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  2. fonts/
  3. tests/
  5. cpu.js
  6. debugger_bindings.cpp
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WASM SKP Debugger

The wasm skp debugger is a wasm binary that uses DebugCanvas to show SKP and MSKP files. It is embedded in the javascript code in debugger-assets from the infra buildbot repository.

The live version is available at


make debug
make move-assets

note that make move-assets just copies the two output files over to the infra repo where they can be served locally. This requires SKIA_INFRA_ROOT to be set to the root of your checkout of that repo.

For more information on running the debugger locally, see infra/debugger-assets/ in the buildbot repo.


tests are run with

make test-continuous

tests are defined by files in tests/*.spec.js