ANGLE Development Update - June 18, 2013

This week brings some significant changes to ANGLE, which we think are worth covering in a development update.

Migration from svn to git

We‘ve changed our backing version control system from svn to git. Projects and contributors pulling from the svn repository will continue to be able to do so, but please note that this repository is now read-only, and no further updates will be made there. To continue tracking new development and issue fixes, you’ll need to watch the git repository. Instructions on checking out code from the git repository can be found on the [Source Checkout] ( page.

DirectX 11 Support

ANGLE now provides both a DirectX 9 and a DirectX 11-backed renderer in the same code base. By default, support for the DirectX 11 renderer is disabled, but it can be enabled by toggling the value of ANGLE_ENABLE_D3D11 as described on the DevSetup page. On systems without DirectX 11 support, ANGLE will fall back to DirectX 9.

This work originally appeared in our dx11proto branch, which, with the move to the new repository, has been promoted to master. Code previously located in the trunk of the svn repository will now be located in the git legacy branch, and active development will now move to the newly promoted master.