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//===--- ClangdServer.cpp - Main clangd server code --------------*- C++-*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "ClangdServer.h"
#include "CodeComplete.h"
#include "FindSymbols.h"
#include "Headers.h"
#include "SourceCode.h"
#include "XRefs.h"
#include "index/Merge.h"
#include "clang/Format/Format.h"
#include "clang/Frontend/CompilerInstance.h"
#include "clang/Frontend/CompilerInvocation.h"
#include "clang/Lex/Preprocessor.h"
#include "clang/Tooling/CompilationDatabase.h"
#include "clang/Tooling/Refactoring/RefactoringResultConsumer.h"
#include "clang/Tooling/Refactoring/Rename/RenamingAction.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/ArrayRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/ScopeExit.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Errc.h"
#include "llvm/Support/FileSystem.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Path.h"
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"
#include <future>
using namespace clang;
using namespace clang::clangd;
namespace {
void ignoreError(llvm::Error Err) {
handleAllErrors(std::move(Err), [](const llvm::ErrorInfoBase &) {});
std::string getStandardResourceDir() {
static int Dummy; // Just an address in this process.
return CompilerInvocation::GetResourcesPath("clangd", (void *)&Dummy);
class RefactoringResultCollector final
: public tooling::RefactoringResultConsumer {
void handleError(llvm::Error Err) override {
// FIXME: figure out a way to return better message for DiagnosticError.
// clangd uses llvm::toString to convert the Err to string, however, for
// DiagnosticError, only "clang diagnostic" will be generated.
Result = std::move(Err);
// Using the handle(SymbolOccurrences) from parent class.
using tooling::RefactoringResultConsumer::handle;
void handle(tooling::AtomicChanges SourceReplacements) override {
Result = std::move(SourceReplacements);
Optional<Expected<tooling::AtomicChanges>> Result;
} // namespace
ClangdServer::Options ClangdServer::optsForTest() {
ClangdServer::Options Opts;
Opts.UpdateDebounce = std::chrono::steady_clock::duration::zero(); // Faster!
Opts.StorePreamblesInMemory = true;
Opts.AsyncThreadsCount = 4; // Consistent!
return Opts;
ClangdServer::ClangdServer(GlobalCompilationDatabase &CDB,
FileSystemProvider &FSProvider,
DiagnosticsConsumer &DiagConsumer,
const Options &Opts)
: CDB(CDB), DiagConsumer(DiagConsumer), FSProvider(FSProvider),
ResourceDir(Opts.ResourceDir ? Opts.ResourceDir->str()
: getStandardResourceDir()),
FileIdx(Opts.BuildDynamicSymbolIndex ? new FileIndex(Opts.URISchemes)
: nullptr),
// Pass a callback into `WorkScheduler` to extract symbols from a newly
// parsed file and rebuild the file index synchronously each time an AST
// is parsed.
// FIXME(ioeric): this can be slow and we may be able to index on less
// critical paths.
Opts.AsyncThreadsCount, Opts.StorePreamblesInMemory,
? [this](PathRef Path, ASTContext &AST,
PP) { FileIdx->update(Path, &AST, std::move(PP)); }
: PreambleParsedCallback(),
Opts.UpdateDebounce, Opts.RetentionPolicy) {
if (FileIdx && Opts.StaticIndex) {
MergedIndex = mergeIndex(FileIdx.get(), Opts.StaticIndex);
Index = MergedIndex.get();
} else if (FileIdx)
Index = FileIdx.get();
else if (Opts.StaticIndex)
Index = Opts.StaticIndex;
Index = nullptr;
void ClangdServer::setRootPath(PathRef RootPath) {
auto FS = FSProvider.getFileSystem();
auto Status = FS->status(RootPath);
if (!Status)
elog("Failed to get status for RootPath {0}: {1}", RootPath,
else if (Status->isDirectory())
this->RootPath = RootPath;
elog("The provided RootPath {0} is not a directory.", RootPath);
void ClangdServer::addDocument(PathRef File, StringRef Contents,
WantDiagnostics WantDiags) {
DocVersion Version = ++InternalVersion[File];
ParseInputs Inputs = {getCompileCommand(File), FSProvider.getFileSystem(),
Path FileStr = File.str();
WorkScheduler.update(File, std::move(Inputs), WantDiags,
[this, FileStr, Version](std::vector<Diag> Diags) {
consumeDiagnostics(FileStr, Version, std::move(Diags));
void ClangdServer::removeDocument(PathRef File) {
void ClangdServer::codeComplete(PathRef File, Position Pos,
const clangd::CodeCompleteOptions &Opts,
Callback<CodeCompleteResult> CB) {
// Copy completion options for passing them to async task handler.
