', subpath)'Importing the tests.')
test_copier = TestCopier(, temp_repo_path)
test_copier.do_import()['git', 'add', '--all', 'LayoutTests/external/%s' % dest_dir_name])
self._generate_manifest(dest_path)'Updating TestExpectations for any removed or renamed tests.')
self.update_all_test_expectations_files(self._list_deleted_tests(), self._list_renamed_tests())
return '%s@%s' % (dest_dir_name, master_commitish)
def _commit_changes(self, commit_message):'Committing changes.')['git', 'commit', '--all', '-F', '-'], stdin=commit_message)
def _has_changes(self):
return_code, _ =['git', 'diff', '--quiet', 'HEAD'], exit_on_failure=False)
return return_code == 1
def _commit_message(self, chromium_commit, import_commit):
return ('Import %s\n\n'
'Using wpt-import in Chromium %s.\n\n'
'NOEXPORT=true' %
(import_commit, chromium_commit))
def _delete_orphaned_baselines(self, dest_path):'Deleting any orphaned baselines.')
is_baseline_filter = lambda fs, dirname, basename: self.is_baseline(basename)
previous_baselines = self.fs.files_under(dest_path, file_filter=is_baseline_filter)
for sub_path in previous_baselines:
full_baseline_path = self.fs.join(dest_path, sub_path)
if not self._has_corresponding_test(full_baseline_path):
def _has_corresponding_test(self, full_baseline_path):
base = full_baseline_path.replace('-expected.txt', '')
return any(self.fs.exists(base + ext) for ext in Port.supported_file_extensions)
def is_baseline(basename):
# TODO(qyearsley): Find a better, centralized place for this.
# Also, the name for this method should be is_text_baseline.
return basename.endswith('-expected.txt')
def run(self, cmd, exit_on_failure=True, cwd=None, stdin=''):
_log.debug('Running command: %s', ' '.join(cmd))
cwd = cwd or self.finder.webkit_base()
proc = self.executive.popen(cmd, stdout=self.executive.PIPE, stderr=self.executive.PIPE, stdin=self.executive.PIPE, cwd=cwd)
out, err = proc.communicate(stdin)
if proc.returncode or self.verbose:'# ret> %d', proc.returncode)
if out:
for line in out.splitlines():'# out> %s', line)
if err:
for line in err.splitlines():'# err> %s', line)
if exit_on_failure and proc.returncode:
return proc.returncode, out
def check_run(self, command):
return_code, out =
if return_code:
raise Exception('%s failed with exit code %d.' % ' '.join(command), return_code)
return out
def copyfile(self, source, destination):
_log.debug('cp %s %s', source, destination)
self.fs.copyfile(source, destination)
def remove(self, *comps):
dest = self.path_from_webkit_base(*comps)
_log.debug('rm %s', dest)
def rmtree(self, *comps):
dest = self.path_from_webkit_base(*comps)
_log.debug('rm -fr %s', dest)
def path_from_webkit_base(self, *comps):
return self.finder.path_from_webkit_base(*comps)
def do_auto_update(self):
"""Attempts to upload a CL, make any required adjustments, and commit.
This function assumes that the imported repo has already been updated,
and that change has been committed. There may be newly-failing tests,
so before being able to commit these new changes, we may need to update
TestExpectations or download new baselines.
True if successfully committed, False otherwise.
self._upload_cl()'Issue: %s',['issue']).strip())
# First, try on Blink try bots in order to get any new baselines.
# TODO(qyearsley): Make this faster by triggering all try jobs in
# one invocation.'Triggering try jobs.')
try_results = self.git_cl.wait_for_try_jobs(
poll_delay_seconds=POLL_DELAY_SECONDS, timeout_seconds=TIMEOUT_SECONDS)
if not try_results:['set-close'])
return False
if try_results and self.git_cl.has_failing_try_results(try_results):
# Trigger CQ and wait for CQ try jobs to finish.['set-commit', '--gerrit'])
try_results = self.git_cl.wait_for_try_jobs(
poll_delay_seconds=POLL_DELAY_SECONDS, timeout_seconds=TIMEOUT_SECONDS)
if not try_results:
_log.error('No try job results.')['set-close'])
return False
# If the CQ passes, then the issue will be closed.
status =['status' '--field', 'status']).strip()'CL status: "%s"', status)
if status not in ('lgtm', 'closed'):
_log.error('CQ appears to have failed; aborting.')['set-close'])
return False'Update completed.')
