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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrTextureProxy_DEFINED
#define GrTextureProxy_DEFINED
#include "GrSamplerParams.h"
#include "GrSurfaceProxy.h"
class GrCaps;
class GrResourceProvider;
class GrTextureOpList;
// This class delays the acquisition of textures until they are actually required
class GrTextureProxy : virtual public GrSurfaceProxy {
GrTextureProxy* asTextureProxy() override { return this; }
const GrTextureProxy* asTextureProxy() const override { return this; }
// Actually instantiate the backing texture, if necessary
bool instantiate(GrResourceProvider*) override;
void setMipColorMode(SkDestinationSurfaceColorMode colorMode);
GrSamplerParams::FilterMode highestFilterMode() const;
GrSLType imageStorageType() const {
if (GrPixelConfigIsSint(this->config())) {
return kIImageStorage2D_GrSLType;
} else {
return kImageStorage2D_GrSLType;
bool isMipMapped() const { return fIsMipMapped; }
friend class GrSurfaceProxy; // for ctors
// Deferred version
GrTextureProxy(const GrSurfaceDesc& srcDesc, SkBackingFit, SkBudgeted,
const void* srcData, size_t srcRowBytes, uint32_t flags);
// Wrapped version
SkDestinationSurfaceColorMode mipColorMode() const { return fMipColorMode; }
sk_sp<GrSurface> createSurface(GrResourceProvider*) const override;
bool fIsMipMapped;
SkDestinationSurfaceColorMode fMipColorMode;
size_t onUninstantiatedGpuMemorySize() const override;
// For wrapped proxies the GrTexture pointer is stored in GrIORefProxy.
// For deferred proxies that pointer will be filled in when we need to instantiate
// the deferred resource
typedef GrSurfaceProxy INHERITED;