CanvasKit - Skia + WebAssembly

Skia now offers a WebAssembly build for easy deployment of our graphics APIs on the web.

CanvasKit provides a playground for testing new Canvas and SVG platform APIs, enabling fast-paced development on the web platform. It can also be used as a deployment mechanism for custom web apps requiring cutting-edge features, like Skia's Lottie animation support.


  • WebGL context encapsulated as an SkSurface, allowing for direct drawing to an HTML canvas
  • Core set of Skia canvas/paint/path/text APIs available, see bindings
  • Draws to a hardware-accelerated backend
  • Security tested with Skia's fuzzers


Lottie files courtesy of the community: Lego Loader, I'm thirsty, Confetti, Onboarding

Test server

Test your code on our CanvasKit Fiddle


Get CanvasKit on NPM