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<title>Geolocation Test: getCurrentPosition location access denied</title>
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<p>Clear all Geolocation permissions before running this test. If prompted for permission, please deny.</p>
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// Rewrite
var t = async_test('User denies access, check that error callback is called with correct code'),
onSuccess, onError, hasMethodReturned = false;
t.step(function() {
onSuccess = t.step_func(function(pos) {
assert_unreached('A success callback was invoked unexpectedly with position ' + positionToString(pos));
onError = t.step_func(function(err) {
assert_true(hasMethodReturned, 'Check that getCurrentPosition returns synchronously before any callbacks are invoked');
assert_equals(err.code, err.PERMISSION_DENIED,
'PossitionError code: ' + err.code, + ', message: ' + err.message);
geo.getCurrentPosition(onSuccess, onError);
hasMethodReturned = true;