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// Copyright 2015 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
// Clients of this interface shouldn't depend on lots of compiler internals.
// Do not include anything from src/compiler here!
#include "src/compilation-info.h"
#include "src/compiler.h"
#include "src/trap-handler/trap-handler.h"
#include "src/wasm/function-body-decoder.h"
#include "src/wasm/wasm-module.h"
#include "src/wasm/wasm-opcodes.h"
#include "src/wasm/wasm-result.h"
#include "src/zone/zone.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace compiler {
// Forward declarations for some compiler data structures.
class Node;
class JSGraph;
class Graph;
class Operator;
class SourcePositionTable;
} // namespace compiler
namespace wasm {
struct DecodeStruct;
class SignatureMap;
// Expose {Node} and {Graph} opaquely as {wasm::TFNode} and {wasm::TFGraph}.
typedef compiler::Node TFNode;
typedef compiler::JSGraph TFGraph;
} // namespace wasm
namespace compiler {
// The {ModuleEnv} encapsulates the module data that is used by the
// {WasmGraphBuilder} during graph building. It represents the parameters to
// which the compiled code should be specialized, including which code to call
// for direct calls {function_code}, which tables to use for indirect calls
// {function_tables}, memory start address and size {mem_start, mem_size},
// globals start address {globals_start}, as well as signature maps
// {signature_maps} and the module itself {module}.
// ModuleEnvs are shareable across multiple compilations.
struct ModuleEnv {
// A pointer to the decoded module's static representation.
const wasm::WasmModule* module;
// The function tables are FixedArrays of code used to dispatch indirect
// calls. (the same length as module.function_tables). We use the address
// to a global handle to the FixedArray.
const std::vector<Address> function_tables;
// The signatures tables are FixedArrays of SMIs used to check signatures
// match at runtime.
// (the same length as module.function_tables)
// We use the address to a global handle to the FixedArray.
const std::vector<Address> signature_tables;
// Signature maps canonicalize {FunctionSig*} to indexes. New entries can be
// added to a signature map during graph building.
// Normally, these signature maps correspond to the signature maps in the
// function tables stored in the {module}.
const std::vector<wasm::SignatureMap*> signature_maps;
// Contains the code objects to call for each indirect call.
// (the same length as module.functions)
const std::vector<Handle<Code>> function_code;
// If the default code is not a null handle, always use it for direct calls.
const Handle<Code> default_function_code;
// Address of the start of the globals region.
const uintptr_t globals_start;
enum RuntimeExceptionSupport : bool {
kRuntimeExceptionSupport = true,
kNoRuntimeExceptionSupport = false
class WasmCompilationUnit final {
// If constructing from a background thread, pass in a Counters*, and ensure
// that the Counters live at least as long as this compilation unit (which
// typically means to hold a std::shared_ptr<Counters>).
// If no such pointer is passed, Isolate::counters() will be called. This is
// only allowed to happen on the foreground thread.
WasmCompilationUnit(Isolate*, ModuleEnv*, wasm::FunctionBody, wasm::WasmName,
int index, Handle<Code> centry_stub, Counters* = nullptr,
RuntimeExceptionSupport = kRuntimeExceptionSupport);
int func_index() const { return func_index_; }
void ExecuteCompilation();
MaybeHandle<Code> FinishCompilation(wasm::ErrorThrower* thrower);
static MaybeHandle<Code> CompileWasmFunction(
wasm::ErrorThrower* thrower, Isolate* isolate,
const wasm::ModuleWireBytes& wire_bytes, ModuleEnv* env,
const wasm::WasmFunction* function);
void set_memory_cost(size_t memory_cost) { memory_cost_ = memory_cost; }
size_t memory_cost() const { return memory_cost_; }
SourcePositionTable* BuildGraphForWasmFunction(double* decode_ms);
Isolate* isolate_;
ModuleEnv* env_;
wasm::FunctionBody func_body_;
wasm::WasmName func_name_;
Counters* counters_;
// The graph zone is deallocated at the end of ExecuteCompilation by virtue of
// it being zone allocated.
