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// Copyright (c) 2002-2013 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Context.h: Defines the gl::Context class, managing all GL state and performing
// rendering operations. It is the GLES2 specific implementation of EGLContext.
#define GL_APICALL
#include <GLES2/gl2.h>
#include <GLES2/gl2ext.h>
#define EGLAPI
#include <EGL/egl.h>
#include <string>
#include <map>
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#include <hash_map>
#include <unordered_map>
#include "common/angleutils.h"
#include "common/RefCountObject.h"
#include "libGLESv2/HandleAllocator.h"
#include "libGLESv2/angletypes.h"
#include "libGLESv2/Constants.h"
namespace rx
class Renderer;
namespace egl
class Display;
class Surface;
namespace gl
class Shader;
class Program;
class ProgramBinary;
class Texture;
class Texture2D;
class TextureCubeMap;
class Framebuffer;
class Renderbuffer;
class RenderbufferStorage;
class Colorbuffer;
class Depthbuffer;
class Stencilbuffer;
class DepthStencilbuffer;
class Fence;
class Query;
class ResourceManager;
class Buffer;
enum QueryType
// Helper structure describing a single vertex attribute
class VertexAttribute
VertexAttribute() : mType(GL_FLOAT), mSize(0), mNormalized(false), mStride(0), mPointer(NULL), mArrayEnabled(false), mDivisor(0)
mCurrentValue[0] = 0.0f;
mCurrentValue[1] = 0.0f;
mCurrentValue[2] = 0.0f;
mCurrentValue[3] = 1.0f;
int typeSize() const
switch (mType)
case GL_BYTE: return mSize * sizeof(GLbyte);
case GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE: return mSize * sizeof(GLubyte);
case GL_SHORT: return mSize * sizeof(GLshort);
case GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT: return mSize * sizeof(GLushort);
case GL_FIXED: return mSize * sizeof(GLfixed);
case GL_FLOAT: return mSize * sizeof(GLfloat);
default: UNREACHABLE(); return mSize * sizeof(GLfloat);
GLsizei stride() const
return mStride ? mStride : typeSize();
// From glVertexAttribPointer
GLenum mType;
GLint mSize;
bool mNormalized;
GLsizei mStride; // 0 means natural stride
const void *mPointer;
intptr_t mOffset;
BindingPointer<Buffer> mBoundBuffer; // Captured when glVertexAttribPointer is called.
bool mArrayEnabled; // From glEnable/DisableVertexAttribArray
float mCurrentValue[4]; // From glVertexAttrib
unsigned int mDivisor;
// Helper structure to store all raw state
struct State
Color colorClearValue;
GLclampf depthClearValue;
int stencilClearValue;
RasterizerState rasterizer;
bool scissorTest;
Rectangle scissor;
BlendState blend;
Color blendColor;
bool sampleCoverage;
GLclampf sampleCoverageValue;
bool sampleCoverageInvert;
DepthStencilState depthStencil;
GLint stencilRef;
GLint stencilBackRef;
GLfloat lineWidth;
GLenum generateMipmapHint;
GLenum fragmentShaderDerivativeHint;
Rectangle viewport;
float zNear;
float zFar;
unsigned int activeSampler; // Active texture unit selector - GL_TEXTURE0
BindingPointer<Buffer> arrayBuffer;
BindingPointer<Buffer> elementArrayBuffer;
GLuint readFramebuffer;
GLuint drawFramebuffer;
BindingPointer<Renderbuffer> renderbuffer;
GLuint currentProgram;
VertexAttribute vertexAttribute[MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS];
BindingPointer<Query> activeQuery[QUERY_TYPE_COUNT];
GLint unpackAlignment;
GLint packAlignment;
bool packReverseRowOrder;
class Context
Context(const gl::Context *shareContext, rx::Renderer *renderer, bool notifyResets, bool robustAccess);
void makeCurrent(egl::Surface *surface);
virtual void markContextLost();
bool isContextLost();
// State manipulation
