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Development is coordinated on the openssl-dev mailing list (see for information on subscribing). If you
would like to submit a patch, send it to with
the string "[PATCH]" in the subject. Please be sure to include a
textual explanation of what your patch does.
You can also make GitHub pull requests. If you do this, please also send
mail to with a brief description and a link to the PR so
that we can more easily keep track of it.
If you are unsure as to whether a feature will be useful for the general
OpenSSL community please discuss it on the openssl-dev mailing list first.
Someone may be already working on the same thing or there may be a good
reason as to why that feature isn't implemented.
Patches should be as up to date as possible, preferably relative to the
current Git or the last snapshot. They should follow our coding style
(see and compile without
warnings using the --strict-warnings flag. OpenSSL compiles on many varied
platforms: try to ensure you only use portable features.
Our preferred format for patch files is "git format-patch" output. For example
to provide a patch file containing the last commit in your local git repository
use the following command:
# git format-patch --stdout HEAD^ >mydiffs.patch
Another method of creating an acceptable patch file without using git is as
# cd openssl-work
# [your changes]
# ./Configure dist; make clean
# cd ..
# diff -ur openssl-orig openssl-work > mydiffs.patch