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<!DOCTYPE html>
| The value "pre" of property "white-space" does not allow wrapping. Content
| that does not fit the block container overflows it. The spec states that
| spaces should be treated as non-breaking spaces within white-space pre. As
| a result, when doing line-breaking analysis, the leading edge of a
| white-space box is not treated as wrappable (unless the preceding character
| is a space).
body {
margin: 0px;
font-family: Roboto;
font-size: 20px;
div {
background-color: #03a9f4;
width: 100px;
.pre-box {
white-space: pre;
video {
background-color: #f50057;
width: 80px;
height: 20px;
.inline-block {
background-color: #aeea00;
display: inline-block;
width: 80px;
height: 20px;
<div>abc<span class="pre-box"> ABCDEF</span></div>
<div><span>abc<span class="pre-box"> ABCDEF</span></span></div>
<div>abc<span class="pre-box">ABCDEF</span></div>
<div><span>abc<span class="pre-box">ABCDEF</span></span></div>
<div>abc<span class="pre-box"><video></video></span></div>
<div><span>abc<span class="pre-box"><video></video></span></span></div>
<div>abc<span class="pre-box"><span class="inline-block"></span></span></div>
<div><span>abc<span class="pre-box"><span class="inline-block"></span></span></span></div>