void setClearColor(float red, float green, float blue, float alpha);
void setClearDepth(float depth);
void setClearStencil(int stencil);
void setCullFace(bool enabled);
bool isCullFaceEnabled() const;
void setCullMode(GLenum mode);
void setFrontFace(GLenum front);
void setDepthTest(bool enabled);
bool isDepthTestEnabled() const;
void setDepthFunc(GLenum depthFunc);
void setDepthRange(float zNear, float zFar);
void setBlend(bool enabled);
bool isBlendEnabled() const;
void setBlendFactors(GLenum sourceRGB, GLenum destRGB, GLenum sourceAlpha, GLenum destAlpha);
void setBlendColor(float red, float green, float blue, float alpha);
void setBlendEquation(GLenum rgbEquation, GLenum alphaEquation);
void setStencilTest(bool enabled);
bool isStencilTestEnabled() const;
void setStencilParams(GLenum stencilFunc, GLint stencilRef, GLuint stencilMask);
void setStencilBackParams(GLenum stencilBackFunc, GLint stencilBackRef, GLuint stencilBackMask);
void setStencilWritemask(GLuint stencilWritemask);
void setStencilBackWritemask(GLuint stencilBackWritemask);
void setStencilOperations(GLenum stencilFail, GLenum stencilPassDepthFail, GLenum stencilPassDepthPass);
void setStencilBackOperations(GLenum stencilBackFail, GLenum stencilBackPassDepthFail, GLenum stencilBackPassDepthPass);
void setPolygonOffsetFill(bool enabled);
bool isPolygonOffsetFillEnabled() const;
void setPolygonOffsetParams(GLfloat factor, GLfloat units);
void setSampleAlphaToCoverage(bool enabled);
bool isSampleAlphaToCoverageEnabled() const;
void setSampleCoverage(bool enabled);
bool isSampleCoverageEnabled() const;
void setSampleCoverageParams(GLclampf value, bool invert);
void setScissorTest(bool enabled);
bool isScissorTestEnabled() const;
void setDither(bool enabled);
bool isDitherEnabled() const;
void setLineWidth(GLfloat width);
void setGenerateMipmapHint(GLenum hint);
void setFragmentShaderDerivativeHint(GLenum hint);
void setViewportParams(GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height);
void setScissorParams(GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height);
void setColorMask(bool red, bool green, bool blue, bool alpha);
void setDepthMask(bool mask);
void setActiveSampler(unsigned int active);
GLuint getReadFramebufferHandle() const;
GLuint getDrawFramebufferHandle() const;
GLuint getRenderbufferHandle() const;
GLuint getArrayBufferHandle() const;
GLuint getActiveQuery(GLenum target) const;
void setEnableVertexAttribArray(unsigned int attribNum, bool enabled);
const VertexAttribute &getVertexAttribState(unsigned int attribNum);
void setVertexAttribState(unsigned int attribNum, Buffer *boundBuffer, GLint size, GLenum type,
bool normalized, GLsizei stride, const void *pointer);
const void *getVertexAttribPointer(unsigned int attribNum) const;
void setUnpackAlignment(GLint alignment);
GLint getUnpackAlignment() const;
void setPackAlignment(GLint alignment);
GLint getPackAlignment() const;
void setPackReverseRowOrder(bool reverseRowOrder);
bool getPackReverseRowOrder() const;
// These create and destroy methods are merely pass-throughs to
// ResourceManager, which owns these object types
GLuint createBuffer();
GLuint createShader(GLenum type);
GLuint createProgram();
GLuint createTexture();
GLuint createRenderbuffer();
#if defined(__LB_XB360__)
// Binds a texture name to a special video texture that does not have to be
// uploaded by the application, but will update itself to be the current
// video frame right after the buffers are swapped. Set to 0 to disable.
void setVideoTexture(GLuint texture);
// Returns the set video texture name, returning 0 if not set.
