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// Copyright 2014 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "cobalt/browser/switches.h"
#include <map>
namespace cobalt {
namespace browser {
namespace switches {
// NOTE: If a new switch is to be defined, the switch along with its help
// message needs to be inserted to the help_map manually.
const char kAudioDecoderStub[] = "audio_decoder_stub";
const char kAudioDecoderStubHelp[] =
"Decode audio data using ShellRawAudioDecoderStub.";
const char kDebugConsoleMode[] = "debug_console";
const char kDebugConsoleModeHelp[] =
"Switches different debug console modes: on | hud | off";
const char kDisableImageAnimations[] = "disable_image_animations";
const char kDisableImageAnimationsHelp[] =
"Enables/disables animations on animated images (e.g. animated WebP).";
const char kForceDeterministicRendering[] = "force_deterministic_rendering";
const char kForceDeterministicRenderingHelp[] =
"Forces the renderer to avoid doing anything that may result in "
"1-pixel-off non-deterministic rendering output. For example, a renderer "
"may implement an optimization where text glyphs are rendered once and "
"cached and re-used in situations where the cached glyph is approximately "
"very similar, even if it is not exactly the same. Setting this flag "
"avoids that kind of behavior, allowing strict screen-diff tests to pass.";
const char kDisableRasterizerCaching[] = "disable_rasterizer_caching";
const char kDisableRasterizerCachingHelp[] =
"Disables caching of rasterized render tree nodes; caching improves "
"performance but may result in sub-pixel differences. Note that this "
"is deprecated, the '--force_deterministic_rendering' flag should be "
"used instead which does the same thing.";
const char kDisableSignIn[] = "disable_sign_in";
const char kDisableSignInHelp[] =
"Disables sign-in on platforms that use H5VCC Account Manager.";
const char kDisableSplashScreenOnReloads[] = "disable_splash_screen_on_reloads";
const char kDisableSplashScreenOnReloadsHelp[] =
"Disables the splash screen on reloads; instead it will only appear on the "
"first navigate.";
const char kDisableWebDriver[] = "disable_webdriver";
const char kDisableWebDriverHelp[] = "Do not create the WebDriver server.";
const char kDisableWebmVp9[] = "disable_webm_vp9";
const char kDisableWebmVp9Help[] = "Disable webm/vp9.";
const char kExtraWebFileDir[] = "web_file_path";
const char kExtraWebFileDirHelp[] =
"Additional base directory for accessing web files via file://.";
const char kFakeMicrophone[] = "fake_microphone";
const char kFakeMicrophoneHelp[] =
"If this flag is set, fake microphone will be used to mock the user voice "
const char kIgnoreCertificateErrors[] = "ignore_certificate_errors";
const char kIgnoreCertificateErrorsHelp[] =
"Setting this switch causes all certificate errors to be ignored.";
const char kInputFuzzer[] = "input_fuzzer";
const char kInputFuzzerHelp[] =
"If this flag is set, input will be continuously generated randomly "
"instead of taken from an external input device (like a controller).";
const char kMemoryTracker[] = "memory_tracker";
const char kMemoryTrackerHelp[] =
"Enables memory tracking by installing the memory tracker on startup.";
const char kMinCompatibilityVersion[] = "min_compatibility_version";
const char kMinCompatibilityVersionHelp[] =
"The minimum version of Cobalt that will be checked during compatibility "
const char kMinLogLevel[] = "min_log_level";
const char kMinLogLevelHelp[] =
"Set the minimum logging level: info|warning|error|fatal.";
const char kNullAudioStreamer[] = "null_audio_streamer";
const char kNullAudioStreamerHelp[] =
"Use the NullAudioStreamer. Audio will be decoded but will not play back. "
"No audio output library will be initialized or used.";
const char kNullSavegame[] = "null_savegame";
const char kNullSavegameHelp[] =
"Setting NullSavegame will result in no data being read from previous "
"sessions and no data being persisted to future sessions. It effectively "
"makes the app run as if it has no local storage.";
const char kPartialLayout[] = "partial_layout";
