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// Copyright 2017 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/objects/fixed-array.h"
#include "src/objects/js-objects.h"
#include "src/objects/objects.h"
#include "src/objects/struct.h"
#include "torque-generated/field-offsets.h"
// Has to be the last include (doesn't have include guards):
#include "src/objects/object-macros.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
template <typename T>
class Handle;
class Isolate;
class JSModuleNamespace;
class SourceTextModuleDescriptor;
class SourceTextModuleInfo;
class SourceTextModuleInfoEntry;
class String;
class Zone;
#include "torque-generated/src/objects/"
// Module is the base class for ECMAScript module types, roughly corresponding
// to Abstract Module Record.
class Module : public HeapObject {
// The complete export table, mapping an export name to its cell.
DECL_ACCESSORS(exports, ObjectHashTable)
// Hash for this object (a random non-zero Smi).
// Status.
enum Status {
// Order matters!
// The namespace object (or undefined).
DECL_ACCESSORS(module_namespace, HeapObject)
// The exception in the case {status} is kErrored.
Object GetException();
DECL_ACCESSORS(exception, Object)
// Returns if this module or any transitively requested module is [[Async]],
// i.e. has a top-level await.
V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT bool IsGraphAsync(Isolate* isolate) const;
// Implementation of spec operation ModuleDeclarationInstantiation.
// Returns false if an exception occurred during instantiation, true
// otherwise. (In the case where the callback throws an exception, that
// exception is propagated.)
static V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT bool Instantiate(
Isolate* isolate, Handle<Module> module, v8::Local<v8::Context> context,
v8::Module::ResolveCallback callback);
// Implementation of spec operation ModuleEvaluation.
static V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT MaybeHandle<Object> Evaluate(
Isolate* isolate, Handle<Module> module);
// Get the namespace object for [module]. If it doesn't exist yet, it is
// created.
static Handle<JSModuleNamespace> GetModuleNamespace(Isolate* isolate,
Handle<Module> module);
// Layout description.
using BodyDescriptor =
FixedBodyDescriptor<kExportsOffset, kHeaderSize, kHeaderSize>;
struct Hash;
friend class Factory;
// The [must_resolve] argument indicates whether or not an exception should be
// thrown in case the module does not provide an export named [name]
// (including when a cycle is detected). An exception is always thrown in the
// case of conflicting star exports.
// If [must_resolve] is true, a null result indicates an exception. If
// [must_resolve] is false, a null result may or may not indicate an
// exception (so check manually!).
class ResolveSet;
static V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT MaybeHandle<Cell> ResolveExport(
Isolate* isolate, Handle<Module> module, Handle<String> module_specifier,
Handle<String> export_name, MessageLocation loc, bool must_resolve,
ResolveSet* resolve_set);
static V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT bool PrepareInstantiate(
Isolate* isolate, Handle<Module> module, v8::Local<v8::Context> context,
v8::Module::ResolveCallback callback);
static V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT bool FinishInstantiate(
Isolate* isolate, Handle<Module> module,
ZoneForwardList<Handle<SourceTextModule>>* stack, unsigned* dfs_index,
Zone* zone);
static V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT MaybeHandle<Object> InnerEvaluate(
Isolate* isolate, Handle<Module> module);
// Set module's status back to kUninstantiated and reset other internal state.
// This is used when instantiation fails.
static void Reset(Isolate* isolate, Handle<Module> module);
static void ResetGraph(Isolate* isolate, Handle<Module> module);
// To set status to kErrored, RecordError or RecordErrorUsingPendingException
// should be used.
void SetStatus(Status status);
static void RecordErrorUsingPendingException(Isolate* isolate,
static void RecordError(Isolate* isolate, Handle<Module> module,
Handle<Object> error);
// When importing a module namespace (import * as foo from "bar"), a
// JSModuleNamespace object (representing module "bar") is created and bound to
// the declared variable (foo). A module can have at most one namespace object.
class JSModuleNamespace
: public TorqueGeneratedJSModuleNamespace<JSModuleNamespace,
JSSpecialObject> {
// Retrieve the value exported by [module] under the given [name]. If there is
// no such export, return Just(undefined). If the export is uninitialized,
// schedule an exception and return Nothing.
V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT MaybeHandle<Object> GetExport(Isolate* isolate,
Handle<String> name);
// Return the (constant) property attributes for the referenced property,
// which is assumed to correspond to an export. If the export is
// uninitialized, schedule an exception and return Nothing.
static V8_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT Maybe<PropertyAttributes> GetPropertyAttributes(
LookupIterator* it);
// In-object fields.
enum {
// We need to include in-object fields
// TODO(v8:8944): improve handling of in-object fields
static constexpr int kSize =
kHeaderSize + (kTaggedSize * kInObjectFieldCount);
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8
#include "src/objects/object-macros-undef.h"
#endif // V8_OBJECTS_MODULE_H_