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// Copyright 2011 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef V8_INIT_V8_H_
#define V8_INIT_V8_H_
#include "src/common/globals.h"
namespace v8 {
class Platform;
class StartupData;
namespace internal {
class Isolate;
class V8 : public AllStatic {
// Global actions.
static bool Initialize();
static void TearDown();
// Report process out of memory. Implementation found in
// This function will not return, but will terminate the execution.
[[noreturn]] static void FatalProcessOutOfMemory(Isolate* isolate,
const char* location,
bool is_heap_oom = false);
static void InitializePlatform(v8::Platform* platform);
static void ShutdownPlatform();
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE static v8::Platform* GetCurrentPlatform();
// Replaces the current platform with the given platform.
// Should be used only for testing.
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE static void SetPlatformForTesting(v8::Platform* platform);
static void SetSnapshotBlob(StartupData* snapshot_blob);
static void InitializeOncePerProcessImpl();
static void InitializeOncePerProcess();
// v8::Platform to use.
static v8::Platform* platform_;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8
#endif // V8_INIT_V8_H_