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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
type CompilationType extends int32 constexpr 'Script::CompilationType';
type CompilationState extends int32 constexpr 'Script::CompilationState';
bitfield struct ScriptFlags extends uint31 {
compilation_type: CompilationType: 1 bit;
compilation_state: CompilationState: 1 bit;
is_repl_mode: bool: 1 bit;
origin_options: int32: 4 bit;
extern class Script extends Struct {
// [source]: the script source.
source: String|Undefined;
// [name]: the script name.
name: Object;
// [line_offset]: script line offset in resource from where it was extracted.
line_offset: Smi;
// [column_offset]: script column offset in resource from where it was
// extracted.
column_offset: Smi;
// [context_data]: context data for the context this script was compiled in.
context_data: Smi|Undefined|Symbol;
script_type: Smi;
// [line_ends]: FixedArray of line ends positions.
line_ends: FixedArray|Undefined;
// [id]: the script id.
id: Smi;
eval_from_shared_or_wrapped_arguments: SharedFunctionInfo|FixedArray|
eval_from_position: Smi|Foreign; // Smi or Managed<wasm::NativeModule>
shared_function_infos: WeakFixedArray|WeakArrayList;
// [flags]: Holds an exciting bitfield.
flags: SmiTagged<ScriptFlags>;
// [source_url]: sourceURL from magic comment
source_url: String|Undefined;
// [source_mapping_url]: sourceMappingURL magic comment
source_mapping_url: Object;
// [host_defined_options]: Options defined by the embedder.
host_defined_options: FixedArray;