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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using YamlDotNet.Serialization;
using YamlDotNet.Serialization.NamingConventions;
namespace LLVM.ClangTidy
static class ClangTidyConfigParser
public class CheckOption
public string Key { get; set; }
public string Value { get; set; }
public class ClangTidyYaml
public string Checks { get; set; }
public List<CheckOption> CheckOptions { get; set; }
public static List<KeyValuePair<string, ClangTidyProperties>> ParseConfigurationChain(string ClangTidyFile)
List<KeyValuePair<string, ClangTidyProperties>> Result = new List<KeyValuePair<string, ClangTidyProperties>>();
Result.Add(new KeyValuePair<string, ClangTidyProperties>(null, ClangTidyProperties.RootProperties));
foreach (string P in Utility.SplitPath(ClangTidyFile).Reverse())
if (!Utility.HasClangTidyFile(P))
string ConfigFile = Path.Combine(P, ".clang-tidy");
using (StreamReader Reader = new StreamReader(ConfigFile))
Deserializer D = new Deserializer(namingConvention: new PascalCaseNamingConvention());
ClangTidyYaml Y = D.Deserialize<ClangTidyYaml>(Reader);
ClangTidyProperties Parent = Result[Result.Count - 1].Value;
ClangTidyProperties NewProps = new ClangTidyProperties(Parent);
SetPropertiesFromYaml(Y, NewProps);
Result.Add(new KeyValuePair<string, ClangTidyProperties>(P, NewProps));
return Result;
enum TreeLevelOp
public static void SerializeClangTidyFile(ClangTidyProperties Props, string ClangTidyFilePath)
List<string> CommandList = new List<string>();
SerializeCheckTree(CommandList, Props.GetCheckTree(), TreeLevelOp.Inherit);
CommandList.Sort((x, y) =>
bool LeftSub = x.StartsWith("-");
bool RightSub = y.StartsWith("-");
if (LeftSub && !RightSub)
return -1;
if (RightSub && !LeftSub)
return 1;
return StringComparer.CurrentCulture.Compare(x, y);
string ConfigFile = Path.Combine(ClangTidyFilePath, ".clang-tidy");
using (StreamWriter Writer = new StreamWriter(ConfigFile))
Serializer S = new Serializer(namingConvention: new PascalCaseNamingConvention());
ClangTidyYaml Yaml = new ClangTidyYaml();
Yaml.Checks = String.Join(",", CommandList.ToArray());
S.Serialize(Writer, Yaml);
/// <summary>
/// Convert the given check tree into serialized list of commands that can be written to
/// the Yaml. The goal here is to determine the minimal sequence of check commands that
/// will produce the exact configuration displayed in the UI. This is complicated by the
/// fact that an inherited True is not the same as an explicitly specified True. If the
/// user has chosen to inherit a setting in a .clang-tidy file, then changing it in the
/// parent should show the reflected changes in the current file as well. So we cannot
/// simply -* everything and then add in the checks we need, because -* immediately marks
/// every single check as explicitly false, thus disabling inheritance.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="CommandList">State passed through this recursive algorithm representing
/// the sequence of commands we have determined so far.
/// </param>
/// <param name="Tree">The check tree to serialize. This is the parameter that will be
/// recursed on as successive subtrees get serialized to `CommandList`.
/// </param>
/// <param name="CurrentOp">The current state of the subtree. For example, if the
/// algorithm decides to -* an entire subtree and then add back one single check,
/// after adding a -subtree-* command to CommandList, it would pass in a value of
/// CurrentOp=TreeLevelOp.Disable when it recurses down. This allows deeper iterations
/// of the algorithm to know what kind of command (if any) needs to be added to CommandList
/// in order to put a particular check into a particular state.
/// </param>
private static void SerializeCheckTree(List<string> CommandList, CheckTree Tree, TreeLevelOp CurrentOp)
int NumChecks = Tree.CountChecks;
int NumDisabled = Tree.CountExplicitlyDisabledChecks;
int NumEnabled = Tree.CountExplicitlyEnabledChecks;
int NumInherited = Tree.CountInheritedChecks;
if (NumChecks == 0)
if (NumInherited > 0)
System.Diagnostics.Debug.Assert(CurrentOp == TreeLevelOp.Inherit);
// If this entire tree is inherited, just exit, nothing about this needs to
// go in the clang-tidy file.
if (NumInherited == NumChecks)
TreeLevelOp NewOp = CurrentOp;
// If there are no inherited properties in this subtree, decide whether to
// explicitly enable or disable this subtree. Decide by looking at whether
// there is a larger proportion of disabled or enabled descendants. If
// there are more disabled items in this subtree for example, disabling the
// subtree will lead to a smaller configuration file.
if (NumInherited == 0)
if (NumDisabled >= NumEnabled)
NewOp = TreeLevelOp.Disable;
NewOp = TreeLevelOp.Enable;
if (NewOp == TreeLevelOp.Disable)
// Only add an explicit disable command if the tree was not already disabled
// to begin with.
if (CurrentOp != TreeLevelOp.Disable)
string WildcardPath = "*";
if (Tree.Path != null)
WildcardPath = Tree.Path + "-" + WildcardPath;
CommandList.Add("-" + WildcardPath);
// If the entire subtree was disabled, there's no point descending.
if (NumDisabled == NumChecks)
else if (NewOp == TreeLevelOp.Enable)
// Only add an explicit enable command if the tree was not already enabled
// to begin with. Note that if we're at the root, all checks are already
// enabled by default, so there's no need to explicitly include *
if (CurrentOp != TreeLevelOp.Enable && Tree.Path != null)
string WildcardPath = Tree.Path + "-*";
// If the entire subtree was enabled, there's no point descending.
if (NumEnabled == NumChecks)
foreach (var Child in Tree.Children)
if (Child.Value is CheckLeaf)
CheckLeaf Leaf = (CheckLeaf)Child.Value;
if (Leaf.CountExplicitlyEnabledChecks == 1 && NewOp != TreeLevelOp.Enable)
else if (Leaf.CountExplicitlyDisabledChecks == 1 && NewOp != TreeLevelOp.Disable)
CommandList.Add("-" + Leaf.Path);
System.Diagnostics.Debug.Assert(Child.Value is CheckTree);
CheckTree ChildTree = (CheckTree)Child.Value;
SerializeCheckTree(CommandList, ChildTree, NewOp);
private static void SetPropertiesFromYaml(ClangTidyYaml Yaml, ClangTidyProperties Props)
string[] CheckCommands = Yaml.Checks.Split(',');
foreach (string Command in CheckCommands)
if (Command == null || Command.Length == 0)
bool Add = true;
string Pattern = Command;
if (Pattern[0] == '-')
Pattern = Pattern.Substring(1);
Add = false;
foreach (var Match in CheckDatabase.Checks.Where(x => Utility.MatchWildcardString(x.Name, Pattern)))
Props.SetDynamicValue(Match.Name, Add);