JSGraph* jsgraph_ = nullptr;
// the compilation_zone_, info_, and job_ fields need to survive past
// ExecuteCompilation, onto FinishCompilation (which happens on the main
// thread).
std::unique_ptr<Zone> compilation_zone_;
std::unique_ptr<CompilationInfo> info_;
std::unique_ptr<CompilationJob> job_;
Handle<Code> centry_stub_;
int func_index_;
wasm::Result<wasm::DecodeStruct*> graph_construction_result_;
// See WasmGraphBuilder::runtime_exception_support_.
RuntimeExceptionSupport runtime_exception_support_;
bool ok_ = true;
size_t memory_cost_ = 0;
Counters* counters() { return counters_; }
// Wraps a JS function, producing a code object that can be called from wasm.
// The global_js_imports_table is a global handle to a fixed array of target
// JSReceiver with the lifetime tied to the module. We store it's location (non
// GCable) in the generated code so that it can reside outside of GCed heap.
Handle<Code> CompileWasmToJSWrapper(Isolate* isolate, Handle<JSReceiver> target,
wasm::FunctionSig* sig, uint32_t index,
wasm::ModuleOrigin origin,
Handle<FixedArray> global_js_imports_table);
// Wraps a given wasm code object, producing a code object.
Handle<Code> CompileJSToWasmWrapper(Isolate* isolate, wasm::WasmModule* module,
Handle<Code> wasm_code, uint32_t index,
Address wasm_context_address);
// Wraps a wasm function, producing a code object that can be called from other
// wasm instances (the WasmContext address must be changed).
Handle<Code> CompileWasmToWasmWrapper(Isolate* isolate, Handle<Code> target,
wasm::FunctionSig* sig, uint32_t index,
Address new_wasm_context_address);
// Compiles a stub that redirects a call to a wasm function to the wasm
// interpreter. It's ABI compatible with the compiled wasm function.
Handle<Code> CompileWasmInterpreterEntry(Isolate* isolate, uint32_t func_index,
wasm::FunctionSig* sig,
Handle<WasmInstanceObject> instance);
enum CWasmEntryParameters {
// marker:
// Compiles a stub with JS linkage, taking parameters as described by
// {CWasmEntryParameters}. It loads the wasm parameters from the argument
// buffer and calls the wasm function given as first parameter.
Handle<Code> CompileCWasmEntry(Isolate* isolate, wasm::FunctionSig* sig,
Address wasm_context_address);
// Abstracts details of building TurboFan graph nodes for wasm to separate
// the wasm decoder from the internal details of TurboFan.
typedef ZoneVector<Node*> NodeVector;
class WasmGraphBuilder {
WasmGraphBuilder(ModuleEnv*, Zone*, JSGraph*, Handle<Code> centry_stub_,
wasm::FunctionSig*, compiler::SourcePositionTable* = nullptr,
RuntimeExceptionSupport = kRuntimeExceptionSupport);
Node** Buffer(size_t count) {
if (count > cur_bufsize_) {
size_t new_size = count + cur_bufsize_ + 5;
cur_buffer_ =
reinterpret_cast<Node**>(zone_->New(new_size * sizeof(Node*)));
cur_bufsize_ = new_size;
return cur_buffer_;
// Operations independent of {control} or {effect}.
Node* Error();
Node* Start(unsigned params);
Node* Param(unsigned index);
Node* Loop(Node* entry);
Node* Terminate(Node* effect, Node* control);
Node* Merge(unsigned count, Node** controls);
Node* Phi(wasm::ValueType type, unsigned count, Node** vals, Node* control);
Node* EffectPhi(unsigned count, Node** effects, Node* control);
Node* NumberConstant(int32_t value);
Node* Uint32Constant(uint32_t value);
Node* Int32Constant(int32_t value);
Node* Int64Constant(int64_t value);
Node* IntPtrConstant(intptr_t value);
Node* Float32Constant(float value);
Node* Float64Constant(double value);
Node* HeapConstant(Handle<HeapObject> value);
Node* Binop(wasm::WasmOpcode opcode, Node* left, Node* right,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position = wasm::kNoCodePosition);
Node* Unop(wasm::WasmOpcode opcode, Node* input,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position = wasm::kNoCodePosition);
Node* GrowMemory(Node* input);
Node* Throw(uint32_t tag, const wasm::WasmException* exception,
const Vector<Node*> values);
Node* Rethrow();
Node* ConvertExceptionTagToRuntimeId(uint32_t tag);
Node* GetExceptionRuntimeId();
Node** GetExceptionValues(const wasm::WasmException* except_decl);
unsigned InputCount(Node* node);
bool IsPhiWithMerge(Node* phi, Node* merge);
bool ThrowsException(Node* node, Node** if_success, Node** if_exception);
void AppendToMerge(Node* merge, Node* from);
void AppendToPhi(Node* phi, Node* from);
void StackCheck(wasm::WasmCodePosition position, Node** effect = nullptr,
Node** control = nullptr);
void PatchInStackCheckIfNeeded();
// Operations that read and/or write {control} and {effect}.
