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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkPathOpsConic_DEFINED
#define SkPathOpsConic_DEFINED
#include "SkPathOpsPoint.h"
#include "SkPathOpsQuad.h"
struct SkDConic {
static const int kPointCount = 3;
static const int kPointLast = kPointCount - 1;
static const int kMaxIntersections = 4;
SkDQuad fPts;
SkScalar fWeight;
bool collapsed() const {
return fPts.collapsed();
bool controlsInside() const {
return fPts.controlsInside();
void debugInit() {
void debugSet(const SkDPoint* pts, SkScalar weight);
SkDConic flip() const {
SkDConic result = {{{fPts[2], fPts[1], fPts[0]}
SkDEBUGPARAMS(fPts.fDebugGlobalState) }, fWeight};
return result;
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
SkOpGlobalState* globalState() const { return fPts.globalState(); }
static bool IsConic() { return true; }
const SkDConic& set(const SkPoint pts[kPointCount], SkScalar weight
SkDEBUGPARAMS(SkOpGlobalState* state = nullptr)) {
fPts.set(pts SkDEBUGPARAMS(state));
fWeight = weight;
return *this;
const SkDPoint& operator[](int n) const { return fPts[n]; }
SkDPoint& operator[](int n) { return fPts[n]; }
static int AddValidTs(double s[], int realRoots, double* t) {
return SkDQuad::AddValidTs(s, realRoots, t);
void align(int endIndex, SkDPoint* dstPt) const {
fPts.align(endIndex, dstPt);
SkDVector dxdyAtT(double t) const;
static int FindExtrema(const double src[], SkScalar weight, double tValue[1]);
bool hullIntersects(const SkDQuad& quad, bool* isLinear) const {
return fPts.hullIntersects(quad, isLinear);
bool hullIntersects(const SkDConic& conic, bool* isLinear) const {
return fPts.hullIntersects(conic.fPts, isLinear);
bool hullIntersects(const SkDCubic& cubic, bool* isLinear) const;
bool isLinear(int startIndex, int endIndex) const {
return fPts.isLinear(startIndex, endIndex);
bool monotonicInX() const {
return fPts.monotonicInX();
bool monotonicInY() const {
return fPts.monotonicInY();
void otherPts(int oddMan, const SkDPoint* endPt[2]) const {
fPts.otherPts(oddMan, endPt);
SkDPoint ptAtT(double t) const;
static int RootsReal(double A, double B, double C, double t[2]) {
return SkDQuad::RootsReal(A, B, C, t);
static int RootsValidT(const double A, const double B, const double C, double s[2]) {
return SkDQuad::RootsValidT(A, B, C, s);
SkDConic subDivide(double t1, double t2) const;
static SkDConic SubDivide(const SkPoint a[kPointCount], SkScalar weight, double t1, double t2) {
SkDConic conic;
conic.set(a, weight);
return conic.subDivide(t1, t2);
SkDPoint subDivide(const SkDPoint& a, const SkDPoint& c, double t1, double t2,
SkScalar* weight) const;
static SkDPoint SubDivide(const SkPoint pts[kPointCount], SkScalar weight,
const SkDPoint& a, const SkDPoint& c,
double t1, double t2, SkScalar* newWeight) {
SkDConic conic;
conic.set(pts, weight);
return conic.subDivide(a, c, t1, t2, newWeight);
// utilities callable by the user from the debugger when the implementation code is linked in
void dump() const;
void dumpID(int id) const;
void dumpInner() const;