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// Copyright 2015 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <set>
#include <vector>
#include "base/memory/scoped_vector.h"
#include "cobalt/layout/box.h"
namespace cobalt {
namespace layout {
// Defines a base interface for block and inline container boxes that allows
// the box generator to be agnostic to a box type. Implementation-specific,
// not defined in CSS 2.1.
class ContainerBox : public Box, public base::SupportsWeakPtr<ContainerBox> {
struct StackingContextChildInfo {
Box* box, int z_index, RelationshipToBox containing_block_relationship,
const ContainingBlocksWithOverflowHidden& overflow_hidden_to_apply)
: box(box),
overflow_hidden_to_apply(overflow_hidden_to_apply) {}
Box* box;
int z_index;
RelationshipToBox containing_block_relationship;
ContainingBlocksWithOverflowHidden overflow_hidden_to_apply;
ContainerBox(const scoped_refptr<cssom::CSSComputedStyleDeclaration>&
UsedStyleProvider* used_style_provider,
LayoutStatTracker* layout_stat_tracker);
~ContainerBox() override;
// Attempts to add a child box and takes the ownership if succeeded. Returns
// true if the child's box level is compatible with the container box. Block
// container boxes are able to become parents of both block- and inline-level
// boxes, while inline container boxes are only able to become parents
// of inline-level boxes.
virtual bool TryAddChild(const scoped_refptr<Box>& child_box) = 0;
// Attempts to split the box right before the end. Returns the part after
// the split if the split succeeded. Only inline boxes are splittable and it's
// always possible to split them. The returned part is identical to
// the original container, except that the former is empty.
// A box generator uses this method to break inline boxes around block-level
// boxes.
virtual scoped_refptr<ContainerBox> TrySplitAtEnd() = 0;
// From |Box|.
void SplitBidiLevelRuns() override;
// Invalidates the cross references, indicating that they need to be
// re-generated the next time they are needed.
void InvalidateCrossReferencesOfBoxAndAncestors() override;
ContainerBox* AsContainerBox() override;
const ContainerBox* AsContainerBox() const override;
void RenderAndAnimateContent(
render_tree::CompositionNode::Builder* border_node_builder,
ContainerBox* stacking_context) const override;
void DumpChildrenWithIndent(std::ostream* stream, int indent) const override;
// Returns true if the given style allows a container box to act as a
// containing block for absolutely positioned elements. For example it will
// be true if this box's style is itself 'absolute'.
bool IsContainingBlockForPositionAbsoluteElements() const;
// Returns true if the given style allows a container box to act as a
// containing block for fixed positioned elements. For example it will
// be true if this box is transformed, as indicated at the bottom of this
// section:
bool IsContainingBlockForPositionFixedElements() const;
// Returns true if the box serves as a stacking context for descendant
// elements. The core stacking context creation criteria is given here
// ( however it is extended
// by various other specification documents such as those describing opacity
// ( and transforms
// (
bool IsStackingContext() const override;
class ZIndexComparator {
bool operator()(const StackingContextChildInfo& lhs,
const StackingContextChildInfo& rhs) const {
return lhs.z_index < rhs.z_index;
// Note: find(StackingContextChildInfo) and erase(StackingContextChildInfo) on
// ZIndexSortedList may not work as expected due to the use of reflexive
// comparison for equality.
typedef std::multiset<StackingContextChildInfo, ZIndexComparator>
void UpdateRectOfPositionedChildBoxes(
const LayoutParams& relative_child_layout_params,
const LayoutParams& absolute_child_layout_params);
// Adds the child box to the end of the list of direct children.
// NOTE: This should only be called during box generation.
void PushBackDirectChild(const scoped_refptr<Box>& child_box);
// Adds the split sibling of the specified child as another direct child.
// NOTE: This should be called immediately after the split sibling is created.
Boxes::const_iterator InsertSplitSiblingOfDirectChild(
Boxes::const_iterator child_position);
// Moves all of the direct children starting with the iterator from this
// container to its split sibling.