const char kPartialLayoutHelp[] = "Switches partial layout: on | off";
const char kProd[] = "prod";
const char kProdHelp[] =
"Several checks are not enabled by default in non-production(gold) build. "
"Use this flag to simulate production build behavior.";
const char kProxy[] = "proxy";
const char kProxyHelp[] = "Specifies a proxy to use for network connections.";
const char kRemoteDebuggingPort[] = "remote_debugging_port";
const char kRemoteDebuggingPortHelp[] =
"Creates a remote debugging server and listens on the specified port.";
const char kRequireCSP[] = "require_csp";
const char kRequireCSPHelp[] =
"Forbid Cobalt to start without receiving csp headers which is enabled by "
"default in production.";
const char kRequireHTTPSLocation[] = "require_https";
const char kRequireHTTPSLocationHelp[] =
"Ask Cobalt to only accept https url which is enabled by default in "
const char kShutdownAfter[] = "shutdown_after";
const char kShutdownAfterHelp[] =
"If this flag is set, Cobalt will automatically shutdown after the "
"specified number of seconds have passed.";
const char kStubImageDecoder[] = "stub_image_decoder";
const char kStubImageDecoderHelp[] =
"Decode all images using StubImageDecoder.";
const char kSuspendFuzzer[] = "suspend_fuzzer";
const char kSuspendFuzzerHelp[] =
"If this flag is set, alternating calls to |SbSystemRequestSuspend| and "
"|SbSystemRequestUnpause| will be made periodically.";
const char kTimedTrace[] = "timed_trace";
const char kTimedTraceHelp[] =
"If this is set, then a trace (see base/debug/trace_eventh.h) is started "
"on Cobalt startup. A value must also be specified for this switch, "
"which is the duration in seconds of how long the trace will be done "
"for before ending and saving the results to disk. Results will be saved"
" to the file timed_trace.json in the log output directory.";
const char kUseTTS[] = "use_tts";
const char kUseTTSHelp[] =
"Enable text-to-speech functionality, for platforms that implement the "
"speech synthesis API. If the platform doesn't have speech synthesis, "
"TTSLogger will be used instead.";
extern const char kVideoContainerSizeOverride[] =
extern const char kVideoContainerSizeOverrideHelp[] =
"Set the video container size override";
extern const char kVideoDecoderStub[] = "video_decoder_stub";
extern const char kVideoDecoderStubHelp[] =
"Decode video data using ShellRawVideoDecoderStub.";
const char kWebDriverListenIp[] = "webdriver_listen_ip";
const char kWebDriverListenIpHelp[] =
"IP that the WebDriver server should be listening on. (INADDR_ANY if "
const char kWebDriverPort[] = "webdriver_port";
const char kWebDriverPortHelp[] =
"Port that the WebDriver server should be listening on.";
const char kDisableJavaScriptJit[] = "disable_javascript_jit";
const char kDisableJavaScriptJitHelp[] =
"Specifies that javascript jit should be disabled.";
const char kEnableMapToMeshRectanglar[] = "enable_map_to_mesh_rectangular";
const char kEnableMapToMeshRectanglarHelp[] =
"If toggled and map-to-mesh is supported on this platform, this allows it "
"to accept the 'rectangular' keyword. Useful to get rectangular stereo "
"video on platforms that do not support stereoscopy natively, letting the "
"client apply a stereo mesh projection (one that differs for each eye).";
// If toggled, framerate statistics will be printed to stdout after each
// animation completes, or after a maximum number of frames has been collected.
const char kFPSPrint[] = "fps_stdout";
const char kFPSPrintHelp[] =
"If toggled, framerate statistics will be printed to stdout after each "
"animation completes, or after a maximum number of frames has been "
const char kFPSOverlay[] = "fps_overlay";
const char kFPSOverlayHelp[] =
"If toggled, framerate statistics will be displayed in an on-screen "
"overlay and updated after each animation completes, or after a maximum "
"number of frames has been collected.";
const char kHelp[] = "help";
const char kHelpHelp[] = "Prints help information of cobalt command";
const char kImageCacheSizeInBytes[] = "image_cache_size_in_bytes";
const char kImageCacheSizeInBytesHelp[] =
