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// Copyright 2015 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/compiler/js-heap-broker.h"
#include "src/objects/objects.h"
#include "src/zone/zone-containers.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace compiler {
class SlackTrackingPrediction {
SlackTrackingPrediction(MapRef initial_map, int instance_size);
int inobject_property_count() const { return inobject_property_count_; }
int instance_size() const { return instance_size_; }
int instance_size_;
int inobject_property_count_;
class CompilationDependency;
// Collects and installs dependencies of the code that is being generated.
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE CompilationDependencies : public ZoneObject {
CompilationDependencies(JSHeapBroker* broker, Zone* zone);
V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT bool Commit(Handle<Code> code);
// Return the initial map of {function} and record the assumption that it
// stays the initial map.
MapRef DependOnInitialMap(const JSFunctionRef& function);
// Return the "prototype" property of the given function and record the
// assumption that it doesn't change.
ObjectRef DependOnPrototypeProperty(const JSFunctionRef& function);
// Record the assumption that {map} stays stable.
void DependOnStableMap(const MapRef& map);
// Record the assumption that {target_map} can be transitioned to, i.e., that
// it does not become deprecated.
void DependOnTransition(const MapRef& target_map);
// Return the pretenure mode of {site} and record the assumption that it does
// not change.
AllocationType DependOnPretenureMode(const AllocationSiteRef& site);
// Record the assumption that the field representation of a field does not
// change. The field is identified by the arguments.
void DependOnFieldRepresentation(const MapRef& map, InternalIndex descriptor);
// Record the assumption that the field type of a field does not change. The
// field is identified by the arguments.
void DependOnFieldType(const MapRef& map, InternalIndex descriptor);
// Return a field's constness and, if kConst, record the assumption that it
// remains kConst. The field is identified by the arguments.
// For arrays, arguments objects and value wrappers, only consider the field
// kConst if the map is stable (and register stability dependency in that
// case). This is to ensure that fast elements kind transitions cannot be
// used to mutate fields without deoptimization of the dependent code.
PropertyConstness DependOnFieldConstness(const MapRef& map,
InternalIndex descriptor);
// Record the assumption that neither {cell}'s {CellType} changes, nor the
// {IsReadOnly()} flag of {cell}'s {PropertyDetails}.
void DependOnGlobalProperty(const PropertyCellRef& cell);
// Return the validity of the given protector and, if true, record the
// assumption that the protector remains valid.
bool DependOnProtector(const PropertyCellRef& cell);
// Convenience wrappers around {DependOnProtector}.
bool DependOnArrayBufferDetachingProtector();
bool DependOnArrayIteratorProtector();
bool DependOnArraySpeciesProtector();
bool DependOnNoElementsProtector();
bool DependOnPromiseHookProtector();
bool DependOnPromiseSpeciesProtector();
bool DependOnPromiseThenProtector();
// Record the assumption that {site}'s {ElementsKind} doesn't change.
void DependOnElementsKind(const AllocationSiteRef& site);
// For each given map, depend on the stability of (the maps of) all prototypes
// up to (and including) the {last_prototype}.
template <class MapContainer>
void DependOnStablePrototypeChains(
MapContainer const& receiver_maps, WhereToStart start,
base::Optional<JSObjectRef> last_prototype =
// Like DependOnElementsKind but also applies to all nested allocation sites.
void DependOnElementsKinds(const AllocationSiteRef& site);
// Predict the final instance size for {function}'s initial map and record
// the assumption that this prediction is correct. In addition, register
// the initial map dependency. This method returns the {function}'s the
// predicted minimum slack instance size count (wrapped together with
// the corresponding in-object property count for convenience).
SlackTrackingPrediction DependOnInitialMapInstanceSizePrediction(
const JSFunctionRef& function);
// The methods below allow for gathering dependencies without actually
// recording them. They can be recorded at a later time (or they can be
// ignored). For example,
// DependOnTransition(map);
// is equivalent to:
// RecordDependency(TransitionDependencyOffTheRecord(map));
void RecordDependency(CompilationDependency const* dependency);
CompilationDependency const* TransitionDependencyOffTheRecord(
const MapRef& target_map) const;
CompilationDependency const* FieldRepresentationDependencyOffTheRecord(
const MapRef& map, InternalIndex descriptor) const;
CompilationDependency const* FieldTypeDependencyOffTheRecord(
const MapRef& map, InternalIndex descriptor) const;
// Exposed only for testing purposes.
bool AreValid() const;
Zone* const zone_;
JSHeapBroker* const broker_;
ZoneForwardList<CompilationDependency const*> dependencies_;
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8