// NOTE: This should be called immediately after the split sibling is created
// and prior to it being inserted into the tree.
void MoveDirectChildrenToSplitSibling(Boxes::const_iterator start_position);
const Boxes& child_boxes() const { return child_boxes_; }
void UpdateCrossReferencesOfContainerBox(
ContainerBox* source_box, RelationshipToBox nearest_containing_block,
RelationshipToBox nearest_absolute_containing_block,
RelationshipToBox nearest_fixed_containing_block,
RelationshipToBox nearest_stacking_context,
StackingContextContainerBoxStack* stacking_context_container_box_stack)
bool ValidateUpdateSizeInputs(const LayoutParams& params) override;
void InvalidateUpdateSizeInputs() { update_size_results_valid_ = false; }
// Add a box and all of its descendants that are contained within the
// specified stacking context to the stacking context's draw order. This is
// used when a render tree node that is already cached is encountered to
// ensure that it maintains the proper draw order in its stacking context.
void AddBoxAndDescendantsToDrawOrderInStackingContext(
ContainerBox* stacking_context) override;
static Boxes::iterator RemoveConst(Boxes* container,
Boxes::const_iterator const_iter);
ContainerBox* FindContainingBlock(Box* box);
// Update the cross references of the container box if they are invalid.
void UpdateCrossReferences();
// These helper functions are called from
// Box::UpdateCrossReferencesOfContainerBox().
void AddContainingBlockChild(Box* child_box);
void AddStackingContextChild(
Box* child_box, int z_index,
RelationshipToBox containing_block_relationship,
const ContainingBlocksWithOverflowHidden&
// Returns whether or not the container has any stacking context children.
bool HasStackingContextChildren() const;
// Updates used values of left/top/right/bottom given the child_box's
// 'position' property is set to 'relative'.
void UpdateOffsetOfRelativelyPositionedChildBox(
Box* child_box, const LayoutParams& child_layout_params);
// Updates the sizes of the fixed position child box.
// This is meant to be called by UpdateRectOfPositionedChildBoxes(), after the
// child has gone through the in-flow layout.
void UpdateRectOfAbsolutelyPositionedChildBox(
Box* child_box, const LayoutParams& child_layout_params);
// Add children (sorted by z-index) that belong to our stacking context to the
// render tree. The specific list of children to be rendered must be passed
// in also, though it will likely only ever be either negative_z_index_child_
// or non_negative_z_index_child_.
void RenderAndAnimateStackingContextChildren(
const ZIndexSortedList& z_index_child_list,
render_tree::CompositionNode::Builder* border_node_builder,
const Vector2dLayoutUnit& offset_from_parent_node,
ContainerBox* stacking_context) const;
// Called by a box within this stacking context when it is being added to the
// render tree so that it can get its position in the stacking context's
// draw order.
size_t AddToDrawOrderInThisStackingContext();
// A list of our direct children. If a box is one of our child boxes, we
// are that box's parent. We may not be the box's containing block (such
// as for 'absolute' or 'fixed' position elements).
Boxes child_boxes_;
// A list of our positioned child boxes. For each box in our list of
// positioned_child_boxes_, we are that child's containing block. This is
// used for properly positioning and sizing positioned child elements.
std::vector<Box*> positioned_child_boxes_;
// A list of descendant positioned boxes and stacking context children within
// our stacking context that should be drawn after this box, sorted by
// z-index.
ZIndexSortedList negative_z_index_stacking_context_children_;
ZIndexSortedList non_negative_z_index_stacking_context_children_;
bool update_size_results_valid_;
// Whether or not the cross references--which refers to positioned children
// and z-index children of the container--are valid, and do not need to be
// updated the next time cross references are needed.
bool are_cross_references_valid_;
// Whether or not bidi level run splitting has already occurred. This is
// tracked so it will never be attempted more than once.
bool are_bidi_levels_runs_split_;
// The next draw order position within this box's stacking context.
size_t next_draw_order_position_;
// Boxes and ContainerBoxes are closely related. For example, when
// Box::SetupAsPositionedChild() is called, it will internally call
// ContainerBox::AddContainingBlockChild() and
// ContainerBox::AddStackingContextChild().
// This mutual friendship is a result of the need to maintain 2-way links
// between boxes and containers.
friend class Box;
friend class LayoutBoxes;
} // namespace layout
} // namespace cobalt