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def main(request, response):
if "logout" in request.GET:
return ((401, "Unauthorized"),
[("WWW-Authenticate", 'Basic realm="test"')],
"Logged out, hopefully")
session_user = request.auth.username
session_pass = request.auth.password
expected_user_name = request.headers.get("X-User", None)
token = expected_user_name
if session_user is None and session_pass is None:
if token is not None and request.server.stash.take(token) is not None:
return 'FAIL (did not authorize)'
if token is not None:
request.server.stash.put(token, "1")
status = (401, 'Unauthorized')
headers = [('WWW-Authenticate', 'Basic realm="test"'),
('XHR-USER', expected_user_name),
('SES-USER', session_user)]
return status, headers, 'FAIL (should be transparent)'
if request.server.stash.take(token) == "1":
challenge = "DID"
challenge = "DID-NOT"
headers = [('XHR-USER', expected_user_name),
('SES-USER', session_user),
("X-challenge", challenge)]
return headers, session_user + "\n" + session_pass;