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  1. builder_name_schema/
  2. core/
  3. ct/
  4. env/
  5. flavor/
  6. git/
  7. infra/
  8. isolate/
  9. run/
  10. skia_swarming/
  11. swarming/
  12. swarming_client/
  13. vars/

Skia Recipe Modules

This directory contains recipe modules designed to be used by recipes (see infra/bots/recipes). They are all Skia-specific and some are interrelated:

  • builder_name_schema - Helps to derive expected behavior from task (formerly builder) names.
  • core - Use as a starting point for most recipes: runs setup and sync steps.
  • ct - Shared Cluster Telemetry utilities.
  • flavor - Allows the caller to specify a high-level command to run, leaving the platform-specific details to be handled by the specific flavor module.
  • infra - Shared infrastructure-related utilities.
  • run - Utilities for running commands.
  • swarming - Utilities for running Swarming tasks.
  • vars - Common global variables used by Skia recipes/modules.

When you change a recipe module, you generally need to re-train the simulation test:

$ python infra/bots/ test run --train


$ cd infra/bots; make train

Each recipe module contains a few files:

  • - This is the meat of the module.
  • - Contains a single DEPS variable, indicating the other recipe modules on which this module depends.
  • - Optional, this file contains examples which demonstrate how to use the module and should contain enough tests to achieve 100% coverage for the module. The tests are run using the recipes test command above.