The import directory contains tests imported from the SVG 1.1 Second Edition test suite, with tests renamed to contain -manual in their name. These tests need review to verify that they are still correct for the latest version of SVG (which at the time of writing is SVG 2) and then need to be converted to reftests or testharness.js-based tests.

The SVG 1.1 test suite came with reference PNGs for each test, which, while not suitable as exact reftest reference files, at least give a rough indication of what the test should look like. For some tests, such as those involving filters, the test pass criteria are written with reference to the PNGs. When converting the tests to reftests or testharness.js-based tests, you might want to consult the reference PNG.

Tests should be placed in a directory named after the SVG 2 chapter name (for example in the shapes/ directory for Basic Shapes chapter tests). Scripted tests should be placed under a scripted/ subdirectory and reftests under a reftests/ subdirectory, within the chapter directory. Filenames for tests of DOM methods and properties should start with InterfaceName.methodOrPropertyName, such as types/scripted/SVGElement.ownerSVGElement-01.html.

Direct questions about the imported SVG 1.1 tests to Cameron McCormack.