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//===-- SBDebugger.h --------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#ifndef LLDB_SBDebugger_h_
#define LLDB_SBDebugger_h_
#include <stdio.h>
#include "lldb/API/SBDefines.h"
#include "lldb/API/SBPlatform.h"
namespace lldb {
class LLDB_API SBInputReader {
SBInputReader() = default;
~SBInputReader() = default;
SBError Initialize(lldb::SBDebugger &,
unsigned long (*)(void *, lldb::SBInputReader *,
lldb::InputReaderAction, char const *,
unsigned long),
void *, lldb::InputReaderGranularity, char const *,
char const *, bool);
void SetIsDone(bool);
bool IsActive() const;
class LLDB_API SBDebugger {
SBDebugger(const lldb::SBDebugger &rhs);
SBDebugger(const lldb::DebuggerSP &debugger_sp);
lldb::SBDebugger &operator=(const lldb::SBDebugger &rhs);
static void Initialize();
static void Terminate();
// Deprecated, use the one that takes a source_init_files bool.
static lldb::SBDebugger Create();
static lldb::SBDebugger Create(bool source_init_files);
static lldb::SBDebugger Create(bool source_init_files,
lldb::LogOutputCallback log_callback,
void *baton);
static void Destroy(lldb::SBDebugger &debugger);
static void MemoryPressureDetected();
bool IsValid() const;
void Clear();
void SetAsync(bool b);
bool GetAsync();
void SkipLLDBInitFiles(bool b);
void SkipAppInitFiles(bool b);
void SetInputFileHandle(FILE *f, bool transfer_ownership);
void SetOutputFileHandle(FILE *f, bool transfer_ownership);
void SetErrorFileHandle(FILE *f, bool transfer_ownership);
FILE *GetInputFileHandle();
FILE *GetOutputFileHandle();
FILE *GetErrorFileHandle();
void SaveInputTerminalState();
void RestoreInputTerminalState();
lldb::SBCommandInterpreter GetCommandInterpreter();
void HandleCommand(const char *command);
lldb::SBListener GetListener();
void HandleProcessEvent(const lldb::SBProcess &process,
const lldb::SBEvent &event, FILE *out, FILE *err);
lldb::SBTarget CreateTarget(const char *filename, const char *target_triple,
const char *platform_name,
bool add_dependent_modules, lldb::SBError &error);
lldb::SBTarget CreateTargetWithFileAndTargetTriple(const char *filename,
const char *target_triple);
lldb::SBTarget CreateTargetWithFileAndArch(const char *filename,
const char *archname);
lldb::SBTarget CreateTarget(const char *filename);
lldb::SBTarget GetDummyTarget();
// Return true if target is deleted from the target list of the debugger.
bool DeleteTarget(lldb::SBTarget &target);
lldb::SBTarget GetTargetAtIndex(uint32_t idx);
uint32_t GetIndexOfTarget(lldb::SBTarget target);
lldb::SBTarget FindTargetWithProcessID(pid_t pid);
lldb::SBTarget FindTargetWithFileAndArch(const char *filename,
const char *arch);
uint32_t GetNumTargets();
lldb::SBTarget GetSelectedTarget();
void SetSelectedTarget(SBTarget &target);
lldb::SBPlatform GetSelectedPlatform();
void SetSelectedPlatform(lldb::SBPlatform &platform);
/// Get the number of currently active platforms.
uint32_t GetNumPlatforms();
/// Get one of the currently active platforms.
lldb::SBPlatform GetPlatformAtIndex(uint32_t idx);
/// Get the number of available platforms.
/// The return value should match the number of entries output by the
/// "platform list" command.
uint32_t GetNumAvailablePlatforms();
/// Get the name and description of one of the available platforms.
