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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrDrawOp_DEFINED
#define GrDrawOp_DEFINED
#include <functional>
#include "GrOp.h"
#include "GrPipeline.h"
class GrAppliedClip;
* GrDrawOps are flushed in two phases (preDraw, and draw). In preDraw uploads to GrGpuResources
* and draws are determined and scheduled. They are issued in the draw phase. GrDrawOpUploadToken is
* used to sequence the uploads relative to each other and to draws.
class GrDrawOpUploadToken {
static GrDrawOpUploadToken AlreadyFlushedToken() { return GrDrawOpUploadToken(0); }
GrDrawOpUploadToken(const GrDrawOpUploadToken& that) : fSequenceNumber(that.fSequenceNumber) {}
GrDrawOpUploadToken& operator =(const GrDrawOpUploadToken& that) {
fSequenceNumber = that.fSequenceNumber;
return *this;
bool operator==(const GrDrawOpUploadToken& that) const {
return fSequenceNumber == that.fSequenceNumber;
bool operator!=(const GrDrawOpUploadToken& that) const { return !(*this == that); }
explicit GrDrawOpUploadToken(uint64_t sequenceNumber) : fSequenceNumber(sequenceNumber) {}
friend class GrOpFlushState;
uint64_t fSequenceNumber;
* Base class for GrOps that draw. These ops have a GrPipeline installed by GrOpList.
class GrDrawOp : public GrOp {
/** Method that performs an upload on behalf of a DeferredUploadFn. */
using WritePixelsFn = std::function<bool(GrSurface* texture,
int left, int top, int width, int height,
GrPixelConfig config, const void* buffer,
size_t rowBytes)>;
/** See comments before GrDrawOp::Target definition on how deferred uploaders work. */
using DeferredUploadFn = std::function<void(WritePixelsFn&)>;
class Target;
GrDrawOp(uint32_t classID) : INHERITED(classID) {}
* This information is required to determine how to compute a GrAppliedClip from a GrClip for
* this op.
enum class FixedFunctionFlags : uint32_t {
kNone = 0x0,
/** Indices that the op will enable MSAA or mixed samples rendering. */
kUsesHWAA = 0x1,
/** Indices that the op reads and/or writes the stencil buffer */
kUsesStencil = 0x2,
virtual FixedFunctionFlags fixedFunctionFlags() const = 0;
enum class RequiresDstTexture : bool { kNo = false, kYes = true };
* This is called after the GrAppliedClip has been computed and just prior to recording the op
* or combining it with a previously recorded op. The op should convert any proxies or resources
* it owns to "pending io" status so that resource allocation can be more optimal. Additionally,
* at this time the op must report whether a copy of the destination (or destination texture
* itself) needs to be provided to the GrXferProcessor when this op executes.
virtual RequiresDstTexture finalize(const GrCaps&, const GrAppliedClip*) = 0;
static SkString DumpPipelineInfo(const GrPipeline& pipeline);
struct QueuedUpload {
QueuedUpload(DeferredUploadFn&& upload, GrDrawOpUploadToken token)
: fUpload(std::move(upload))
, fUploadBeforeToken(token) {}
DeferredUploadFn fUpload;
GrDrawOpUploadToken fUploadBeforeToken;
SkTArray<QueuedUpload> fInlineUploads;
typedef GrOp INHERITED;