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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "SkCommandLineFlags.h"
#include "GrContextFactory.h"
class SkCommandLineConfigGpu;
// SkCommandLineConfig represents a Skia rendering configuration string.
// The string has following form:
// tag:
// [via-]*backend
// where 'backend' consists of chars excluding hyphen
// and each 'via' consists of chars excluding hyphen.
class SkCommandLineConfig {
SkCommandLineConfig(const SkString& tag, const SkString& backend,
const SkTArray<SkString>& viaParts);
virtual ~SkCommandLineConfig();
virtual const SkCommandLineConfigGpu* asConfigGpu() const { return nullptr; }
const SkString& getTag() const { return fTag; }
const SkString& getBackend() const { return fBackend; }
const SkTArray<SkString>& getViaParts() const { return fViaParts; }
SkString fTag;
SkString fBackend;
SkTArray<SkString> fViaParts;
// SkCommandLineConfigGpu is a SkCommandLineConfig that extracts information out of the backend
// part of the tag. It is constructed tags that have:
// * backends of form "gpu[option=value,option2=value,...]"
// * backends that represent a shorthand of above (such as "glmsaa16" representing
// "gpu(api=gl,samples=16)")
class SkCommandLineConfigGpu : public SkCommandLineConfig {
typedef sk_gpu_test::GrContextFactory::ContextType ContextType;
typedef sk_gpu_test::GrContextFactory::ContextOverrides ContextOverrides;
SkCommandLineConfigGpu(const SkString& tag, const SkTArray<SkString>& viaParts,
ContextType contextType, bool useNVPR, bool useInstanced, bool useDIText,
int samples, SkColorType colorType, SkAlphaType alphaType,
sk_sp<SkColorSpace> colorSpace, bool useStencilBuffers);
const SkCommandLineConfigGpu* asConfigGpu() const override { return this; }
ContextType getContextType() const { return fContextType; }
ContextOverrides getContextOverrides() const { return fContextOverrides; }
bool getUseNVPR() const {
SkASSERT(!(fContextOverrides & ContextOverrides::kRequireNVPRSupport) ||
!(fContextOverrides & ContextOverrides::kDisableNVPR));
return fContextOverrides & ContextOverrides::kRequireNVPRSupport;
bool getUseInstanced() const { return fContextOverrides & ContextOverrides::kUseInstanced; }
bool getUseDIText() const { return fUseDIText; }
int getSamples() const { return fSamples; }
SkColorType getColorType() const { return fColorType; }
SkAlphaType getAlphaType() const { return fAlphaType; }
SkColorSpace* getColorSpace() const { return fColorSpace.get(); }
ContextType fContextType;
ContextOverrides fContextOverrides;
bool fUseDIText;
int fSamples;
SkColorType fColorType;
SkAlphaType fAlphaType;
sk_sp<SkColorSpace> fColorSpace;
typedef SkTArray<std::unique_ptr<SkCommandLineConfig>, true> SkCommandLineConfigArray;
void ParseConfigs(const SkCommandLineFlags::StringArray& configList,
SkCommandLineConfigArray* outResult);