auto CodeCompleteOpts = Opts;
if (!CodeCompleteOpts.Index) // Respect overridden index.
CodeCompleteOpts.Index = Index;
// Copy PCHs to avoid accessing this->PCHs concurrently
std::shared_ptr<PCHContainerOperations> PCHs = this->PCHs;
auto FS = FSProvider.getFileSystem();
auto Task = [PCHs, Pos, FS,
CodeCompleteOpts](Path File, Callback<CodeCompleteResult> CB,
llvm::Expected<InputsAndPreamble> IP) {
if (!IP)
return CB(IP.takeError());
auto PreambleData = IP->Preamble;
// FIXME(ibiryukov): even if Preamble is non-null, we may want to check
// both the old and the new version in case only one of them matches.
CodeCompleteResult Result = clangd::codeComplete(
File, IP->Command, PreambleData ? &PreambleData->Preamble : nullptr,
PreambleData ? PreambleData->Includes : IncludeStructure(),
IP->Contents, Pos, FS, PCHs, CodeCompleteOpts);
WorkScheduler.runWithPreamble("CodeComplete", File,
Bind(Task, File.str(), std::move(CB)));
void ClangdServer::signatureHelp(PathRef File, Position Pos,
Callback<SignatureHelp> CB) {
auto PCHs = this->PCHs;
auto FS = FSProvider.getFileSystem();
auto Action = [Pos, FS, PCHs](Path File, Callback<SignatureHelp> CB,
llvm::Expected<InputsAndPreamble> IP) {
if (!IP)
return CB(IP.takeError());
auto PreambleData = IP->Preamble;
CB(clangd::signatureHelp(File, IP->Command,
PreambleData ? &PreambleData->Preamble : nullptr,
IP->Contents, Pos, FS, PCHs));
WorkScheduler.runWithPreamble("SignatureHelp", File,
Bind(Action, File.str(), std::move(CB)));
ClangdServer::formatRange(StringRef Code, PathRef File, Range Rng) {
llvm::Expected<size_t> Begin = positionToOffset(Code, Rng.start);
if (!Begin)
return Begin.takeError();
llvm::Expected<size_t> End = positionToOffset(Code, Rng.end);
if (!End)
return End.takeError();
return formatCode(Code, File, {tooling::Range(*Begin, *End - *Begin)});
llvm::Expected<tooling::Replacements> ClangdServer::formatFile(StringRef Code,
PathRef File) {
// Format everything.
return formatCode(Code, File, {tooling::Range(0, Code.size())});
ClangdServer::formatOnType(StringRef Code, PathRef File, Position Pos) {
// Look for the previous opening brace from the character position and
// format starting from there.
llvm::Expected<size_t> CursorPos = positionToOffset(Code, Pos);
if (!CursorPos)
return CursorPos.takeError();
size_t PreviousLBracePos = StringRef(Code).find_last_of('{', *CursorPos);
if (PreviousLBracePos == StringRef::npos)
PreviousLBracePos = *CursorPos;
size_t Len = *CursorPos - PreviousLBracePos;
return formatCode(Code, File, {tooling::Range(PreviousLBracePos, Len)});
void ClangdServer::rename(PathRef File, Position Pos, llvm::StringRef NewName,
Callback<std::vector<tooling::Replacement>> CB) {
auto Action = [Pos](Path File, std::string NewName,
Callback<std::vector<tooling::Replacement>> CB,
Expected<InputsAndAST> InpAST) {
if (!InpAST)
return CB(InpAST.takeError());
auto &AST = InpAST->AST;
RefactoringResultCollector ResultCollector;
const SourceManager &SourceMgr = AST.getASTContext().getSourceManager();
SourceLocation SourceLocationBeg =
clangd::getBeginningOfIdentifier(AST, Pos, SourceMgr.getMainFileID());
tooling::RefactoringRuleContext Context(
auto Rename = clang::tooling::RenameOccurrences::initiate(
Context, SourceRange(SourceLocationBeg), NewName);
if (!Rename)
return CB(Rename.takeError());
Rename->invoke(ResultCollector, Context);
if (!ResultCollector.Result.getValue())
return CB(ResultCollector.Result->takeError());
std::vector<tooling::Replacement> Replacements;
for (const tooling::AtomicChange &Change : ResultCollector.Result->get()) {
tooling::Replacements ChangeReps = Change.getReplacements();
for (const auto &Rep : ChangeReps) {
// FIXME: Right now we only support renaming the main file, so we
// drop replacements not for the main file. In the future, we might
// consider to support:
// * rename in any included header
// * rename only in the "main" header
// * provide an error if there are symbols we won't rename (e.g.
