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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "GrColor.h"
#include "GrDefaultGeoProcFactory.h"
#include "GrDrawOpTest.h"
#include "GrMeshDrawOp.h"
#include "GrOpFlushState.h"
#include "GrRectOpFactory.h"
#include "GrSimpleMeshDrawOpHelper.h"
#include "SkRandom.h"
#include "SkStrokeRec.h"
/* create a triangle strip that strokes the specified rect. There are 8
unique vertices, but we repeat the last 2 to close up. Alternatively we
could use an indices array, and then only send 8 verts, but not sure that
would be faster.
static void init_stroke_rect_strip(SkPoint verts[10], const SkRect& rect, SkScalar width) {
const SkScalar rad = SkScalarHalf(width);
// TODO we should be able to enable this assert, but we'd have to filter these draws
// this is a bug
// SkASSERT(rad < rect.width() / 2 && rad < rect.height() / 2);
verts[0].set(rect.fLeft + rad, rect.fTop + rad);
verts[1].set(rect.fLeft - rad, rect.fTop - rad);
verts[2].set(rect.fRight - rad, rect.fTop + rad);
verts[3].set(rect.fRight + rad, rect.fTop - rad);
verts[4].set(rect.fRight - rad, rect.fBottom - rad);
verts[5].set(rect.fRight + rad, rect.fBottom + rad);
verts[6].set(rect.fLeft + rad, rect.fBottom - rad);
verts[7].set(rect.fLeft - rad, rect.fBottom + rad);
verts[8] = verts[0];
verts[9] = verts[1];
// Allow all hairlines and all miters, so long as the miter limit doesn't produce beveled corners.
inline static bool allowed_stroke(const SkStrokeRec& stroke) {
SkASSERT(stroke.getStyle() == SkStrokeRec::kStroke_Style ||
stroke.getStyle() == SkStrokeRec::kHairline_Style);
return !stroke.getWidth() ||
(stroke.getJoin() == SkPaint::kMiter_Join && stroke.getMiter() > SK_ScalarSqrt2);
namespace {
class NonAAStrokeRectOp final : public GrMeshDrawOp {
using Helper = GrSimpleMeshDrawOpHelper;
const char* name() const override { return "NonAAStrokeRectOp"; }
SkString dumpInfo() const override {
SkString string;
"Color: 0x%08x, Rect [L: %.2f, T: %.2f, R: %.2f, B: %.2f], "
"StrokeWidth: %.2f\n",
fColor, fRect.fLeft, fRect.fTop, fRect.fRight, fRect.fBottom, fStrokeWidth);
string += fHelper.dumpInfo();
string += INHERITED::dumpInfo();
return string;
static std::unique_ptr<GrDrawOp> Make(GrPaint&& paint, const SkMatrix& viewMatrix,
const SkRect& rect, const SkStrokeRec& stroke,
GrAAType aaType) {
if (!allowed_stroke(stroke)) {
return nullptr;
Helper::Flags flags = Helper::Flags::kNone;
// Depending on sub-pixel coordinates and the particular GPU, we may lose a corner of
// hairline rects. We jam all the vertices to pixel centers to avoid this, but not
// when MSAA is enabled because it can cause ugly artifacts.
if (stroke.getStyle() == SkStrokeRec::kHairline_Style && aaType != GrAAType::kMSAA) {
flags |= Helper::Flags::kSnapVerticesToPixelCenters;
return Helper::FactoryHelper<NonAAStrokeRectOp>(std::move(paint), flags, viewMatrix, rect,
stroke, aaType);
NonAAStrokeRectOp(const Helper::MakeArgs& helperArgs, GrColor color, Helper::Flags flags,
const SkMatrix& viewMatrix, const SkRect& rect, const SkStrokeRec& stroke,
GrAAType aaType)
: INHERITED(ClassID()), fHelper(helperArgs, aaType, flags) {
fColor = color;
fViewMatrix = viewMatrix;
fRect = rect;
// Sort the rect for hairlines
fStrokeWidth = stroke.getWidth();
SkScalar rad = SkScalarHalf(fStrokeWidth);
SkRect bounds = rect;
bounds.outset(rad, rad);
// If our caller snaps to pixel centers then we have to round out the bounds
if (flags & Helper::Flags::kSnapVerticesToPixelCenters) {
// We want to be consistent with how we snap non-aa lines. To match what we do in
// GrGLSLVertexShaderBuilder, we first floor all the vertex values and then add half a
// pixel to force us to pixel centers.