"Determines the capacity of the image cache which manages image "
"surfaces300 downloaded from a web page. While it depends on the "
"platform, often (and ideally) these images are cached within GPU memory.";
const char kInitialURL[] = "url";
const char kInitialURLHelp[] =
"Setting this switch defines the startup URL that Cobalt will use. If no "
"value is set, a default URL will be used.";
const char kJavaScriptGcThresholdInBytes[] = "javascript_gc_threshold_in_bytes";
const char kJavaScriptGcThresholdInBytesHelp[] =
"Specifies the javascript gc threshold. When this amount of garbage has "
"collected then the garbage collector will begin running.";
const char kLocalStoragePartitionUrl[] = "local_storage_partition_url";
const char kLocalStoragePartitionUrlHelp[] =
"Overrides the default storage partition with a custom partition URL to "
"use for local storage. The provided URL is canonicalized.";
const char kMaxCobaltCpuUsage[] = "max_cobalt_cpu_usage";
const char kMaxCobaltCpuUsageHelp[] =
"Specifies the maximum CPU usage of the cobalt.";
const char kMaxCobaltGpuUsage[] = "max_cobalt_gpu_usage";
const char kMaxCobaltGpuUsageHelp[] =
"Specifies the maximum GPU usage of the cobalt.";
const char kOffscreenTargetCacheSizeInBytes[] =
const char kOffscreenTargetCacheSizeInBytesHelp[] =
"Determines the amount of GPU memory the offscreen target atlases will "
"use. This is specific to the direct-GLES rasterizer and caches any render "
"tree nodes which require skia for rendering. Two atlases will be "
"allocated from this memory or multiple atlases of the frame size if the "
"limit allows. It is recommended that enough memory be reserved for two "
"RGBA atlases about a quarter of the frame size.";
const char kQrCodeOverlay[] = "qr_code_overlay";
const char kQrCodeOverlayHelp[] =
"Display QrCode based overlay information. These information can be used"
" for performance tuning or playback quality check.";
const char kReduceCpuMemoryBy[] = "reduce_cpu_memory_by";
const char kReduceCpuMemoryByHelp[] =
"Reduces the cpu-memory of the system by this amount. This causes AutoMem "
"to reduce the runtime size of the CPU-Memory caches.";
const char kReduceGpuMemoryBy[] = "reduce_gpu_memory_by";
const char kReduceGpuMemoryByHelp[] =
"Reduces the gpu-memory of the system by this amount. This causes AutoMem "
"to reduce the runtime size of the GPU-Memory caches.";
const char kRemoteTypefaceCacheSizeInBytes[] =
const char kRemoteTypefaceCacheSizeInBytesHelp[] =
"Determines the capacity of the remote typefaces cache which manages all "
"typefaces downloaded from a web page.";
const char kRetainRemoteTypefaceCacheDuringSuspend[] =
const char kRetainRemoteTypefaceCacheDuringSuspendHelp[] =
"Causes the remote typeface cache to be retained when Cobalt is suspended,"
" so that they don't need to be re-downloaded when Cobalt is resumed.";
const char kScratchSurfaceCacheSizeInBytes[] =
const char kScratchSurfaceCacheSizeInBytesHelp[] =
"Determines the capacity of the scratch surface cache. The scratch surface"
" cache facilitates the reuse of temporary offscreen surfaces within a "
"single frame. This setting is only relevant when using the "
"hardware-accelerated Skia rasterizer. While it depends on the platform, "
"this setting may affect GPU memory usage.";
const char kSkiaCacheSizeInBytes[] = "skia_cache_size_in_bytes";
const char kSkiaCacheSizeInBytesHelp[] =
"Determines the capacity of the skia cache. The Skia cache is maintained "
"within Skia and is used to cache the results of complicated effects such "
"as shadows, so that Skia draw calls that are used repeatedly across "
"frames can be cached into surfaces. This setting is only relevant when "
"using the hardware-accelerated Skia rasterizer. While it depends on "
"the platform, this setting may affect GPU memory usage.";
const char kSkiaTextureAtlasDimensions[] = "skia_atlas_texture_dimensions";
const char kSkiaTextureAtlasDimensionsHelp[] =
"Specifies the dimensions of the Skia caching texture atlases (e.g. "
const char kSoftwareSurfaceCacheSizeInBytes[] =
const char kSoftwareSurfaceCacheSizeInBytesHelp[] =
