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* Copyright 2011 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "GrTypesPriv.h"
#include "SkString.h"
class GrShaderCaps;
// Limited set of GLSL versions we build shaders for. Caller should round
// down the GLSL version to one of these enums.
enum GrGLSLGeneration {
* Desktop GLSL 1.10 and ES2 shading language (based on desktop GLSL 1.20)
* Desktop GLSL 1.30
* Desktop GLSL 1.40
* Desktop GLSL 1.50
* Desktop GLSL 3.30, and ES GLSL 3.00
* Desktop GLSL 4.00
* Desktop GLSL 4.20
* ES GLSL 3.10 only TODO Make GLSLCap objects to make this more granular
* ES GLSL 3.20
bool GrGLSLSupportsNamedFragmentShaderOutputs(GrGLSLGeneration);
* Adds a line of GLSL code to declare the default precision for float types.
void GrGLSLAppendDefaultFloatPrecisionDeclaration(GrSLPrecision,
const GrShaderCaps&,
SkString* out);
* Converts a GrSLPrecision to its corresponding GLSL precision qualifier.
static inline const char* GrGLSLPrecisionString(GrSLPrecision p) {
switch (p) {
case kLow_GrSLPrecision:
return "lowp";
case kMedium_GrSLPrecision:
return "mediump";
case kHigh_GrSLPrecision:
return "highp";
case kDefault_GrSLPrecision:
return "";
SkFAIL("Unexpected precision type.");
return "";
* Converts a GrSLType to a string containing the name of the equivalent GLSL type.
static inline const char* GrGLSLTypeString(GrSLType t) {
switch (t) {
case kVoid_GrSLType:
return "void";
case kFloat_GrSLType:
return "float";
case kVec2f_GrSLType:
return "vec2";
case kVec3f_GrSLType:
return "vec3";
case kVec4f_GrSLType:
return "vec4";
case kVec2i_GrSLType:
return "ivec2";
case kVec3i_GrSLType:
return "ivec3";
case kVec4i_GrSLType:
return "ivec4";
case kMat22f_GrSLType:
return "mat2";
case kMat33f_GrSLType:
return "mat3";
case kMat44f_GrSLType:
return "mat4";
case kTexture2DSampler_GrSLType:
return "sampler2D";
case kITexture2DSampler_GrSLType:
return "isampler2D";
case kTextureExternalSampler_GrSLType:
return "samplerExternalOES";
case kTexture2DRectSampler_GrSLType:
return "sampler2DRect";
case kBufferSampler_GrSLType:
return "samplerBuffer";
case kBool_GrSLType:
return "bool";
case kInt_GrSLType:
return "int";
case kUint_GrSLType:
return "uint";
case kTexture2D_GrSLType:
return "texture2D";
case kSampler_GrSLType:
return "sampler";
case kImageStorage2D_GrSLType:
return "image2D";
case kIImageStorage2D_GrSLType:
return "iimage2D";
SkFAIL("Unknown shader var type.");
return ""; // suppress warning