Node* BranchNoHint(Node* cond, Node** true_node, Node** false_node);
Node* BranchExpectTrue(Node* cond, Node** true_node, Node** false_node);
Node* BranchExpectFalse(Node* cond, Node** true_node, Node** false_node);
Node* TrapIfTrue(wasm::TrapReason reason, Node* cond,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* TrapIfFalse(wasm::TrapReason reason, Node* cond,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* TrapIfEq32(wasm::TrapReason reason, Node* node, int32_t val,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* ZeroCheck32(wasm::TrapReason reason, Node* node,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* TrapIfEq64(wasm::TrapReason reason, Node* node, int64_t val,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* ZeroCheck64(wasm::TrapReason reason, Node* node,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* Switch(unsigned count, Node* key);
Node* IfValue(int32_t value, Node* sw);
Node* IfDefault(Node* sw);
Node* Return(unsigned count, Node** nodes);
template <typename... Nodes>
Node* Return(Node* fst, Nodes*... more) {
Node* arr[] = {fst, more...};
return Return(arraysize(arr), arr);
Node* ReturnVoid();
Node* Unreachable(wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* CallDirect(uint32_t index, Node** args, Node*** rets,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* CallIndirect(uint32_t index, Node** args, Node*** rets,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
void BuildJSToWasmWrapper(Handle<Code> wasm_code,
Address wasm_context_address);
enum ImportDataType {
kFunction = 1,
kGlobalProxy = 2,
kFunctionContext = 3,
Node* LoadImportDataAtOffset(int offset, Node* table);
Node* LoadNativeContext(Node* table);
Node* LoadImportData(int index, ImportDataType type, Node* table);
bool BuildWasmToJSWrapper(Handle<JSReceiver> target,
Handle<FixedArray> global_js_imports_table,
int index);
void BuildWasmToWasmWrapper(Handle<Code> target,
Address new_wasm_context_address);
void BuildWasmInterpreterEntry(uint32_t func_index,
Handle<WasmInstanceObject> instance);
void BuildCWasmEntry(Address wasm_context_address);
Node* ToJS(Node* node, wasm::ValueType type);
Node* FromJS(Node* node, Node* js_context, wasm::ValueType type);
Node* Invert(Node* node);
void EnsureFunctionTableNodes();
// Operations that concern the linear memory.