/// @param[in] idx
/// Zero-based index of the platform for which info should be retrieved,
/// must be less than the value returned by GetNumAvailablePlatforms().
lldb::SBStructuredData GetAvailablePlatformInfoAtIndex(uint32_t idx);
lldb::SBSourceManager GetSourceManager();
// REMOVE: just for a quick fix, need to expose platforms through
// SBPlatform from this class.
lldb::SBError SetCurrentPlatform(const char *platform_name);
bool SetCurrentPlatformSDKRoot(const char *sysroot);
// FIXME: Once we get the set show stuff in place, the driver won't need
// an interface to the Set/Get UseExternalEditor.
bool SetUseExternalEditor(bool input);
bool GetUseExternalEditor();
bool SetUseColor(bool use_color);
bool GetUseColor() const;
static bool GetDefaultArchitecture(char *arch_name, size_t arch_name_len);
static bool SetDefaultArchitecture(const char *arch_name);
lldb::ScriptLanguage GetScriptingLanguage(const char *script_language_name);
static const char *GetVersionString();
static const char *StateAsCString(lldb::StateType state);
static SBStructuredData GetBuildConfiguration();
static bool StateIsRunningState(lldb::StateType state);
static bool StateIsStoppedState(lldb::StateType state);
bool EnableLog(const char *channel, const char **categories);
void SetLoggingCallback(lldb::LogOutputCallback log_callback, void *baton);
void DispatchInput(void *baton, const void *data, size_t data_len);
void DispatchInput(const void *data, size_t data_len);
void DispatchInputInterrupt();
void DispatchInputEndOfFile();
void PushInputReader(lldb::SBInputReader &reader);
const char *GetInstanceName();
static SBDebugger FindDebuggerWithID(int id);
static lldb::SBError SetInternalVariable(const char *var_name,
const char *value,
const char *debugger_instance_name);
static lldb::SBStringList
GetInternalVariableValue(const char *var_name,
const char *debugger_instance_name);
bool GetDescription(lldb::SBStream &description);
uint32_t GetTerminalWidth() const;
void SetTerminalWidth(uint32_t term_width);
lldb::user_id_t GetID();
const char *GetPrompt() const;
void SetPrompt(const char *prompt);
lldb::ScriptLanguage GetScriptLanguage() const;
void SetScriptLanguage(lldb::ScriptLanguage script_lang);
bool GetCloseInputOnEOF() const;
void SetCloseInputOnEOF(bool b);
SBTypeCategory GetCategory(const char *category_name);
SBTypeCategory GetCategory(lldb::LanguageType lang_type);
SBTypeCategory CreateCategory(const char *category_name);
bool DeleteCategory(const char *category_name);
uint32_t GetNumCategories();
SBTypeCategory GetCategoryAtIndex(uint32_t);
SBTypeCategory GetDefaultCategory();
SBTypeFormat GetFormatForType(SBTypeNameSpecifier);
SBTypeSummary GetSummaryForType(SBTypeNameSpecifier);
SBTypeFilter GetFilterForType(SBTypeNameSpecifier);
SBTypeSynthetic GetSyntheticForType(SBTypeNameSpecifier);
void RunCommandInterpreter(bool auto_handle_events, bool spawn_thread);
void RunCommandInterpreter(bool auto_handle_events, bool spawn_thread,
SBCommandInterpreterRunOptions &options,
int &num_errors, bool &quit_requested,
bool &stopped_for_crash);
SBError RunREPL(lldb::LanguageType language, const char *repl_options);
friend class SBCommandInterpreter;
friend class SBInputReader;
friend class SBListener;
friend class SBProcess;
friend class SBSourceManager;
friend class SBTarget;
lldb::SBTarget FindTargetWithLLDBProcess(const lldb::ProcessSP &processSP);
void reset(const lldb::DebuggerSP &debugger_sp);
lldb_private::Debugger *get() const;
lldb_private::Debugger &ref() const;
const lldb::DebuggerSP &get_sp() const;
lldb::DebuggerSP m_opaque_sp;
}; // class SBDebugger
} // namespace lldb
#endif // LLDB_SBDebugger_h_