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//===-- CompletionRequest.h -------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "lldb/Utility/Args.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/StringList.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringSet.h"
namespace lldb_private {
/// @class CompletionRequest CompletionRequest.h
/// "lldb/Utility/ArgCompletionRequest.h"
/// Contains all information necessary to complete an incomplete command
/// for the user. Will be filled with the generated completions by the different
/// completions functions.
class CompletionRequest {
/// Constructs a completion request.
/// @param [in] command_line
/// The command line the user has typed at this point.
/// @param [in] raw_cursor_pos
/// The position of the cursor in the command line string. Index 0 means
/// the cursor is at the start of the line. The completion starts from
/// this cursor position.
/// @param [in] match_start_point
/// @param [in] max_return_elements
/// If there is a match that is expensive to compute, these are here to
/// allow you to compute the completions in batches. Start the
/// completion from match_start_point, and return match_return_elements
/// elements.
/// @param [out] matches
/// A list of matches that will be filled by the different completion
/// handlers.
CompletionRequest(llvm::StringRef command_line, unsigned raw_cursor_pos,
int match_start_point, int max_return_elements,
StringList &matches);
llvm::StringRef GetRawLine() const { return m_command; }
unsigned GetRawCursorPos() const { return m_raw_cursor_pos; }
const Args &GetParsedLine() const { return m_parsed_line; }
Args &GetParsedLine() { return m_parsed_line; }
const Args &GetPartialParsedLine() const { return m_partial_parsed_line; }
void SetCursorIndex(int i) { m_cursor_index = i; }
int GetCursorIndex() const { return m_cursor_index; }
void SetCursorCharPosition(int pos) { m_cursor_char_position = pos; }
int GetCursorCharPosition() const { return m_cursor_char_position; }
int GetMatchStartPoint() const { return m_match_start_point; }
int GetMaxReturnElements() const { return m_max_return_elements; }
bool GetWordComplete() { return m_word_complete; }
void SetWordComplete(bool v) { m_word_complete = v; }
/// Adds a possible completion string. If the completion was already
/// suggested before, it will not be added to the list of results. A copy of
/// the suggested completion is stored, so the given string can be free'd
/// afterwards.
/// @param match The suggested completion.
void AddCompletion(llvm::StringRef completion) {
// Add the completion if we haven't seen the same value before.
if (m_match_set.insert(completion).second)
/// Adds multiple possible completion strings.
/// \param completions The list of completions.
/// @see AddCompletion
void AddCompletions(const StringList &completions) {
for (std::size_t i = 0; i < completions.GetSize(); ++i)
std::size_t GetNumberOfMatches() const { return m_matches->GetSize(); }
llvm::StringRef GetCursorArgument() const {
return GetParsedLine().GetArgumentAtIndex(GetCursorIndex());
llvm::StringRef GetCursorArgumentPrefix() const {
return GetCursorArgument().substr(0, GetCursorCharPosition());
/// The raw command line we are supposed to complete.
llvm::StringRef m_command;
/// The cursor position in m_command.
unsigned m_raw_cursor_pos;
/// The command line parsed as arguments.
Args m_parsed_line;
/// The command line until the cursor position parsed as arguments.
Args m_partial_parsed_line;
/// The index of the argument in which the completion cursor is.
int m_cursor_index;
/// The cursor position in the argument indexed by m_cursor_index.
int m_cursor_char_position;
/// If there is a match that is expensive
/// to compute, these are here to allow you to compute the completions in
/// batches. Start the completion from \amatch_start_point, and return
/// \amatch_return_elements elements.
// FIXME: These two values are not implemented.
int m_match_start_point;
int m_max_return_elements;
/// \btrue if this is a complete option value (a space will be inserted
/// after the completion.) \bfalse otherwise.
bool m_word_complete = false;
// Note: This list is kept private. This is by design to prevent that any
// completion depends on any already computed completion from another backend.
// Note: We don't own the list. It's owned by the creator of the
// CompletionRequest object.
StringList *m_matches;
/// List of added completions so far. Used to filter out duplicates.
llvm::StringSet<> m_match_set;
} // namespace lldb_private