Node* CurrentMemoryPages();
Node* GetGlobal(uint32_t index);
Node* SetGlobal(uint32_t index, Node* val);
Node* TraceMemoryOperation(bool is_store, MachineRepresentation, Node* index,
uint32_t offset, wasm::WasmCodePosition);
Node* LoadMem(wasm::ValueType type, MachineType memtype, Node* index,
uint32_t offset, uint32_t alignment,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* StoreMem(MachineType memtype, Node* index, uint32_t offset,
uint32_t alignment, Node* val, wasm::WasmCodePosition position,
wasm::ValueType type);
static void PrintDebugName(Node* node);
void set_wasm_context(Node* wasm_context) {
this->wasm_context_ = wasm_context;
Node* Control() { return *control_; }
Node* Effect() { return *effect_; }
void set_control_ptr(Node** control) { this->control_ = control; }
void set_effect_ptr(Node** effect) { this->effect_ = effect; }
Node* LoadMemSize();
Node* LoadMemStart();
void set_mem_size(Node** mem_size) { this->mem_size_ = mem_size; }
void set_mem_start(Node** mem_start) { this->mem_start_ = mem_start; }
wasm::FunctionSig* GetFunctionSignature() { return sig_; }
void LowerInt64();
void SimdScalarLoweringForTesting();
void SetSourcePosition(Node* node, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* S128Zero();
Node* S1x4Zero();
Node* S1x8Zero();
Node* S1x16Zero();
Node* SimdOp(wasm::WasmOpcode opcode, Node* const* inputs);
Node* SimdLaneOp(wasm::WasmOpcode opcode, uint8_t lane, Node* const* inputs);
Node* SimdShiftOp(wasm::WasmOpcode opcode, uint8_t shift,
Node* const* inputs);
Node* Simd8x16ShuffleOp(const uint8_t shuffle[16], Node* const* inputs);
Node* AtomicOp(wasm::WasmOpcode opcode, Node* const* inputs,
uint32_t alignment, uint32_t offset,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
bool has_simd() const { return has_simd_; }
const wasm::WasmModule* module() { return env_ ? env_->module : nullptr; }
static const int kDefaultBufferSize = 16;
Zone* zone_;
JSGraph* jsgraph_;
Node* centry_stub_node_;
ModuleEnv* env_ = nullptr;
Node* wasm_context_ = nullptr;
NodeVector signature_tables_;
NodeVector function_tables_;
NodeVector function_table_sizes_;
Node** control_ = nullptr;
Node** effect_ = nullptr;
Node** mem_size_ = nullptr;
Node** mem_start_ = nullptr;
Node** cur_buffer_;
size_t cur_bufsize_;
Node* def_buffer_[kDefaultBufferSize];
bool has_simd_ = false;
bool needs_stack_check_ = false;
// If the runtime doesn't support exception propagation,
// we won't generate stack checks, and trap handling will also
// be generated differently.
RuntimeExceptionSupport runtime_exception_support_;
wasm::FunctionSig* sig_;
SetOncePointer<const Operator> allocate_heap_number_operator_;
compiler::SourcePositionTable* source_position_table_ = nullptr;
// Internal helper methods.
JSGraph* jsgraph() { return jsgraph_; }
Graph* graph();
Node* String(const char* string);
Node* MemBuffer(uint32_t offset);
void BoundsCheckMem(MachineType memtype, Node* index, uint32_t offset,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
const Operator* GetSafeLoadOperator(int offset, wasm::ValueType type);
const Operator* GetSafeStoreOperator(int offset, wasm::ValueType type);
Node* BuildChangeEndiannessStore(Node* node, MachineType type,
wasm::ValueType wasmtype = wasm::kWasmStmt);
Node* BuildChangeEndiannessLoad(Node* node, MachineType type,
wasm::ValueType wasmtype = wasm::kWasmStmt);
Node* MaskShiftCount32(Node* node);
Node* MaskShiftCount64(Node* node);
Node* BuildCCall(MachineSignature* sig, Node** args);
Node* BuildWasmCall(wasm::FunctionSig* sig, Node** args, Node*** rets,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildF32CopySign(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildF64CopySign(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildI32SConvertF32(Node* input, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI32SConvertF64(Node* input, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI32UConvertF32(Node* input, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI32UConvertF64(Node* input, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI32Ctz(Node* input);
Node* BuildI32Popcnt(Node* input);
Node* BuildI64Ctz(Node* input);
Node* BuildI64Popcnt(Node* input);
Node* BuildBitCountingCall(Node* input, ExternalReference ref,
MachineRepresentation input_type);
Node* BuildCFuncInstruction(ExternalReference ref, MachineType type,
Node* input0, Node* input1 = nullptr);
Node* BuildF32Trunc(Node* input);
Node* BuildF32Floor(Node* input);
Node* BuildF32Ceil(Node* input);
Node* BuildF32NearestInt(Node* input);
Node* BuildF64Trunc(Node* input);
Node* BuildF64Floor(Node* input);
Node* BuildF64Ceil(Node* input);
Node* BuildF64NearestInt(Node* input);
Node* BuildI32Rol(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildI64Rol(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildF64Acos(Node* input);
