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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include 'src/builtins/builtins-constructor-gen.h'
#include 'src/builtins/builtins-promise-gen.h'
namespace runtime {
extern transitioning runtime
DebugPushPromise(implicit context: Context)(JSAny): JSAny;
extern transitioning runtime
DebugPopPromise(implicit context: Context)(): JSAny;
extern transitioning runtime
PromiseHookInit(implicit context: Context)(Object, Object): JSAny;
namespace promise {
extern runtime IncrementUseCounter(Context, Smi): void;
type UseCounterFeature extends int31
constexpr 'v8::Isolate::UseCounterFeature';
const kPromiseConstructorReturnedUndefined: constexpr UseCounterFeature
generates 'v8::Isolate::kPromiseConstructorReturnedUndefined';
extern macro
IsDebugActive(): bool;
transitioning macro
HasAccessCheckFailed(implicit context: Context)(
nativeContext: NativeContext, promiseFun: JSAny, executor: JSAny): bool {
BranchIfAccessCheckFailed(nativeContext, promiseFun, executor)
otherwise return true;
return false;
extern macro ConstructorBuiltinsAssembler::FastNewObject(
Context, JSFunction, JSReceiver): JSObject;
extern macro
PromiseBuiltinsAssembler::IsPromiseHookEnabledOrHasAsyncEventDelegate(): bool;
transitioning javascript builtin
js-implicit context: NativeContext, receiver: JSAny,
newTarget: JSAny)(executor: JSAny): JSAny {
// 1. If NewTarget is undefined, throw a TypeError exception.
if (newTarget == Undefined) {
ThrowTypeError(MessageTemplate::kNotAPromise, newTarget);
// 2. If IsCallable(executor) is false, throw a TypeError exception.
if (!Is<Callable>(executor)) {
ThrowTypeError(MessageTemplate::kResolverNotAFunction, executor);
const promiseFun = *NativeContextSlot(ContextSlot::PROMISE_FUNCTION_INDEX);
// Silently fail if the stack looks fishy.
if (HasAccessCheckFailed(context, promiseFun, executor)) {
context, SmiConstant(kPromiseConstructorReturnedUndefined));
return Undefined;
let result: JSPromise;
if (promiseFun == newTarget) {
result = NewJSPromise();
} else {
result = UnsafeCast<JSPromise>(
FastNewObject(context, promiseFun, UnsafeCast<JSReceiver>(newTarget)));
if (IsPromiseHookEnabledOrHasAsyncEventDelegate()) {
runtime::PromiseHookInit(result, Undefined);
const isDebugActive = IsDebugActive();
if (isDebugActive) runtime::DebugPushPromise(result);
const funcs = CreatePromiseResolvingFunctions(result, True, context);
const resolve = funcs.resolve;
const reject = funcs.reject;
try {
Call(context, UnsafeCast<Callable>(executor), Undefined, resolve, reject);
} catch (e) {
Call(context, reject, Undefined, e);
if (isDebugActive) runtime::DebugPopPromise();
return result;
// Promise.prototype.catch ( onRejected )
transitioning javascript builtin
js-implicit context: Context, receiver: JSAny)(onRejected: JSAny): JSAny {
// 1. Let promise be the this value.
// 2. Return ? Invoke(promise, "then", « undefined, onRejected »).
const nativeContext = LoadNativeContext(context);
return UnsafeCast<JSAny>(
InvokeThen(nativeContext, receiver, Undefined, onRejected));