GLuint getVideoTexture();
void deleteBuffer(GLuint buffer);
void deleteShader(GLuint shader);
void deleteProgram(GLuint program);
void deleteTexture(GLuint texture);
void deleteRenderbuffer(GLuint renderbuffer);
// Framebuffers are owned by the Context, so these methods do not pass through
GLuint createFramebuffer();
void deleteFramebuffer(GLuint framebuffer);
// Fences are owned by the Context.
GLuint createFence();
void deleteFence(GLuint fence);
// Queries are owned by the Context;
GLuint createQuery();
void deleteQuery(GLuint query);
void bindArrayBuffer(GLuint buffer);
void bindElementArrayBuffer(GLuint buffer);
void bindTexture2D(GLuint texture);
void bindTextureCubeMap(GLuint texture);
void bindReadFramebuffer(GLuint framebuffer);
void bindDrawFramebuffer(GLuint framebuffer);
void bindRenderbuffer(GLuint renderbuffer);
void useProgram(GLuint program);
void linkProgram(GLuint program);
void setProgramBinary(GLuint program, const void *binary, GLint length);
void beginQuery(GLenum target, GLuint query);
void endQuery(GLenum target);
void setFramebufferZero(Framebuffer *framebuffer);
void setRenderbufferStorage(GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLenum internalformat, GLsizei samples);
void setVertexAttrib(GLuint index, const GLfloat *values);
void setVertexAttribDivisor(GLuint index, GLuint divisor);
Buffer *getBuffer(GLuint handle);
Fence *getFence(GLuint handle);
Shader *getShader(GLuint handle);
Program *getProgram(GLuint handle);
Texture *getTexture(GLuint handle);
Framebuffer *getFramebuffer(GLuint handle);
Renderbuffer *getRenderbuffer(GLuint handle);
Query *getQuery(GLuint handle, bool create, GLenum type);
Buffer *getArrayBuffer();
Buffer *getElementArrayBuffer();
ProgramBinary *getCurrentProgramBinary();
Texture2D *getTexture2D();
TextureCubeMap *getTextureCubeMap();
Texture *getSamplerTexture(unsigned int sampler, TextureType type);
Framebuffer *getReadFramebuffer();
Framebuffer *getDrawFramebuffer();
bool getFloatv(GLenum pname, GLfloat *params);
bool getIntegerv(GLenum pname, GLint *params);
bool getBooleanv(GLenum pname, GLboolean *params);
bool getQueryParameterInfo(GLenum pname, GLenum *type, unsigned int *numParams);
void readPixels(GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLenum format, GLenum type, GLsizei *bufSize, void* pixels);
void clear(GLbitfield mask);
void drawArrays(GLenum mode, GLint first, GLsizei count, GLsizei instances);
void drawElements(GLenum mode, GLsizei count, GLenum type, const GLvoid *indices, GLsizei instances);
void sync(bool block); // flush/finish
void recordInvalidEnum();
void recordInvalidValue();
void recordInvalidOperation();
void recordOutOfMemory();
void recordInvalidFramebufferOperation();
GLenum getError();
GLenum getResetStatus();
virtual bool isResetNotificationEnabled();
int getMajorShaderModel() const;
float getMaximumPointSize() const;
unsigned int getMaximumCombinedTextureImageUnits() const;
int getMaximumRenderbufferDimension() const;
int getMaximumTextureDimension() const;
int getMaximumCubeTextureDimension() const;
int getMaximumTextureLevel() const;
unsigned int getMaximumRenderTargets() const;
GLsizei getMaxSupportedSamples() const;
const char *getExtensionString() const;
const char *getRendererString() const;
bool supportsEventQueries() const;
bool supportsOcclusionQueries() const;
bool supportsBGRATextures() const;
