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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkPaintImageFilter_DEFINED
#define SkPaintImageFilter_DEFINED
#include "SkImageFilter.h"
#include "SkPaint.h"
class SK_API SkPaintImageFilter : public SkImageFilter {
/** Create a new image filter which fills the given rectangle using the
* given paint. If no rectangle is specified, an output is produced with
* the same bounds as the input primitive (even though the input
* primitive's pixels are not used for processing).
* @param paint Paint to use when filling the rect.
* @param rect Rectangle of output pixels. If NULL or a given crop edge is
* not specified, the source primitive's bounds are used
* instead.
static sk_sp<SkImageFilter> Make(const SkPaint& paint, const CropRect* cropRect = nullptr);
bool affectsTransparentBlack() const override;
void flatten(SkWriteBuffer&) const override;
sk_sp<SkSpecialImage> onFilterImage(SkSpecialImage* source, const Context&,
SkIPoint* offset) const override;
sk_sp<SkImageFilter> onMakeColorSpace(SkColorSpaceXformer* xformer) const override;
SkPaintImageFilter(const SkPaint& paint, const CropRect* rect);
SkPaint fPaint;
typedef SkImageFilter INHERITED;