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<title>Service Workers: Response Objects</title>
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`Response` objects model HTTP responses.
<script type=text/plain id="idl_0">
interface AbstractResponse {
interface OpaqueResponse : AbstractResponse {
readonly attribute unsigned short status;
readonly attribute ByteString statusText;
// Returns a filtered list of headers. See prose for details.
readonly attribute HeaderMap headers;
// No setter for headers
readonly attribute DOMString url;
interface CORSResponse : Response {
readonly attribute HeaderMap headers;
[Constructor(optional ResponseInit responseInitDict)]
interface Response : AbstractResponse {
attribute unsigned short status;
attribute ByteString statusText;
readonly attribute HeaderMap headers;
attribute DOMString url;
Promise<Blob> toBlob();
dictionary ResponseInit {
unsigned short status = 200;
ByteString statusText = "OK";
HeaderMap headers;
<script type=text/plain id="untested_idls">
interface HeaderMap {};
interface Blob {};
var idl_array = new IdlArray();
AbstractResponse: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the AbstractResponse interface')"],
OpaqueResponse: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the OpaqueResponse interface')"],
CORSResponse: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the CORSResponse interface')"],
Response: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the Response interface')"],
ResponseInit: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the ResponseInit dictionary')"]