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# Copyright (c) 2011 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Applies a fix to CR LF TAB handling in xml.dom.
Fixes this:
Working around this:
TODO(bradnelson): Consider dropping this when we drop XP support.
import xml.dom.minidom
def _Replacement_write_data(writer, data, is_attrib=False):
"""Writes datachars to writer."""
data = data.replace("&", "&amp;").replace("<", "&lt;")
data = data.replace("\"", "&quot;").replace(">", "&gt;")
if is_attrib:
data = data.replace(
"\r", "&#xD;").replace(
"\n", "&#xA;").replace(
"\t", "&#x9;")
def _Replacement_writexml(self, writer, indent="", addindent="", newl=""):
# indent = current indentation
# addindent = indentation to add to higher levels
# newl = newline string
writer.write(indent+"<" + self.tagName)
attrs = self._get_attributes()
a_names = attrs.keys()
for a_name in a_names:
writer.write(" %s=\"" % a_name)
_Replacement_write_data(writer, attrs[a_name].value, is_attrib=True)
if self.childNodes:
writer.write(">%s" % newl)
for node in self.childNodes:
node.writexml(writer, indent + addindent, addindent, newl)
writer.write("%s</%s>%s" % (indent, self.tagName, newl))
writer.write("/>%s" % newl)
class XmlFix(object):
"""Object to manage temporary patching of xml.dom.minidom."""
def __init__(self):
# Preserve current xml.dom.minidom functions.
self.write_data = xml.dom.minidom._write_data
self.writexml = xml.dom.minidom.Element.writexml
# Inject replacement versions of a function and a method.
xml.dom.minidom._write_data = _Replacement_write_data
xml.dom.minidom.Element.writexml = _Replacement_writexml
def Cleanup(self):
if self.write_data:
xml.dom.minidom._write_data = self.write_data
xml.dom.minidom.Element.writexml = self.writexml
self.write_data = None
def __del__(self):