"Only relevant if you are using the Blitter API. Determines the capacity "
"of the software surface cache, which is used to "
"cache all surfaces that are rendered via a software rasterizer to avoid "
"re-rendering them.";
const char kFallbackSplashScreenURL[] = "fallback_splash_screen_url";
const char kFallbackSplashScreenURLHelp[] =
"Setting this switch defines the splash screen URL that Cobalt will "
"use in absence of a web cache. The referenced url should be a content "
"file (for example file:///foobar.html) or an embedded file "
"(for example h5vcc-embedded://foobar.html) and all files referenced must "
"be content or embedded files as well. If none is passed "
"(case-insensitive), no splash screen will be constructed. If "
"no value is set, the URL in gyp_configuration.gypi or base.gypi will be "
const char kVersion[] = "version";
const char kVersionHelp[] = "Prints the current version of Cobalt";
const char kViewport[] = "viewport";
const char kViewportHelp[] = "Specifies the viewport size: width ['x' height]";
const char kVideoPlaybackRateMultiplier[] = "video_playback_rate_multiplier";
const char kVideoPlaybackRateMultiplierHelp[] =
"Specifies the multiplier of video playback rate. Set to a value greater "
"than 1.0 to play video faster. Set to a value less than 1.0 to play "
"video slower.";
std::string HelpMessage() {
std::string help_message;
std::map<const char*, const char*> help_map {
{kAudioDecoderStub, kAudioDecoderStubHelp},
{kDebugConsoleMode, kDebugConsoleModeHelp},
{kDisableImageAnimations, kDisableImageAnimationsHelp},
{kForceDeterministicRendering, kForceDeterministicRenderingHelp},
{kDisableRasterizerCaching, kDisableRasterizerCachingHelp},
{kDisableSignIn, kDisableSignInHelp},
{kDisableSplashScreenOnReloads, kDisableSplashScreenOnReloadsHelp},
{kDisableWebDriver, kDisableWebDriverHelp},
{kDisableWebmVp9, kDisableWebmVp9Help},
{kExtraWebFileDir, kExtraWebFileDirHelp},
{kFakeMicrophone, kFakeMicrophoneHelp},
{kIgnoreCertificateErrors, kIgnoreCertificateErrorsHelp},
{kInputFuzzer, kInputFuzzerHelp}, {kMemoryTracker, kMemoryTrackerHelp},
{kMinCompatibilityVersion, kMinCompatibilityVersionHelp},
{kMinLogLevel, kMinLogLevelHelp},
{kNullAudioStreamer, kNullAudioStreamerHelp},
{kNullSavegame, kNullSavegameHelp},
{kPartialLayout, kPartialLayoutHelp}, {kProd, kProdHelp},
{kProxy, kProxyHelp}, {kRemoteDebuggingPort, kRemoteDebuggingPortHelp},
{kRequireCSP, kRequireCSPHelp},
{kRequireHTTPSLocation, kRequireHTTPSLocationHelp},
{kShutdownAfter, kShutdownAfterHelp},
{kStubImageDecoder, kStubImageDecoderHelp},
{kSuspendFuzzer, kSuspendFuzzerHelp}, {kTimedTrace, kTimedTraceHelp},
{kUseTTS, kUseTTSHelp},
{kVideoContainerSizeOverride, kVideoContainerSizeOverrideHelp},
{kVideoDecoderStub, kVideoDecoderStubHelp},
{kWebDriverListenIp, kWebDriverListenIpHelp},
{kWebDriverPort, kWebDriverPortHelp},
{kDisableJavaScriptJit, kDisableJavaScriptJitHelp},
{kEnableMapToMeshRectanglar, kEnableMapToMeshRectanglarHelp},
{kFPSPrint, kFPSPrintHelp}, {kFPSOverlay, kFPSOverlayHelp},
{kHelp, kHelpHelp},
{kImageCacheSizeInBytes, kImageCacheSizeInBytesHelp},
{kInitialURL, kInitialURLHelp},
{kJavaScriptGcThresholdInBytes, kJavaScriptGcThresholdInBytesHelp},
{kLocalStoragePartitionUrl, kLocalStoragePartitionUrlHelp},
{kMaxCobaltCpuUsage, kMaxCobaltCpuUsageHelp},
{kMaxCobaltGpuUsage, kMaxCobaltGpuUsageHelp},
{kQrCodeOverlay, kQrCodeOverlayHelp},
{kReduceCpuMemoryBy, kReduceCpuMemoryByHelp},
{kReduceGpuMemoryBy, kReduceGpuMemoryByHelp},
{kRemoteTypefaceCacheSizeInBytes, kRemoteTypefaceCacheSizeInBytesHelp},
{kScratchSurfaceCacheSizeInBytes, kScratchSurfaceCacheSizeInBytesHelp},
{kSkiaCacheSizeInBytes, kSkiaCacheSizeInBytesHelp},
{kSkiaTextureAtlasDimensions, kSkiaTextureAtlasDimensionsHelp},
{kFallbackSplashScreenURL, kFallbackSplashScreenURLHelp},
{kVersion, kVersionHelp}, {kViewport, kViewportHelp},
{kVideoPlaybackRateMultiplier, kVideoPlaybackRateMultiplierHelp},
for (const auto& switch_message : help_map) {
help_message.append(" --")
.append(" ")
return help_message;
} // namespace switches
} // namespace browser
} // namespace cobalt