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  3. VerifyTraceMembers.cpp

Verify Trace Members


verify-trace-members is a tool to verify correct usage of Cobalt's tracer members system.


verify-trace-members consists of two components:

  1. A clang based static analysis tool, that produces and inspects an AST, and outputs suspected TraceMembers issues that it finds.
  2. A python wrapper of component 1, that is responsible for running 1 for multiple translation units, and filtering its output.

Before you can run the tool, both gyp and ninja (for the all target) must be run for linux-x64x11. Why? Because in order to properly comprehend C++ in Cobalt, we must know the exact commands Clang is invoked with when building it. Ninja must be run because of generated headers.

Then, you can run cobalt/tools/verify-trace-members/ from src/, which will output suspected TraceMembers issues.

Build instructions

Follow the instructions available here. You will have to check out (all hashes are from the git mirrors):

  • llvm (last built against f7f7143561)
  • clang (last built against 0caffbcfca)
  • clang-tools-extra (last built against 7007ecbdf8)

Just add VerifyTraceMembers.cpp in place of LoopConvert.cpp. The only important extra step not in the tutorial is to run cmake for the final binary with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release.