// std::vector)
// * rename globally in project
// * rename in open files
if (Rep.getFilePath() == File)
return CB(std::move(Replacements));
"Rename", File, Bind(Action, File.str(), NewName.str(), std::move(CB)));
void ClangdServer::dumpAST(PathRef File,
llvm::unique_function<void(std::string)> Callback) {
auto Action = [](decltype(Callback) Callback,
llvm::Expected<InputsAndAST> InpAST) {
if (!InpAST) {
return Callback("<no-ast>");
std::string Result;
llvm::raw_string_ostream ResultOS(Result);
clangd::dumpAST(InpAST->AST, ResultOS);
WorkScheduler.runWithAST("DumpAST", File, Bind(Action, std::move(Callback)));
void ClangdServer::findDefinitions(PathRef File, Position Pos,
Callback<std::vector<Location>> CB) {
auto Action = [Pos, this](Callback<std::vector<Location>> CB,
llvm::Expected<InputsAndAST> InpAST) {
if (!InpAST)
return CB(InpAST.takeError());
CB(clangd::findDefinitions(InpAST->AST, Pos, Index));
WorkScheduler.runWithAST("Definitions", File, Bind(Action, std::move(CB)));
llvm::Optional<Path> ClangdServer::switchSourceHeader(PathRef Path) {
StringRef SourceExtensions[] = {".cpp", ".c", ".cc", ".cxx",
".c++", ".m", ".mm"};
StringRef HeaderExtensions[] = {".h", ".hh", ".hpp", ".hxx", ".inc"};
StringRef PathExt = llvm::sys::path::extension(Path);
// Lookup in a list of known extensions.
auto SourceIter =
std::find_if(std::begin(SourceExtensions), std::end(SourceExtensions),
[&PathExt](PathRef SourceExt) {
return SourceExt.equals_lower(PathExt);
bool IsSource = SourceIter != std::end(SourceExtensions);
auto HeaderIter =
std::find_if(std::begin(HeaderExtensions), std::end(HeaderExtensions),
[&PathExt](PathRef HeaderExt) {
return HeaderExt.equals_lower(PathExt);
bool IsHeader = HeaderIter != std::end(HeaderExtensions);
// We can only switch between the known extensions.
if (!IsSource && !IsHeader)
return llvm::None;
// Array to lookup extensions for the switch. An opposite of where original
// extension was found.
ArrayRef<StringRef> NewExts;
if (IsSource)
NewExts = HeaderExtensions;
NewExts = SourceExtensions;
// Storage for the new path.
SmallString<128> NewPath = StringRef(Path);
// Instance of vfs::FileSystem, used for file existence checks.
auto FS = FSProvider.getFileSystem();
// Loop through switched extension candidates.
for (StringRef NewExt : NewExts) {
llvm::sys::path::replace_extension(NewPath, NewExt);
if (FS->exists(NewPath))
return NewPath.str().str(); // First str() to convert from SmallString to
// StringRef, second to convert from StringRef
// to std::string
// Also check NewExt in upper-case, just in case.
llvm::sys::path::replace_extension(NewPath, NewExt.upper());
if (FS->exists(NewPath))
return NewPath.str().str();
return llvm::None;
ClangdServer::formatCode(llvm::StringRef Code, PathRef File,
ArrayRef<tooling::Range> Ranges) {
// Call clang-format.