return True
def _upload_cl(self):'Uploading change list.')
directory_owners = self.get_directory_owners()
description = self._cl_description(directory_owners)[
] + self._cc_part(directory_owners))
def _cc_part(directory_owners):
cc_part = []
for owner_tuple in sorted(directory_owners):
cc_part.extend('--cc=' + owner for owner in owner_tuple)
return cc_part
def get_directory_owners(self):
"""Returns a mapping of email addresses to owners of changed tests."""'Gathering directory owners emails to CC.')
changed_files =
extractor = DirectoryOwnersExtractor(self.fs)
return extractor.list_owners(changed_files)
def _cl_description(self, directory_owners):
"""Returns a CL description string.
directory_owners: A dict of tuples of owner names to lists of directories.
description = self.check_run(['git', 'log', '-1', '--format=%B'])
build_link = current_build_link(
if build_link:
description += 'Build: %s\n\n' % build_link
if directory_owners:
description += self._format_directory_owners(directory_owners) + '\n\n'
description += '\n'
# Move any NOEXPORT tag to the end of the description.
description = description.replace('NOEXPORT=true', '')
description = description.replace('\n\n\n\n', '\n\n')
description += 'NOEXPORT=true'
return description
def _format_directory_owners(directory_owners):
message_lines = ['Directory owners for changes in this CL:']
for owner_tuple, directories in sorted(directory_owners.items()):
message_lines.append(', '.join(owner_tuple) + ':')
message_lines.extend(' ' + d for d in directories)
return '\n'.join(message_lines)
def fetch_new_expectations_and_baselines(self):
"""Adds new expectations and downloads baselines based on try job results, then commits and uploads the change."""'Adding test expectations lines to LayoutTests/TestExpectations.')
expectation_updater = WPTExpectationsUpdater([])
message = 'Update test expectations and baselines.'
self.check_run(['git', 'commit', '-a', '-m', message])['upload', '-t', message, '--gerrit'])
def update_all_test_expectations_files(self, deleted_tests, renamed_tests):
"""Updates all test expectations files for tests that have been deleted or renamed."""
port =
for path, file_contents in port.all_expectations_dict().iteritems():
parser = TestExpectationParser(port, all_tests=None, is_lint_mode=False)
expectation_lines = parser.parse(path, file_contents)
self._update_single_test_expectations_file(path, expectation_lines, deleted_tests, renamed_tests)
def _update_single_test_expectations_file(self, path, expectation_lines, deleted_tests, renamed_tests):
"""Updates single test expectations file."""
# FIXME: This won't work for removed or renamed directories with test expectations
# that are directories rather than individual tests.
new_lines = []
changed_lines = []
for expectation_line in expectation_lines:
if in deleted_tests:
if in renamed_tests: = renamed_tests[]
# Upon parsing the file, a "path does not exist" warning is expected
# to be there for tests that have been renamed, and if there are warnings,
# then the original string is used. If the warnings are reset, then the
# expectation line is re-serialized when output.
expectation_line.warnings = []
new_file_contents = TestExpectations.list_to_string(new_lines, reconstitute_only_these=changed_lines), new_file_contents)
def _list_deleted_tests(self):
"""Returns a list of layout tests that have been deleted."""
out = self.check_run(['git', 'diff', 'origin/master', '-M100%', '--diff-filter=D', '--name-only'])
deleted_tests = []
for line in out.splitlines():
test = self.finder.layout_test_name(line)
if test:
return deleted_tests
def _list_renamed_tests(self):
"""Returns a dict mapping source to dest name for layout tests that have been renamed."""
out = self.check_run(['git', 'diff', 'origin/master', '-M100%', '--diff-filter=R', '--name-status'])
renamed_tests = {}
for line in out.splitlines():
_, source_path, dest_path = line.split()
source_test = self.finder.layout_test_name(source_path)
dest_test = self.finder.layout_test_name(dest_path)
if source_test and dest_test:
renamed_tests[source_test] = dest_test
return renamed_tests