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This directory contains tooling for managing assets used by the bots. The primary entry point is, which allows a user to add, remove, upload, and download assets.

Assets are stored in Google Storage, named for their version number.

Individual Assets

Each asset has its own subdirectory with the following contents:

  • VERSION: The current version number of the asset.
  • Convenience script for downloading the current version of the asset.
  • Convenience script for uploading a new version of the asset.
  • [optional] Script which creates the asset, implemented by the user.
  • [optional] Convenience script which combines with


Add a new asset and upload an initial version.

$ infra/bots/assets/ add myasset
Creating asset in infra/bots/assets/myasset
Creating infra/bots/assets/myasset/
Creating infra/bots/assets/myasset/
Creating infra/bots/assets/myasset/
Add script to automate creation of this asset? (y/n) n
$ infra/bots/assets/myasset/ -t ${MY_ASSET_LOCATION}
$ git commit

Add an asset whose creation can be automated.

$ infra/bots/assets/ add myasset
Add script to automate creation of this asset? (y/n) y
$ vi infra/bots/assets/myasset/
(implement the create_asset function)
$ infra/bots/assets/myasset/
$ git commit