bounds.offset(0.5f, 0.5f);
this->setBounds(bounds, HasAABloat::kNo, IsZeroArea::kNo);
} else {
this->setTransformedBounds(bounds, fViewMatrix, HasAABloat::kNo, IsZeroArea::kNo);
FixedFunctionFlags fixedFunctionFlags() const override { return fHelper.fixedFunctionFlags(); }
RequiresDstTexture finalize(const GrCaps& caps, const GrAppliedClip* clip) override {
return fHelper.xpRequiresDstTexture(caps, clip, GrProcessorAnalysisCoverage::kNone,
void onPrepareDraws(Target* target) const override {
sk_sp<GrGeometryProcessor> gp;
using namespace GrDefaultGeoProcFactory;
Color color(fColor);
LocalCoords::Type localCoordsType = fHelper.usesLocalCoords()
? LocalCoords::kUsePosition_Type
: LocalCoords::kUnused_Type;
gp = GrDefaultGeoProcFactory::Make(color, Coverage::kSolid_Type, localCoordsType,
size_t vertexStride = gp->getVertexStride();
SkASSERT(vertexStride == sizeof(GrDefaultGeoProcFactory::PositionAttr));
int vertexCount = kVertsPerHairlineRect;
if (fStrokeWidth > 0) {
vertexCount = kVertsPerStrokeRect;
const GrBuffer* vertexBuffer;
int firstVertex;
void* verts =
target->makeVertexSpace(vertexStride, vertexCount, &vertexBuffer, &firstVertex);
if (!verts) {
SkDebugf("Could not allocate vertices\n");
SkPoint* vertex = reinterpret_cast<SkPoint*>(verts);
GrPrimitiveType primType;
if (fStrokeWidth > 0) {
primType = GrPrimitiveType::kTriangleStrip;
init_stroke_rect_strip(vertex, fRect, fStrokeWidth);
} else {
// hairline
primType = GrPrimitiveType::kLineStrip;
vertex[0].set(fRect.fLeft, fRect.fTop);
vertex[1].set(fRect.fRight, fRect.fTop);
vertex[2].set(fRect.fRight, fRect.fBottom);
vertex[3].set(fRect.fLeft, fRect.fBottom);
vertex[4].set(fRect.fLeft, fRect.fTop);
GrMesh mesh(primType);
mesh.setVertexData(vertexBuffer, firstVertex);
target->draw(gp.get(), fHelper.makePipeline(target), mesh);
bool onCombineIfPossible(GrOp* t, const GrCaps&) override {
// NonAA stroke rects cannot combine right now
// TODO make these combinable.
return false;
Helper fHelper;
GrColor fColor;
SkMatrix fViewMatrix;
SkRect fRect;
SkScalar fStrokeWidth;
const static int kVertsPerHairlineRect = 5;
const static int kVertsPerStrokeRect = 10;
typedef GrMeshDrawOp INHERITED;
} // anonymous namespace
namespace GrRectOpFactory {
std::unique_ptr<GrDrawOp> MakeNonAAStroke(GrPaint&& paint,
const SkMatrix& viewMatrix,
const SkRect& rect,
const SkStrokeRec& stroke,
GrAAType aaType) {
return NonAAStrokeRectOp::Make(std::move(paint), viewMatrix, rect, stroke, aaType);
} // namespace GrRectOpFactory
SkMatrix viewMatrix = GrTest::TestMatrix(random);
SkRect rect = GrTest::TestRect(random);
SkScalar strokeWidth = random->nextBool() ? 0.0f : 2.0f;
SkPaint strokePaint;
SkStrokeRec strokeRec(strokePaint);
GrAAType aaType = GrAAType::kNone;
if (fsaaType == GrFSAAType::kUnifiedMSAA) {
aaType = random->nextBool() ? GrAAType::kMSAA : GrAAType::kNone;
return NonAAStrokeRectOp::Make(std::move(paint), viewMatrix, rect, strokeRec, aaType);