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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/objects/fixed-array.h"
// Has to be the last include (doesn't have include guards):
#include "src/objects/object-macros.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
class V8_EXPORT OSROptimizedCodeCache : public WeakFixedArray {
enum OSRCodeCacheConstants {
static const int kInitialLength = OSRCodeCacheConstants::kEntryLength * 4;
static const int kMaxLength = OSRCodeCacheConstants::kEntryLength * 1024;
// Caches the optimized code |code| corresponding to the shared function
// |shared| and bailout id |osr_offset| in the OSROptimized code cache.
// If the OSR code cache wasn't created before it creates a code cache with
// kOSRCodeCacheInitialLength entries.
static void AddOptimizedCode(Handle<NativeContext> context,
Handle<SharedFunctionInfo> shared,
Handle<Code> code, BailoutId osr_offset);
// Reduces the size of the OSR code cache if the number of valid entries are
// less than the current capacity of the cache.
static void Compact(Handle<NativeContext> context);
// Sets the OSR optimized code cache to an empty array.
static void Clear(NativeContext context);
// Returns the code corresponding to the shared function |shared| and
// BailoutId |offset| if an entry exists in the cache. Returns an empty
// object otherwise.
Code GetOptimizedCode(Handle<SharedFunctionInfo> shared, BailoutId osr_offset,
Isolate* isolate);
// Remove all code objects marked for deoptimization from OSR code cache.
void EvictMarkedCode(Isolate* isolate);
// Functions that implement heuristics on when to grow / shrink the cache.
static int CapacityForLength(int curr_capacity);
static bool NeedsTrimming(int num_valid_entries, int curr_capacity);
static int GrowOSRCache(Handle<NativeContext> native_context,
Handle<OSROptimizedCodeCache>* osr_cache);
// Helper functions to get individual items from an entry in the cache.
Code GetCodeFromEntry(int index);
SharedFunctionInfo GetSFIFromEntry(int index);
BailoutId GetBailoutIdFromEntry(int index);
inline int FindEntry(Handle<SharedFunctionInfo> shared, BailoutId osr_offset);
inline void ClearEntry(int src, Isolate* isolate);
inline void InitializeEntry(int entry, SharedFunctionInfo shared, Code code,
BailoutId osr_offset);
inline void MoveEntry(int src, int dst, Isolate* isolate);
OBJECT_CONSTRUCTORS(OSROptimizedCodeCache, WeakFixedArray);
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8
#include "src/objects/object-macros-undef.h"