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$$ This is a pump file for generating file templates. Pump is a python
$$ script that is part of the Google Test suite of utilities. Description
$$ can be found here:
$$ See comment for MAX_ARITY in base/bind.h.pump.
$var MAX_ARITY = 7
// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace base {
namespace internal {
// The RunnableAdapterFunctor<> template is used in a template specialization
// for RunnableAdapter<> which enables support for functor objects, including
// C++11 lambdas. The functor signature is deduced from the type of the
// operator() method using decltype().
// All supported functors are assumed to have a const qualifier in their
// operator() method.
template <typename Functor>
class RunnableAdapter;
template <typename Functor, typename Sig>
class RunnableAdapterFunctor;
template <typename Functor>
class RunnableAdapter
: public RunnableAdapterFunctor<Functor, decltype(&Functor::operator())> {
typedef RunnableAdapterFunctor<Functor,
decltype(&Functor::operator())> BaseType;
explicit RunnableAdapter(Functor functor)
: BaseType(functor) {}
$for ARITY [[
$range ARG 1..ARITY
// Functor: Arity $(ARITY).
template <typename F, typename T, typename R[[]]
$if ARITY > 0[[, ]] $for ARG , [[typename A$(ARG)]]>
class RunnableAdapterFunctor<F, R(T::*)($for ARG , [[A$(ARG)]]) const> {
typedef R (RunType)($for ARG , [[A$(ARG)]]);
explicit RunnableAdapterFunctor(F functor)
: functor_(functor) {
R Run($for ARG , [[typename CallbackParamTraits<A$(ARG)>::ForwardType a$(ARG)]]) {
return functor_($for ARG , [[CallbackForward(a$(ARG))]]);
F functor_;
]] $$ for ARITY
} // namespace internal
} // namespace base