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Caveat lector
As of moment of this writing Win64 support is classified "initial"
for the following reasons.
- No assembler modules are engaged upon initial 0.9.8 release.
- API might change within 0.9.8 life-span, *but* in a manner which
doesn't break backward binary compatibility. Or in other words,
application programs compiled with initial 0.9.8 headers will
be expected to work with future minor release .DLL without need
to re-compile, even if future minor release features modified API.
- Above mentioned API modifications have everything to do with
elimination of a number of limitations, which are normally
considered inherent to 32-bit platforms. Which in turn is why they
are treated as limitations on 64-bit platform such as Win64:-)
The current list comprises [but not necessarily limited to]:
- null-terminated strings may not be longer than 2G-1 bytes,
longer strings are treated as zero-length;
- dynamically and *internally* allocated chunks can't be larger
than 2G-1 bytes;
- inability to encrypt/decrypt chunks of data larger than 4GB
[it's possibly to *hash* chunks of arbitrary size through];
Neither of these is actually big deal and hardly encountered
in real-life applications.
Compiling procedure
You will need Perl. You can run under Cygwin or you can download
ActiveState Perl from
You will need Microsoft Platform SDK, available for download at As per
April 2005 Platform SDK is equipped with Win64 compilers, as well
as assemblers, but it might change in the future.
To build for Win64/x64:
> perl Configure VC-WIN64A
> ms\do_win64a
> nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak
> cd out32dll
> ..\ms\test
To build for Win64/IA64:
> perl Configure VC-WIN64I
> ms\do_win64i
> nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak
> cd out32dll
> ..\ms\test
Naturally test-suite itself has to be executed on the target platform.
TBD, for now see INSTALL.W32.