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.. _`py`:
.. _`index page`:
installation info in a nutshell
**PyPI name**: py_
**Pythons**: CPython 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, PyPy-2.3
**Operating systems**: Linux, Windows, OSX, Unix
**Requirements**: setuptools_ or Distribute_
**Installers**: ``easy_install`` and ``pip``
**hg repository**:
easy install or pip ``py``
Both `Distribute`_ and setuptools_ provide the ``easy_install``
installation tool with which you can type into a command line window::
easy_install -U py
to install the latest release of the py lib. The ``-U`` switch
will trigger an upgrade if you already have an older version installed.
.. note::
As of version 1.4 py does not contain py.test anymore - you
need to install the new `pytest`_ distribution.
.. _pytest:
Working from version control or a tarball
To follow development or start experiments, checkout the
complete code and documentation source with mercurial_::
hg clone
Development takes place on the 'trunk' branch.
You can also go to the python package index and
download and unpack a TAR file::
activating a checkout with setuptools
With a working `Distribute`_ or setuptools_ installation you can type::
python develop
in order to work inline with the tools and the lib of your checkout.
.. _`no-setuptools`:
.. _`directly use a checkout`:
.. _`setuptools`:
Mailing list and issue tracker
- `py-dev developers list`_ and `commit mailing list`_.
- #pylib on IRC channel for random questions.
- `bitbucket issue tracker`_ use this bitbucket issue tracker to report
bugs or request features.
.. _`bitbucket issue tracker`:
.. _codespeak:
.. _`py-dev`:
.. _`development mailing list`:
.. _`py-dev developers list`:
.. _`py-svn`:
.. _`commit mailing list`:
.. include::