bool supportsDXT1Textures() const;
bool supportsDXT3Textures() const;
bool supportsDXT5Textures() const;
bool supportsFloat32Textures() const;
bool supportsFloat32LinearFilter() const;
bool supportsFloat32RenderableTextures() const;
bool supportsFloat16Textures() const;
bool supportsFloat16LinearFilter() const;
bool supportsFloat16RenderableTextures() const;
bool supportsLuminanceTextures() const;
bool supportsLuminanceAlphaTextures() const;
bool supportsDepthTextures() const;
bool supports32bitIndices() const;
bool supportsNonPower2Texture() const;
bool supportsInstancing() const;
bool supportsTextureFilterAnisotropy() const;
bool getCurrentReadFormatType(GLenum *format, GLenum *type);
float getTextureMaxAnisotropy() const;
void blitFramebuffer(GLint srcX0, GLint srcY0, GLint srcX1, GLint srcY1,
GLint dstX0, GLint dstY0, GLint dstX1, GLint dstY1,
GLbitfield mask);
bool applyRenderTarget(GLenum drawMode, bool ignoreViewport);
void applyState(GLenum drawMode);
void applyShaders();
void applyTextures();
void applyTextures(SamplerType type);
void detachBuffer(GLuint buffer);
void detachTexture(GLuint texture);
void detachFramebuffer(GLuint framebuffer);
void detachRenderbuffer(GLuint renderbuffer);
Texture *getIncompleteTexture(TextureType type);
bool skipDraw(GLenum drawMode);
void initExtensionString();
void initRendererString();
rx::Renderer *const mRenderer;
State mState;
BindingPointer<Texture2D> mTexture2DZero;
BindingPointer<TextureCubeMap> mTextureCubeMapZero;
#ifndef HASH_MAP
# ifdef _MSC_VER
# define HASH_MAP stdext::hash_map
# else
# define HASH_MAP std::unordered_map
# endif
typedef HASH_MAP<GLuint, Framebuffer*> FramebufferMap;
FramebufferMap mFramebufferMap;
HandleAllocator mFramebufferHandleAllocator;
typedef HASH_MAP<GLuint, Fence*> FenceMap;
FenceMap mFenceMap;
HandleAllocator mFenceHandleAllocator;
typedef HASH_MAP<GLuint, Query*> QueryMap;
QueryMap mQueryMap;
HandleAllocator mQueryHandleAllocator;
const char *mExtensionString;
const char *mRendererString;
BindingPointer<Texture> mIncompleteTextures[TEXTURE_TYPE_COUNT];
// Recorded errors
bool mInvalidEnum;
bool mInvalidValue;
bool mInvalidOperation;
bool mOutOfMemory;
bool mInvalidFramebufferOperation;
// Current/lost context flags
bool mHasBeenCurrent;
bool mContextLost;
GLenum mResetStatus;
GLenum mResetStrategy;
bool mRobustAccess;
BindingPointer<ProgramBinary> mCurrentProgramBinary;
Framebuffer *mBoundDrawFramebuffer;
int mMajorShaderModel;
float mMaximumPointSize;
bool mSupportsVertexTexture;
bool mSupportsNonPower2Texture;
bool mSupportsInstancing;
int mMaxViewportDimension;
int mMaxRenderbufferDimension;
int mMaxTextureDimension;
int mMaxCubeTextureDimension;
int mMaxTextureLevel;
float mMaxTextureAnisotropy;
bool mSupportsEventQueries;
bool mSupportsOcclusionQueries;
bool mSupportsBGRATextures;
bool mSupportsDXT1Textures;
bool mSupportsDXT3Textures;
bool mSupportsDXT5Textures;
bool mSupportsFloat32Textures;
bool mSupportsFloat32LinearFilter;
bool mSupportsFloat32RenderableTextures;
bool mSupportsFloat16Textures;
bool mSupportsFloat16LinearFilter;
bool mSupportsFloat16RenderableTextures;
bool mSupportsLuminanceTextures;
bool mSupportsLuminanceAlphaTextures;
bool mSupportsDepthTextures;
bool mSupports32bitIndices;
bool mSupportsTextureFilterAnisotropy;
int mNumCompressedTextureFormats;
ResourceManager *mResourceManager;