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* Copyright 2014 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrSmallPathRenderer_DEFINED
#define GrSmallPathRenderer_DEFINED
#include "GrDrawOpAtlas.h"
#include "GrPathRenderer.h"
#include "GrRect.h"
#include "GrShape.h"
#include "SkOpts.h"
#include "SkTDynamicHash.h"
class GrContext;
class GrSmallPathRenderer : public GrPathRenderer {
~GrSmallPathRenderer() override;
class SmallPathOp;
struct PathTestStruct;
StencilSupport onGetStencilSupport(const GrShape&) const override {
return GrPathRenderer::kNoSupport_StencilSupport;
bool onCanDrawPath(const CanDrawPathArgs&) const override;
bool onDrawPath(const DrawPathArgs&) override;
struct ShapeData {
class Key {
Key() {}
Key(const Key& that) { *this = that; }
Key(const GrShape& shape, uint32_t dim) { this->set(shape, dim); }
Key(const GrShape& shape, const SkMatrix& ctm) { this->set(shape, ctm); }
Key& operator=(const Key& that) {
memcpy(fKey.get(), that.fKey.get(), fKey.count() * sizeof(uint32_t));
return *this;
void set(const GrShape& shape, uint32_t dim) {
// Shapes' keys are for their pre-style geometry, but by now we shouldn't have any
// relevant styling information.
int shapeKeySize = shape.unstyledKeySize();
fKey.reset(1 + shapeKeySize);
fKey[0] = dim;
void set(const GrShape& shape, const SkMatrix& ctm) {
GrUniqueKey maskKey;
struct KeyData {
SkScalar fFractionalTranslateX;
SkScalar fFractionalTranslateY;
// Shapes' keys are for their pre-style geometry, but by now we shouldn't have any
// relevant styling information.
// We require the upper left 2x2 of the matrix to match exactly for a cache hit.
SkScalar sx = ctm.get(SkMatrix::kMScaleX);
SkScalar sy = ctm.get(SkMatrix::kMScaleY);
SkScalar kx = ctm.get(SkMatrix::kMSkewX);
SkScalar ky = ctm.get(SkMatrix::kMSkewY);
SkScalar tx = ctm.get(SkMatrix::kMTransX);
SkScalar ty = ctm.get(SkMatrix::kMTransY);
// Allow 8 bits each in x and y of subpixel positioning.
SkFixed fracX = SkScalarToFixed(SkScalarFraction(tx)) & 0x0000FF00;
SkFixed fracY = SkScalarToFixed(SkScalarFraction(ty)) & 0x0000FF00;
int shapeKeySize = shape.unstyledKeySize();
fKey.reset(5 + shapeKeySize);
fKey[0] = SkFloat2Bits(sx);
fKey[1] = SkFloat2Bits(sy);
fKey[2] = SkFloat2Bits(kx);
fKey[3] = SkFloat2Bits(ky);
fKey[4] = fracX | (fracY >> 8);
bool operator==(const Key& that) const {
return fKey.count() == that.fKey.count() &&
0 == memcmp(fKey.get(), that.fKey.get(), sizeof(uint32_t) * fKey.count());
int count32() const { return fKey.count(); }
const uint32_t* data() const { return fKey.get(); }
// The key is composed of the GrShape's key, and either the dimensions of the DF
// generated for the path (32x32 max, 64x64 max, 128x128 max) if an SDF image or
// the matrix for the path with only fractional translation.
SkAutoSTArray<24, uint32_t> fKey;
Key fKey;
GrDrawOpAtlas::AtlasID fID;
SkRect fBounds;
SkScalar fScale;
SkVector fTranslate;
static inline const Key& GetKey(const ShapeData& data) {
return data.fKey;
static inline uint32_t Hash(Key key) {
return SkOpts::hash(, sizeof(uint32_t) * key.count32());
static void HandleEviction(GrDrawOpAtlas::AtlasID, void*);
typedef SkTDynamicHash<ShapeData, ShapeData::Key> ShapeCache;
typedef SkTInternalLList<ShapeData> ShapeDataList;
std::unique_ptr<GrDrawOpAtlas> fAtlas;
ShapeCache fShapeCache;
ShapeDataList fShapeList;
typedef GrPathRenderer INHERITED;