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# Copyright (c) 2013 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Utility functions shared amongst the Windows generators."""
import copy
def _ShardName(name, number):
"""Add a shard number to the end of a target.
name: name of the target (foo#target)
number: shard number
Target name with shard added (foo_1#target)
parts = name.rsplit('#', 1)
parts[0] = '%s_%d' % (parts[0], number)
return '#'.join(parts)
def ShardTargets(target_list, target_dicts):
"""Shard some targets apart to work around the linkers limits.
target_list: List of target pairs: 'base/base.gyp:base'.
target_dicts: Dict of target properties keyed on target pair.
Tuple of the new sharded versions of the inputs.
# Gather the targets to shard, and how many pieces.
targets_to_shard = {}
for t in target_dicts:
shards = int(target_dicts[t].get('msvs_shard', 0))
if shards:
targets_to_shard[t] = shards
# Shard target_list.
new_target_list = []
for t in target_list:
if t in targets_to_shard:
for i in range(targets_to_shard[t]):
new_target_list.append(_ShardName(t, i))
# Shard target_dict.
new_target_dicts = {}
for t in target_dicts:
if t in targets_to_shard:
for i in range(targets_to_shard[t]):
name = _ShardName(t, i)
new_target_dicts[name] = copy.copy(target_dicts[t])
new_target_dicts[name]['target_name'] = _ShardName(
new_target_dicts[name]['target_name'], i)
sources = new_target_dicts[name].get('sources', [])
new_sources = []
for pos in range(i, len(sources), targets_to_shard[t]):
new_target_dicts[name]['sources'] = new_sources
new_target_dicts[t] = target_dicts[t]
# Shard dependencies.
for t in new_target_dicts:
dependencies = copy.copy(new_target_dicts[t].get('dependencies', []))
new_dependencies = []
for d in dependencies:
if d in targets_to_shard:
for i in range(targets_to_shard[d]):
new_dependencies.append(_ShardName(d, i))
new_target_dicts[t]['dependencies'] = new_dependencies
return (new_target_list, new_target_dicts)