auto FS = FSProvider.getFileSystem();
auto Style = format::getStyle(format::DefaultFormatStyle, File,
format::DefaultFallbackStyle, Code, FS.get());
if (!Style)
return Style.takeError();
tooling::Replacements IncludeReplaces =
format::sortIncludes(*Style, Code, Ranges, File);
auto Changed = tooling::applyAllReplacements(Code, IncludeReplaces);
if (!Changed)
return Changed.takeError();
return IncludeReplaces.merge(format::reformat(
Style.get(), *Changed,
tooling::calculateRangesAfterReplacements(IncludeReplaces, Ranges),
void ClangdServer::findDocumentHighlights(
PathRef File, Position Pos, Callback<std::vector<DocumentHighlight>> CB) {
auto Action = [Pos](Callback<std::vector<DocumentHighlight>> CB,
llvm::Expected<InputsAndAST> InpAST) {
if (!InpAST)
return CB(InpAST.takeError());
CB(clangd::findDocumentHighlights(InpAST->AST, Pos));
WorkScheduler.runWithAST("Highlights", File, Bind(Action, std::move(CB)));
void ClangdServer::findHover(PathRef File, Position Pos,
Callback<llvm::Optional<Hover>> CB) {
auto Action = [Pos](Callback<llvm::Optional<Hover>> CB,
llvm::Expected<InputsAndAST> InpAST) {
if (!InpAST)
return CB(InpAST.takeError());
CB(clangd::getHover(InpAST->AST, Pos));
WorkScheduler.runWithAST("Hover", File, Bind(Action, std::move(CB)));
void ClangdServer::consumeDiagnostics(PathRef File, DocVersion Version,
std::vector<Diag> Diags) {
// We need to serialize access to resulting diagnostics to avoid calling
// `onDiagnosticsReady` in the wrong order.
std::lock_guard<std::mutex> DiagsLock(DiagnosticsMutex);
DocVersion &LastReportedDiagsVersion = ReportedDiagnosticVersions[File];
// FIXME(ibiryukov): get rid of '<' comparison here. In the current
// implementation diagnostics will not be reported after version counters'
// overflow. This should not happen in practice, since DocVersion is a
// 64-bit unsigned integer.
if (Version < LastReportedDiagsVersion)
LastReportedDiagsVersion = Version;
DiagConsumer.onDiagnosticsReady(File, std::move(Diags));
tooling::CompileCommand ClangdServer::getCompileCommand(PathRef File) {
llvm::Optional<tooling::CompileCommand> C = CDB.getCompileCommand(File);
if (!C) // FIXME: Suppress diagnostics? Let the user know?
C = CDB.getFallbackCommand(File);
// Inject the resource dir.
// FIXME: Don't overwrite it if it's already there.
C->CommandLine.push_back("-resource-dir=" + ResourceDir);
return std::move(*C);
void ClangdServer::onFileEvent(const DidChangeWatchedFilesParams &Params) {
// FIXME: Do nothing for now. This will be used for indexing and potentially
// invalidating other caches.
void ClangdServer::workspaceSymbols(
StringRef Query, int Limit, Callback<std::vector<SymbolInformation>> CB) {
CB(clangd::getWorkspaceSymbols(Query, Limit, Index,
RootPath ? *RootPath : ""));
void ClangdServer::documentSymbols(
StringRef File, Callback<std::vector<SymbolInformation>> CB) {
auto Action = [](Callback<std::vector<SymbolInformation>> CB,
llvm::Expected<InputsAndAST> InpAST) {
if (!InpAST)
return CB(InpAST.takeError());
WorkScheduler.runWithAST("documentSymbols", File,
Bind(Action, std::move(CB)));
std::vector<std::pair<Path, std::size_t>>
ClangdServer::getUsedBytesPerFile() const {
return WorkScheduler.getUsedBytesPerFile();
ClangdServer::blockUntilIdleForTest(llvm::Optional<double> TimeoutSeconds) {
return WorkScheduler.blockUntilIdle(timeoutSeconds(TimeoutSeconds));