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// Copyright 2018 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/objects/js-objects.h"
#include "src/objects/promise.h"
#include "torque-generated/bit-fields.h"
// Has to be the last include (doesn't have include guards):
#include "src/objects/object-macros.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
#include "torque-generated/src/objects/"
// Representation of promise objects in the specification. Our layout of
// JSPromise differs a bit from the layout in the specification, for example
// there's only a single list of PromiseReaction objects, instead of separate
// lists for fulfill and reject reactions. The PromiseReaction carries both
// callbacks from the start, and is eventually morphed into the proper kind of
// PromiseReactionJobTask when the JSPromise is settled.
// We also overlay the result and reactions fields on the JSPromise, since
// the reactions are only necessary for pending promises, whereas the result
// is only meaningful for settled promises.
class JSPromise : public TorqueGeneratedJSPromise<JSPromise, JSObject> {
// [result]: Checks that the promise is settled and returns the result.
inline Object result() const;
// [reactions]: Checks that the promise is pending and returns the reactions.
inline Object reactions() const;
// [has_handler]: Whether this promise has a reject handler or not.
// [handled_hint]: Whether this promise will be handled by a catch
// block in an async function.
int async_task_id() const;
void set_async_task_id(int id);
static const char* Status(Promise::PromiseState status);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE Promise::PromiseState status() const;
void set_status(Promise::PromiseState status);
// ES section #sec-fulfillpromise
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE static Handle<Object> Fulfill(Handle<JSPromise> promise,
Handle<Object> value);
// ES section #sec-rejectpromise
static Handle<Object> Reject(Handle<JSPromise> promise, Handle<Object> reason,
bool debug_event = true);
// ES section #sec-promise-resolve-functions
V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT static MaybeHandle<Object> Resolve(
Handle<JSPromise> promise, Handle<Object> resolution);
// Dispatched behavior.
static const int kSizeWithEmbedderFields =
kHeaderSize + v8::Promise::kEmbedderFieldCount * kEmbedderDataSlotSize;
// Flags layout.
STATIC_ASSERT(v8::Promise::kPending == 0);
STATIC_ASSERT(v8::Promise::kFulfilled == 1);
STATIC_ASSERT(v8::Promise::kRejected == 2);
// ES section #sec-triggerpromisereactions
static Handle<Object> TriggerPromiseReactions(Isolate* isolate,
Handle<Object> reactions,
Handle<Object> argument,
PromiseReaction::Type type);
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8
#include "src/objects/object-macros-undef.h"