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MIPS support

starboard/contrib/creator directory contains port of Cobalt for Creator CI20 platform:

Building Cobalt for CI20

Cobalt can be built for CI20 using LLVM toolchain (Clang and lld), or GCC 4.9 toolchain. In both cases sysroot based on Debian Jessie is needed.


Directory third_party/ci20 contains script, which will create Debian Jessie based sysroot. In addition this script will also build GCC toolchain.

In order to create sysroot and toolchain run:


Result will be a package, mipsel_toolchain_sysroot.tgz, which will contain sysroot and GCC toolchain.

Directory where this package is extracted should be exported as CI20_HOME.



Follow all generic instructions from:

Building with Clang

Clang is the default toolchain for building Cobalt for CI20. Configuration files are located in creator/ci20x11.

Commands for building are:

cobalt/build/gyp_cobalt -C debug creator-ci20x11
ninja -j4 -C out/creator-ci20x11_debug all

cobalt/build/gyp_cobalt -C devel creator-ci20x11
ninja -j4 -C out/creator-ci20x11_devel all

cobalt/build/gyp_cobalt -C qa creator-ci20x11
ninja -j4 -C out/creator-ci20x11_qa cobalt

cobalt/build/gyp_cobalt -C gold creator-ci20x11
ninja -j4 -C out/creator-ci20x11_gold cobalt

Building with GCC 4.9

Configuration files for GCC build are located in creator/ci20x11/gcc/4.9

Commands for building are:

cobalt/build/gyp_cobalt -C debug creator-ci20x11-gcc-4-9
ninja -j4 -C out/creator-ci20x11-gcc-4-9_debug all

cobalt/build/gyp_cobalt -C devel creator-ci20x11-gcc-4-9
ninja -j4 -C out/creator-ci20x11-gcc-4-9_devel all

cobalt/build/gyp_cobalt -C qa creator-ci20x11-gcc-4-9
ninja -j4 -C out/creator-ci20x11-gcc-4-9_qa cobalt

cobalt/build/gyp_cobalt -C gold creator-ci20x11-gcc-4-9
ninja -j4 -C out/creator-ci20x11-gcc-4-9_gold cobalt

Running Cobalt on CI20

Cobalt might complain about missing libraries on CI20 platform with stock Debian rootfs.

To check which libraries are missing, run:

ldd ./cobalt

And install missing libraries using apt-get.


Before running Cobalt on CI20, pulseaudio must be disabled.

a) Global config (all users): edit /etc/pulse/client.conf or b) Local config (single user): edit ~/.config/pulse/client.conf

Add following new line to client.conf: autospawn = no

Starting Cobalt

To start Cobalt on CI20, mount “out” directory on platform and run:

cd out/creator-ci20x11_gold

By default Cobalt will open page.

Notes about performance


With pulseaudio disabled, audio on is working OK, with occasional audible artifacts.


Since CI20 still uses software video decoding, video performance is not good. Video playback will start, but most of the frames will be dropped.