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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrFixedClip_DEFINED
#define GrFixedClip_DEFINED
#include "GrClip.h"
#include "GrScissorState.h"
#include "GrWindowRectsState.h"
* GrFixedClip is a clip that gets implemented by fixed-function hardware.
class GrFixedClip final : public GrClip {
GrFixedClip() = default;
explicit GrFixedClip(const SkIRect& scissorRect) : fScissorState(scissorRect) {}
const GrScissorState& scissorState() const { return fScissorState; }
bool scissorEnabled() const { return fScissorState.enabled(); }
const SkIRect& scissorRect() const { SkASSERT(scissorEnabled()); return fScissorState.rect(); }
void disableScissor() { fScissorState.setDisabled(); }
bool SK_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT intersect(const SkIRect& irect) {
return fScissorState.intersect(irect);
const GrWindowRectsState& windowRectsState() const { return fWindowRectsState; }
bool hasWindowRectangles() const { return fWindowRectsState.enabled(); }
void disableWindowRectangles() { fWindowRectsState.setDisabled(); }
void setWindowRectangles(const GrWindowRectangles& windows, GrWindowRectsState::Mode mode) {
fWindowRectsState.set(windows, mode);
bool quickContains(const SkRect&) const override;
void getConservativeBounds(int w, int h, SkIRect* devResult, bool* iior) const override;
bool isRRect(const SkRect& rtBounds, SkRRect* rr, GrAA*) const override;
bool apply(GrContext*, GrRenderTargetContext*, bool, bool, GrAppliedClip*,
SkRect*) const override;
static const GrFixedClip& Disabled();
GrScissorState fScissorState;
GrWindowRectsState fWindowRectsState;