Node* BuildF64Asin(Node* input);
Node* BuildF64Pow(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildF64Mod(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildIntToFloatConversionInstruction(
Node* input, ExternalReference ref,
MachineRepresentation parameter_representation,
const MachineType result_type);
Node* BuildF32SConvertI64(Node* input);
Node* BuildF32UConvertI64(Node* input);
Node* BuildF64SConvertI64(Node* input);
Node* BuildF64UConvertI64(Node* input);
Node* BuildFloatToIntConversionInstruction(
Node* input, ExternalReference ref,
MachineRepresentation parameter_representation,
const MachineType result_type, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI64SConvertF32(Node* input, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI64UConvertF32(Node* input, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI64SConvertF64(Node* input, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI64UConvertF64(Node* input, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI32DivS(Node* left, Node* right, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI32RemS(Node* left, Node* right, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI32DivU(Node* left, Node* right, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI32RemU(Node* left, Node* right, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI64DivS(Node* left, Node* right, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI64RemS(Node* left, Node* right, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI64DivU(Node* left, Node* right, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildI64RemU(Node* left, Node* right, wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildDiv64Call(Node* left, Node* right, ExternalReference ref,
MachineType result_type, int trap_zero,
wasm::WasmCodePosition position);
Node* BuildJavaScriptToNumber(Node* node, Node* js_context);
Node* BuildChangeInt32ToTagged(Node* value);
Node* BuildChangeFloat64ToTagged(Node* value);
Node* BuildChangeTaggedToFloat64(Node* value);
Node* BuildChangeInt32ToSmi(Node* value);
Node* BuildChangeSmiToInt32(Node* value);
Node* BuildChangeUint32ToSmi(Node* value);
Node* BuildChangeSmiToFloat64(Node* value);
Node* BuildTestNotSmi(Node* value);
Node* BuildSmiShiftBitsConstant();
Node* BuildAllocateHeapNumberWithValue(Node* value, Node* control);
Node* BuildLoadHeapNumberValue(Node* value, Node* control);
Node* BuildHeapNumberValueIndexConstant();
// Asm.js specific functionality.
Node* BuildI32AsmjsSConvertF32(Node* input);
Node* BuildI32AsmjsSConvertF64(Node* input);
Node* BuildI32AsmjsUConvertF32(Node* input);
Node* BuildI32AsmjsUConvertF64(Node* input);
Node* BuildI32AsmjsDivS(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildI32AsmjsRemS(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildI32AsmjsDivU(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildI32AsmjsRemU(Node* left, Node* right);
Node* BuildAsmjsLoadMem(MachineType type, Node* index);
Node* BuildAsmjsStoreMem(MachineType type, Node* index, Node* val);
uint32_t GetExceptionEncodedSize(const wasm::WasmException* exception) const;
void BuildEncodeException32BitValue(uint32_t* index, Node* value);
Node* BuildDecodeException32BitValue(Node* const* values, uint32_t* index);
Node** Realloc(Node** buffer, size_t old_count, size_t new_count) {
Node** buf = Buffer(new_count);
if (buf != buffer) memcpy(buf, buffer, old_count * sizeof(Node*));
return buf;
int AddParameterNodes(Node** args, int pos, int param_count,
wasm::FunctionSig* sig);
void SetNeedsStackCheck() { needs_stack_check_ = true; }
// Operations involving the CEntryStub, a dependency we want to remove
// to get off the GC heap.
Node* BuildCallToRuntime(Runtime::FunctionId f, Node** parameters,
int parameter_count);
Node* BuildCallToRuntimeWithContext(Runtime::FunctionId f, Node* js_context,
Node** parameters, int parameter_count);
Node* BuildCallToRuntimeWithContextFromJS(Runtime::FunctionId f,
Node* js_context,
Node* const* parameters,
int parameter_count);
Node* BuildModifyThreadInWasmFlag(bool new_value);
Builtins::Name GetBuiltinIdForTrap(wasm::TrapReason reason);
// The parameter index where the wasm_context paramter should be placed in wasm
// call descriptors. This is used by the Int64Lowering::LowerNode method.
constexpr int kWasmContextParameterIndex = 0;
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE CallDescriptor* GetWasmCallDescriptor(Zone* zone,
wasm::FunctionSig* sig);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE CallDescriptor* GetI32WasmCallDescriptor(
Zone* zone, CallDescriptor* descriptor);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE CallDescriptor* GetI32WasmCallDescriptorForSimd(
Zone* zone, CallDescriptor* descriptor);
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8