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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
extern class BreakPoint extends Struct {
id: Smi;
condition: String;
extern class BreakPointInfo extends Struct {
// The position in the source for the break position.
source_position: Smi;
// List of related JavaScript break points.
break_points: FixedArray|BreakPoint|Undefined;
bitfield struct DebugInfoFlags extends uint31 {
has_break_info: bool: 1 bit;
prepared_for_debug_execution: bool: 1 bit;
has_coverage_info: bool: 1 bit;
break_at_entry: bool: 1 bit;
can_break_at_entry: bool: 1 bit;
debug_execution_mode: bool: 1 bit;
bitfield struct DebuggerHints extends uint31 {
side_effect_state: int32: 2 bit;
debug_is_blackboxed: bool: 1 bit;
computed_debug_is_blackboxed: bool: 1 bit;
debugging_id: int32: 20 bit;
extern class DebugInfo extends Struct {
shared: SharedFunctionInfo;
// Bit field containing various information collected for debugging.
debugger_hints: SmiTagged<DebuggerHints>;
// Script field from shared function info.
script: Undefined|Script;
// The original uninstrumented bytecode array for functions with break
// points - the instrumented bytecode is held in the shared function info.
original_bytecode_array: Undefined|BytecodeArray;
// The debug instrumented bytecode array for functions with break points
// - also pointed to by the shared function info.
debug_bytecode_array: Undefined|BytecodeArray;
// Fixed array holding status information for each active break point.
break_points: FixedArray;
// A bitfield that lists uses of the current instance.
flags: SmiTagged<DebugInfoFlags>;
coverage_info: CoverageInfo|Undefined;
struct CoverageInfoSlot {
start_source_position: int32;
end_source_position: int32;
block_count: int32;
padding: int32; // Padding to make the index count 4.
// CoverageInfo's visitor is included in DATA_ONLY_VISITOR_ID_LIST, so it must
// not contain any HeapObject fields.
extern class CoverageInfo extends HeapObject {
const slot_count: int32;
slots[slot_count]: CoverageInfoSlot;
extern class WasmValue extends Struct {
// TODO(7748): Name and comment are outdated.
// The type, should map to ValueType::Kind values in value-type.h.
value_type: SmiTagged<WasmValueType>;
// Holds the actual value. For example, if this holds a Wasm i32, this will
// be of length 4, for s128, it will have length 16. These values are
// represented by the respective C++ types, and memcpy-ed in.
// When value_type is a externref, it holds the object that externref points
// to.
bytes_or_ref: Object|ByteArray;