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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This file defines the hints classed gathered temporarily by the
// SerializerForBackgroundCompilation while it's analysing the bytecode
// and copying the necessary data to the JSHeapBroker for further usage
// by the reducers that run on the background thread.
#include "src/compiler/functional-list.h"
#include "src/handles/handles.h"
#include "src/zone/zone-containers.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
class Context;
class Object;
class Map;
namespace compiler {
template <typename T, typename EqualTo>
class FunctionalSet {
void Add(T const& elem, Zone* zone) {
for (auto const& l : data_) {
if (equal_to(l, elem)) return;
data_.PushFront(elem, zone);
void Union(FunctionalSet<T, EqualTo> other, Zone* zone) {
if (!data_.TriviallyEquals(other.data_)) {
// Choose the larger side as tail.
if (data_.Size() < other.data_.Size()) std::swap(data_, other.data_);
for (auto const& elem : other.data_) Add(elem, zone);
bool IsEmpty() const { return data_.begin() == data_.end(); }
// Warning: quadratic time complexity.
bool Includes(FunctionalSet<T, EqualTo> const& other) const {
return std::all_of(other.begin(), other.end(), [&](T const& other_elem) {
return std::any_of(this->begin(), this->end(), [&](T const& this_elem) {
return equal_to(this_elem, other_elem);
bool operator==(const FunctionalSet<T, EqualTo>& other) const {
return this->data_.TriviallyEquals(other.data_) ||
(this->data_.Size() == other.data_.Size() && this->Includes(other) &&
bool operator!=(const FunctionalSet<T, EqualTo>& other) const {
return !(*this == other);
size_t Size() const { return data_.Size(); }
using iterator = typename FunctionalList<T>::iterator;
iterator begin() const { return data_.begin(); }
iterator end() const { return data_.end(); }
static EqualTo equal_to;
FunctionalList<T> data_;
template <typename T, typename EqualTo>
EqualTo FunctionalSet<T, EqualTo>::equal_to;
struct VirtualContext {
unsigned int distance;
Handle<Context> context;
VirtualContext(unsigned int distance_in, Handle<Context> context_in)
: distance(distance_in), context(context_in) {
CHECK_GT(distance, 0);
bool operator==(const VirtualContext& other) const {
return context.equals(other.context) && distance == other.distance;
class VirtualClosure;
struct VirtualBoundFunction;
using ConstantsSet = FunctionalSet<Handle<Object>, Handle<Object>::equal_to>;
using VirtualContextsSet =
FunctionalSet<VirtualContext, std::equal_to<VirtualContext>>;
using MapsSet = FunctionalSet<Handle<Map>, Handle<Map>::equal_to>;
using VirtualClosuresSet =
FunctionalSet<VirtualClosure, std::equal_to<VirtualClosure>>;
using VirtualBoundFunctionsSet =
FunctionalSet<VirtualBoundFunction, std::equal_to<VirtualBoundFunction>>;
struct HintsImpl;
class JSHeapBroker;
class Hints {
Hints() = default; // Empty.
static Hints SingleConstant(Handle<Object> constant, Zone* zone);
static Hints SingleMap(Handle<Map> map, Zone* zone);
// For inspection only.
ConstantsSet constants() const;
MapsSet maps() const;
VirtualClosuresSet virtual_closures() const;
VirtualContextsSet virtual_contexts() const;
VirtualBoundFunctionsSet virtual_bound_functions() const;
bool IsEmpty() const;
bool operator==(Hints const& other) const;
bool operator!=(Hints const& other) const;
bool Includes(Hints const& other) const;
Hints Copy(Zone* zone) const; // Shallow.
Hints CopyToParentZone(Zone* zone, JSHeapBroker* broker) const; // Deep.
// As an optimization, empty hints can be represented as {impl_} being
// {nullptr}, i.e., as not having allocated a {HintsImpl} object. As a
// consequence, some operations need to force allocation prior to doing their
// job. In particular, backpropagation from a child serialization
// can only work if the hints were already allocated in the parent zone.
bool IsAllocated() const { return impl_ != nullptr; }
void EnsureShareable(Zone* zone) { EnsureAllocated(zone, false); }
// Make {this} an alias of {other}.
void Reset(Hints* other, Zone* zone);
void Merge(Hints const& other, Zone* zone, JSHeapBroker* broker);
// Destructive updates: if the hints are shared by several registers,
// then the following updates will be seen by all of them:
void AddConstant(Handle<Object> constant, Zone* zone, JSHeapBroker* broker);
void AddMap(Handle<Map> map, Zone* zone, JSHeapBroker* broker,
bool check_zone_equality = true);
void AddVirtualClosure(VirtualClosure const& virtual_closure, Zone* zone,
JSHeapBroker* broker);
void AddVirtualContext(VirtualContext const& virtual_context, Zone* zone,
JSHeapBroker* broker);
void AddVirtualBoundFunction(VirtualBoundFunction const& bound_function,
Zone* zone, JSHeapBroker* broker);
void Add(Hints const& other, Zone* zone, JSHeapBroker* broker);
friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, const Hints& hints);
HintsImpl* impl_ = nullptr;
void EnsureAllocated(Zone* zone, bool check_zone_equality = true);
// Helper for Add and Merge.
bool Union(Hints const& other);
static const size_t kMaxHintsSize = 50;
static_assert(kMaxHintsSize >= 1, "must allow for at least one hint");
using HintsVector = ZoneVector<Hints>;
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8