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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "crypto/crypto_export.h"
namespace crypto {
// GaloisHash implements the polynomial authenticator part of GCM as specified
// in
// Specifically it implements the GHASH function, defined in section 2.3 of
// that document.
// In SP-800-38D, GHASH is defined differently and takes only a single data
// argument. But it is always called with an argument of a certain form:
// GHASH_H (A || 0^v || C || 0^u || [len(A)]_64 || [len(C)]_64)
// This mirrors how the gcm-revised-spec.pdf version of GHASH handles its two
// data arguments. The two GHASH functions therefore differ only in whether the
// data is formatted inside or outside of the function.
// WARNING: do not use this as a generic authenticator. Polynomial
// authenticators must be used in the correct manner and any use outside of GCM
// requires careful consideration.
// WARNING: this code is not constant time. However, in all likelihood, nor is
// the implementation of AES that is used.
explicit GaloisHash(const uint8 key[16]);
// Reset prepares to digest a fresh message with the same key. This is more
// efficient than creating a fresh object.
void Reset();
// UpdateAdditional hashes in `additional' data. This is data that is not
// encrypted, but is covered by the authenticator. All additional data must
// be written before any ciphertext is written.
void UpdateAdditional(const uint8* data, size_t length);
// UpdateCiphertext hashes in ciphertext to be authenticated.
void UpdateCiphertext(const uint8* data, size_t length);
// Finish completes the hash computation and writes at most |len| bytes of
// the result to |output|.
void Finish(void* output, size_t len);
enum State {
struct FieldElement {
uint64 low, hi;
// Add returns |x|+|y|.
static FieldElement Add(const FieldElement& x, const FieldElement& y);
// Double returns 2*|x|.
static FieldElement Double(const FieldElement& x);
// MulAfterPrecomputation sets |x| = |x|*h where h is |table[1]| and
// table[i] = i*h for i=0..15.
static void MulAfterPrecomputation(const FieldElement* table,
FieldElement* x);
// Mul16 sets |x| = 16*|x|.
static void Mul16(FieldElement* x);
// UpdateBlocks processes |num_blocks| 16-bytes blocks from |bytes|.
void UpdateBlocks(const uint8* bytes, size_t num_blocks);
// Update processes |length| bytes from |bytes| and calls UpdateBlocks on as
// much data as possible. It uses |buf_| to buffer any remaining data and
// always consumes all of |bytes|.
void Update(const uint8* bytes, size_t length);
FieldElement y_;
State state_;
size_t additional_bytes_;
size_t ciphertext_bytes_;
uint8 buf_[16];
size_t buf_used_;
FieldElement product_table_[16];
} // namespace crypto