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//===-- SBData.h -----------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#ifndef LLDB_SBData_h_
#define LLDB_SBData_h_
#include "lldb/API/SBDefines.h"
namespace lldb {
class LLDB_API SBData {
SBData(const SBData &rhs);
const SBData &operator=(const SBData &rhs);
uint8_t GetAddressByteSize();
void SetAddressByteSize(uint8_t addr_byte_size);
void Clear();
bool IsValid();
size_t GetByteSize();
lldb::ByteOrder GetByteOrder();
void SetByteOrder(lldb::ByteOrder endian);
float GetFloat(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
double GetDouble(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
long double GetLongDouble(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
lldb::addr_t GetAddress(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
uint8_t GetUnsignedInt8(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
uint16_t GetUnsignedInt16(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
uint32_t GetUnsignedInt32(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
uint64_t GetUnsignedInt64(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
int8_t GetSignedInt8(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
int16_t GetSignedInt16(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
int32_t GetSignedInt32(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
int64_t GetSignedInt64(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
const char *GetString(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset);
size_t ReadRawData(lldb::SBError &error, lldb::offset_t offset, void *buf,
size_t size);
bool GetDescription(lldb::SBStream &description,
lldb::addr_t base_addr = LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS);
// it would be nice to have SetData(SBError, const void*, size_t) when
// endianness and address size can be inferred from the existing
// DataExtractor, but having two SetData() signatures triggers a SWIG bug
// where the typemap isn't applied before resolving the overload, and thus
// the right function never gets called
void SetData(lldb::SBError &error, const void *buf, size_t size,
lldb::ByteOrder endian, uint8_t addr_size);
// see SetData() for why we don't have Append(const void* buf, size_t size)
bool Append(const SBData &rhs);
static lldb::SBData CreateDataFromCString(lldb::ByteOrder endian,
uint32_t addr_byte_size,
const char *data);
// in the following CreateData*() and SetData*() prototypes, the two
// parameters array and array_len should not be renamed or rearranged,
// because doing so will break the SWIG typemap
static lldb::SBData CreateDataFromUInt64Array(lldb::ByteOrder endian,
uint32_t addr_byte_size,
uint64_t *array,
size_t array_len);
static lldb::SBData CreateDataFromUInt32Array(lldb::ByteOrder endian,
uint32_t addr_byte_size,
uint32_t *array,
size_t array_len);
static lldb::SBData CreateDataFromSInt64Array(lldb::ByteOrder endian,
uint32_t addr_byte_size,
int64_t *array,
size_t array_len);
static lldb::SBData CreateDataFromSInt32Array(lldb::ByteOrder endian,
uint32_t addr_byte_size,
int32_t *array,
size_t array_len);
static lldb::SBData CreateDataFromDoubleArray(lldb::ByteOrder endian,
uint32_t addr_byte_size,
double *array,
size_t array_len);
bool SetDataFromCString(const char *data);
bool SetDataFromUInt64Array(uint64_t *array, size_t array_len);
bool SetDataFromUInt32Array(uint32_t *array, size_t array_len);
bool SetDataFromSInt64Array(int64_t *array, size_t array_len);
bool SetDataFromSInt32Array(int32_t *array, size_t array_len);
bool SetDataFromDoubleArray(double *array, size_t array_len);
// Mimic shared pointer...
lldb_private::DataExtractor *get() const;
lldb_private::DataExtractor *operator->() const;
lldb::DataExtractorSP &operator*();
const lldb::DataExtractorSP &operator*() const;
SBData(const lldb::DataExtractorSP &data_sp);
void SetOpaque(const lldb::DataExtractorSP &data_sp);
friend class SBInstruction;
friend class SBProcess;
friend class SBSection;
friend class SBTarget;
friend class SBValue;
lldb::DataExtractorSP m_opaque_sp;
} // namespace lldb
#endif // LLDB_SBData_h_