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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
extern class PreparseData extends HeapObject {
// TODO(v8:8983): Add declaration for variable-sized region.
data_length: int32;
children_length: int32;
extern class InterpreterData extends Struct {
bytecode_array: BytecodeArray;
interpreter_trampoline: Code;
type FunctionKind extends uint8 constexpr 'FunctionKind';
type FunctionSyntaxKind extends uint8 constexpr 'FunctionSyntaxKind';
type BailoutReason extends uint8 constexpr 'BailoutReason';
bitfield struct SharedFunctionInfoFlags extends uint32 {
// Have FunctionKind first to make it cheaper to access.
function_kind: FunctionKind: 5 bit;
is_native: bool: 1 bit;
is_strict: bool: 1 bit;
function_syntax_kind: FunctionSyntaxKind: 3 bit;
is_class_constructor: bool: 1 bit;
has_duplicate_parameters: bool: 1 bit;
allow_lazy_compilation: bool: 1 bit;
needs_home_object: bool: 1 bit;
is_asm_wasm_broken: bool: 1 bit;
function_map_index: uint32: 5 bit;
disabled_optimization_reason: BailoutReason: 4 bit;
requires_instance_members_initializer: bool: 1 bit;
construct_as_builtin: bool: 1 bit;
name_should_print_as_anonymous: bool: 1 bit;
has_reported_binary_coverage: bool: 1 bit;
is_top_level: bool: 1 bit;
is_oneshot_iife_or_properties_are_final: bool: 1 bit;
private_name_lookup_skips_outer_class: bool: 1 bit;
bitfield struct SharedFunctionInfoFlags2 extends uint8 {
class_scope_has_private_brand: bool: 1 bit;
has_static_private_methods_or_accessors: bool: 1 bit;
has_optimized_at_least_once: bool: 1 bit;
may_have_cached_code: bool: 1 bit;
extern class SharedFunctionInfo extends HeapObject {
weak function_data: Object;
name_or_scope_info: String|NoSharedNameSentinel|ScopeInfo;
outer_scope_info_or_feedback_metadata: HeapObject;
script_or_debug_info: Script|DebugInfo|Undefined;
length: int16;
formal_parameter_count: uint16;
function_token_offset: int16;
expected_nof_properties: uint8;
flags2: SharedFunctionInfoFlags2;
flags: SharedFunctionInfoFlags;
function_literal_id: int32;
@if(V8_SFI_HAS_UNIQUE_ID) unique_id: int32;
extern class UncompiledData extends HeapObject {
inferred_name: String;
start_position: int32;
end_position: int32;
extern class UncompiledDataWithoutPreparseData extends UncompiledData {
extern class UncompiledDataWithPreparseData extends UncompiledData {
preparse_data: PreparseData;
class OnHeapBasicBlockProfilerData extends HeapObject {
block_ids: ByteArray; // Stored as 4-byte ints
counts: ByteArray; // Stored as 4-byte ints
name: String;
schedule: String;
code: String;
hash: Smi;