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* Copyright 2011 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SampleCode_DEFINED
#define SampleCode_DEFINED
#include "SkColor.h"
#include "SkEvent.h"
#include "SkKey.h"
#include "SkView.h"
#include "SkOSMenu.h"
class GrContext;
class SkAnimTimer;
#define DEF_SAMPLE(code) \
static SkView* SK_MACRO_APPEND_LINE(F_)() { code } \
#define MAX_ZOOM_LEVEL 8
#define MIN_ZOOM_LEVEL -8
static const char gCharEvtName[] = "SampleCode_Char_Event";
static const char gKeyEvtName[] = "SampleCode_Key_Event";
static const char gTitleEvtName[] = "SampleCode_Title_Event";
static const char gPrefSizeEvtName[] = "SampleCode_PrefSize_Event";
static const char gFastTextEvtName[] = "SampleCode_FastText_Event";
static const char gUpdateWindowTitleEvtName[] = "SampleCode_UpdateWindowTitle";
class SampleCode {
static bool KeyQ(const SkEvent&, SkKey* outKey);
static bool CharQ(const SkEvent&, SkUnichar* outUni);
static bool TitleQ(const SkEvent&);
static void TitleR(SkEvent*, const char title[]);
static bool RequestTitle(SkView* view, SkString* title);
static bool PrefSizeQ(const SkEvent&);
static void PrefSizeR(SkEvent*, SkScalar width, SkScalar height);
static bool FastTextQ(const SkEvent&);
friend class SampleWindow;
// interface that constructs SkViews
class SkViewFactory : public SkRefCnt {
virtual SkView* operator() () const = 0;
typedef SkView* (*SkViewCreateFunc)();
// wraps SkViewCreateFunc in SkViewFactory interface
class SkFuncViewFactory : public SkViewFactory {
SkFuncViewFactory(SkViewCreateFunc func);
SkView* operator() () const override;
SkViewCreateFunc fCreateFunc;
namespace skiagm {
class GM;
// factory function that creates a skiagm::GM
typedef skiagm::GM* (*GMFactoryFunc)(void*);
// Takes a GM factory function and implements the SkViewFactory interface
// by making the GM and wrapping it in a GMSampleView. GMSampleView bridges
// the SampleView interface to skiagm::GM.
class SkGMSampleViewFactory : public SkViewFactory {
SkGMSampleViewFactory(GMFactoryFunc func);
SkView* operator() () const override;
GMFactoryFunc fFunc;
class SkViewRegister : public SkRefCnt {
explicit SkViewRegister(SkViewFactory*);
explicit SkViewRegister(SkViewCreateFunc);
explicit SkViewRegister(GMFactoryFunc);
~SkViewRegister() {
static const SkViewRegister* Head() { return gHead; }
SkViewRegister* next() const { return fChain; }
const SkViewFactory* factory() const { return fFact; }
SkViewFactory* fFact;
SkViewRegister* fChain;
static SkViewRegister* gHead;
class SampleView : public SkView {
: fPipeState(SkOSMenu::kOffState)
, fBGColor(SK_ColorWHITE)
, fRepeatCount(1)
, fHaveCalledOnceBeforeDraw(false)
void setBGColor(SkColor color) { fBGColor = color; }
bool animate(const SkAnimTimer& timer) { return this->onAnimate(timer); }
static bool IsSampleView(SkView*);
static bool SetRepeatDraw(SkView*, int count);
static bool SetUsePipe(SkView*, SkOSMenu::TriState);
* Call this to request menu items from a SampleView.
* Subclassing notes: A subclass of SampleView can overwrite this method
* to add new items of various types to the menu and change its title.
* The events attached to any new menu items must be handled in its onEvent
* method. See SkOSMenu.h for helper functions.
virtual void requestMenu(SkOSMenu* menu) {}
virtual void onTileSizeChanged(const SkSize& tileSize) {}
virtual void onDrawBackground(SkCanvas*);
virtual void onDrawContent(SkCanvas*) = 0;
virtual bool onAnimate(const SkAnimTimer&) { return false; }
virtual void onOnceBeforeDraw() {}
// overrides
virtual bool onEvent(const SkEvent& evt);
virtual bool onQuery(SkEvent* evt);
virtual void onDraw(SkCanvas*);
SkOSMenu::TriState fPipeState;
SkColor fBGColor;
int fRepeatCount;
bool fHaveCalledOnceBeforeDraw;
typedef SkView INHERITED;