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@echo off
rem Batch file to copy OpenSSL stuff to a NetWare server for testing
rem This batch file will create an "opensssl" directory at the root of the
rem specified NetWare drive and copy the required files to run the tests.
rem It should be run from inside the "openssl\netware" subdirectory.
rem Usage:
rem cpy_tests.bat <test subdirectory> <NetWare drive>
rem <test subdirectory> - out_nw.dbg | out_nw
rem <NetWare drive> - any mapped drive letter
rem example ( copy from debug build to m: dirve ):
rem cpy_tests.bat out_nw.dbg m:
rem CAUTION: If a directory named OpenSSL exists on the target drive
rem it will be deleted first.
if "%1" == "" goto usage
if "%2" == "" goto usage
rem Assume running in \openssl directory unless cpy_tests.bat exists then
rem it must be the \openssl\netware directory
set loc=.
if exist cpy_tests.bat set loc=..
rem make sure the local build subdirectory specified is valid
if not exist %loc%\%1\NUL goto invalid_dir
rem make sure target drive is valid
if not exist %2\NUL goto invalid_drive
rem If an OpenSSL directory exists on the target drive, remove it
if exist %2\openssl\NUL goto remove_openssl
goto do_copy
echo .
echo OpenSSL directory exists on %2 - it will be removed!
rmdir %2\openssl /s /q
rem make an "openssl" directory and others at the root of the NetWare drive
mkdir %2\openssl
mkdir %2\openssl\test_out
mkdir %2\openssl\apps
mkdir %2\openssl\certs
mkdir %2\openssl\test
rem copy the test nlms
copy %loc%\%1\*.nlm %2\openssl\
rem copy the test perl script
copy %loc%\netware\ %2\openssl\
rem copy the certs directory stuff
xcopy %loc%\certs\*.* %2\openssl\certs\ /s
rem copy the test directory stuff
copy %loc%\test\CAss.cnf %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\Uss.cnf %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\pkcs7.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\pkcs7-1.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\testcrl.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\testp7.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\testreq2.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\testrsa.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\testsid.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\testx509.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\v3-cert1.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\test\v3-cert2.pem %2\openssl\test\
copy %loc%\crypto\evp\evptests.txt %2\openssl\test\
rem copy the apps directory stuff
copy %loc%\apps\client.pem %2\openssl\apps\
copy %loc%\apps\server.pem %2\openssl\apps\
copy %loc%\apps\openssl.cnf %2\openssl\apps\
echo .
echo Tests copied
echo Run the test script at the console by typing:
echo "Perl \openssl\"
echo .
echo Make sure the Search path includes the OpenSSL subdirectory
goto end
echo Invalid build directory specified: %1
goto usage
echo Invalid drive: %2
goto usage
echo usage: cpy_tests.bat [test subdirectory] [NetWare drive]
echo [test subdirectory] - out_nw_clib.dbg, out_nw_libc.dbg, etc.
echo [NetWare drive] - any mapped drive letter
echo example: cpy_test out_nw_clib.dbg M:
echo (copy from clib debug build area to M: drive)